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SWP No. 16.8

( Testimony of James Allen , Robert Pike , and John Pike for Mary Bradbury )

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[September 7, 1692]

Being desired to give my testimony concerning the life & conver-
sation of mrs Bradbury of Salisbury amonst us: w'ch is as followeth.
viz. I having lived nine years at Salisbury in the work of the min-
istry -- & now four years in the office a Pastour; to my best notice
& observation of mrs Bradbury she hath lived according to the rules
of the gospell, amongst us. was a constant attender upon the ministry
of the word; & all the ordinances of the gospell; full of works of char-
ity & mercy to the sick & poor. neither have I seen or heard any
thing of her unbecoming the profession of the gospell: --

*James Allin.
mr James Allin made oathe to the truth of w't is above written
Septem'r the 7'th: 1692: before me *Rob't Pike Asst
I do also aferm to the truth of w't is above testifyed upon up-
ward of fifty years experience and shall so testify if opertunity do
present w'ch I shall indever *Robt: Pike
Having lived many years in Salbury & been much Conversant
there, according to my best notice & observation of Mrs Bradbury .
must needs affirm to what is above written & add my oath to it if
Called thereto
*John Pike
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 p. 75 )