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SWP No. 22.32

( Thomas Putnam and Edward Putnam v. George Burroughs )

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[+ May 9, 1692]

The deposistion of Tho. putnam aged 40: years and Edward putnam
agged 38 years who testifieth and saith. that we haveing ben conver-
sant with severall of the afflected persons as maryWolcott mercy lewes Eliz: Hubburt and we have seen them most dreadfully tomen-
ted and we have seen dreadfull marks in their fleesh which they
said Mr. Burroughs did make by hurting them: but on 9'th may 1692 : the day of the Examination of Mr. George Burroughs the af-
foresaid parsons were most dreadfully tormented dureing the time
of his Examination as if they would have been torne al to peaces
or all their bones putt out of joynt and with such tortors as no
tounge can express also severall times sence we have seen the affore-
said afflected parsons most dreadfully tormented and greviously
complaining of Mr. Burroughs for hurting them and we beleve that
Mr. George Burroughs the prisoner att the bar has severall times af-
flected and tormented the afforesaid persons by acts of wicthcraft