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SWP No. 13.13

( Testimony of Richard Coman v. Bridget Bishop )

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[June 2, 1692 ]

Richard Coman aged aboute 32 years Testifieth that sometime
aboute Eight yeares Since: I then being in bed with my wife at Salem.
one fift day of the Weeke at night Either. in the Latter end of May
or the Begining of June. and a light burneing in our Roome I being awake,
did then see Bridget Bishop of Salem Alias Olliver come into the
Roome wee Lay in and two Women more with her. w'ch Two Women
ware strangers to mee I knew them not. but s'd Bishop came in her
Red paragon Bodys and the rest of her cloathing that she then
usually did ware, and I knowing of her well also the garb she did use
to goe in. did clearely & plainely know her, and Testifieth that as
he locked the dore of the house when he went to bed soe he found
it after wards w'n he did Rise, and quickly after thay appeared the
light was out, and the Curtaines at the foote of the bed opened
where I did see her and presently came #[and as I] And lay upon my Brest or
body and soe oppressed him that he could not speake nor stur noe
not soe much as to awake his wife althow he Endeavered much soe
to do itt; the next night thay all appeared againe in like manner and
she s'd Bishop Alias Oliver tooke hold of him by the throate and al-
most haled him out of the bed the Satterday night followeing; I
haveing benne that day telling of what I had seene and how I suffered
the two nights before, my Kinsman W'm Coman told mee he would
stay with mee & Lodg with mee and see if thay would come againe
and advised mee to lay my Sword on thurt my body. quickly after
Wee Went to bed that s'd night and both well awake and discoursing
togather in came all the three women againe and s'd Bishop was the
first as she had benne the Other two nights, soe I told him; W'm heere
thay be all Come againe & he #[he] was Immediatly strook speechless
& could not move hand or foote and Immediatly they gott hold of my
sword & strived to take it from mee but I held soe fast as thay did
not gett it away; and I had then Liberty of sp[ ]ch and called W'm.
also my wife & Sarah phillips that [lay w]ith my wife. who all told
mee af[terwards they heard ] mee, but had not power to Speak [or stur]

(Reverse) afterwards And the first that spake was Sarah phillips.
and said in the name of god Goodm Coman w't is the Matter with you, soe
thay all vanished away

Sworne Salem June 2'd 1692
Jurat in Curia
Before mee

*John Hathorn[ ]

Richard C[ ]
als Olliver. ( Essex County Court Archives, Salem - Witchcraft vol. 1, no. 146.)