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SWP No. 12.1

( Testimony of John Porter and Lydia Porter v. Sarah Bibber)

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[++ June 29, 1692]

The Testimony of John Porter: And Lidia Porter These

The Testimony of John Porter, who Testifieth & sayth that
Goodwife Biber Somtime living amongst us I did observe her to be
a woman of An unruly turbulent Spirit; And shee would often fall
into strange fitts; when shee was crost of her humor: Likewise Lidia Porter
Testifieth, that Goodwife Bibber And her Husband would
often quarrel & in their quarrels shee would call him, very bad names,
And would have strange fitts when she was crost, And a woman of
an unruly turbulent spirit, And double tongued

(Reverse) Jn'o Porters Evidence in behalfe of the p'rson'es in Invali-
dating Sarah vibber

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem - Witchcraft, Vol. 2, No. 119. )