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SWP No. 92.11

( Deposition of John Pressy and Mary Pressy v. Susannah Martin )

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[May 11, 1692]

The deposion of John pressy aged 53 and marah his wif aged: 46: or ther abouts testifying sayth

That som years after that the s.d John pressy had givn his evidenc against the s'd susana martin shee the s'd martin came and took these deponents to do about it and reviled them with many foule words saying wee had took a fals oathe and sayd that we shoold never prosper [and that we shoold never prosper] for our so doing: [pbar ]ticulerly that we should never have but too cows: & that if we wear never so likly to have more yet we shoold never obtaine it

We do farther testify that from that time to this day we have never exeeded that nomber but somthing or other has prevented it tho never so likly (to obtaine it) tho thay had used all ordinary means for obtaining it by hiring cows of others that were not thayr owne this for twenty yeares space

John pressy made oathe to the truth of all that is above writtn at my house in salsbury the eleventh day of may Ano: Dom 1692 before me

*Robt Pike Asist

Mary Pressy testifieth to all the above Except Susanna her threatning of the not raising above two Cowes.

Jurat in Curia by both
(On reverse side of paper) Jno. Pressy of Salsbury Con. Martin
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 183. )