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John Kembale of Amsbury afor mensiond farther deposeth That the same year after he was com to Live at Amsbery and was dwelling in the house of Edmund Elliat he was needed to get a dog & hearing that the wif of s'd Geor Martin had a bich that had whelps & this deponent went to her to get on of her but shee not Letting him have his choyc: he did not absolutely agree for any but s'd he heard on blezdal had a bich by w'ch he mayst suply but Anser if not ther nor no whear els he woold have hers at her priz

but being upon that accompt at s'd Blezdels and marked the whelp that I agreed for Georg martin coming by Askt me whether I woold not have on of his wifes pupys to w'ch this deponent made answer on the negative

The same day Edmond Eliat sayd that he was at the house of the s'd martins & heard the s'd martin Asked his wif why this depent wear not to have on of her pupys and shee said he was then sayd he have gott on at goodman blezdells & he saw him choose it and mark it (to w'ch his s'd wif sayd) If I Live Ile give him pupeys enough

within a few days after this I this deponent coming from his Intended hous in the woods to Edmond Eliats house whear I dwelt about the [the] sun sett or presently after & ther did arise a litle blak cloud in the: n: w and a few Drops of Raine and the wind blew prity hard in going between the house of John wood & the meetting house the s'd deponent came by several stumps of trees by the way side he by Impuls he can give no reson of that made him tambl over the stumps on after another though tho he had his ax upon his shoulder w'ch put him in dang'r & made him resolved to avoyd the next but coold not And when he came alitl below the meetting house ther did appear alitle thing lik apupy of a darkish coler it shott betweene my Legs forward & bakward as on that wear [don raking] the hay and this deponent being free from all fear used all posibl indevers to cut it with his ax but coold not hurt it and as he was this Labering with his ax the pupy gave a litl Jump from him & seemed to go into the ground.

In alitl farther going ther did appear a blak pupy somw't biger then the first but as blak as a cole to his apprehension which came against him w'th such violenc as its quik mosions did exceed his motions of his ax do w't he coold & it flew at his belly & away & then at his throt & over his shoulder on way & go off & up att it againe another way and with such quiknes speed & violenc did it asalt him as if it woold tear out his throt or his belly agood while he was without fear but at last I felt my hart to sayle & sink under it that I thought my lif was going out & I recovered my self & gave a start up & ran to the fenc & caling upon god & Naming the name Jesus Christ & then it in visibly away my meaning as it ceased about but this deponent mad it not known to any body for fritting his wif

The next morning Edmond Eliat (as he told abrod and in his owne house) sayd that he going toward the hous of said martin to Look his oxen went in to Light his pipe & the s'd martins wif Asked him whear kembal was (s'd Eliat s'd abed with [with] his wif for ought he knew) (sayd shee) they say he was frited Last night) with w't sayd Eliat she sayd with pupyes Eliat replyed that he heard nothing of it and Asked whear shee heard it and shee sayd about the Towne w'ch story s'd Eliat having told it was all the Towne over when this deponent came home at night for he had been all day alone in the woods at work at his frames

John kembale made oath to the truth of all that is written on both sides of this paper may the 16th 1692

before me *Robt Pike Asist

Jurat in Curia

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 1186 )