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SWP No. 103.1

(Examination of Susannah Post )

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[August 25, 1692 ]
> Susanah Post was examined before Maj'r. Gedney: & other their Majest's Justices August 25 1692

The Justices told her she was acused for afflicting. Martha Spreag & Rose Foster by witchcraft. When Susanah was Brought in before them: the afflicted: was greatly afflicted: Mary Warin & was recovered by her touching withe her hand: her sister Hannah Post s'd she was babtized: with her at five mile pond the afflicted persons. then charged her with afflicting them & that they saw her afflict #[&] but she Denyed it & s'd she knew not of it. Nor that she hade made a Covnant with the Devill.

but after ward: she confessed she had bin in the Devils snare three years: the first time she saw him he was like a Catt: he told her he was a prince: & I was to serve him I promised him to doe it the next shape was a yellow bird: it s'd I must serve him: & he s'd I should live well: the next time he appeared like a black man that time he brought a book & she touched it with a stick that was Dipt in an ink horne & it made a red mark: & Jno Jaxon sen'r was there when she signed: he that was the great eater: she would own but three times that she had seen the Devil: but it was told her it could not but be more in 3 years time: she was unwilling to own if she had afflicted. Martha Sprage Rose foster : but Mary Bridges s'd she use to afflict by sticking Pins into Cloaths: which she then owned: She s'd #[she s'd] she was now willing to renownce the Devil & all his works: & she went: when bid & begged forgivnes of the #[of the] afflicted & and could come to them and not hurt them she owned she had been babtized at 5 mile pond above halfe a year agoe & the Devil Dipt her head in the water & s'd she must serv she s'd there were a great many at the witch meeting at Andover: but knew not exactly how many their might be 200: & they eat white bread & drank: & their was a minister & they [torn] a sacrement: & there was 200 there & they eat bread that was white & drank some that was red: she s'd she heard there were 500 witches in the Country she s'd she & two of her sisters went to the villadge meeting & rod. upon a stik: the Devil Carried it & she rode before she s'd that Folkner Wilford of Haverell Sarah Parker was at the witch meeting & that she knew the two Jaxons good wife [torn] & Mr Howard of Rowley to be witches:

I und'r written being apponted to take the examination Doe Testifie upon oath taken in Court that this is a true coppy or substance of it, to the best of my knowledge

Janu'y 7'th 1692
*Simon Willard
the within Hanah Post was examined before their Majesties Justises of peace in Salem
atest *John Higginson. J: Peace
owned before the Grand Jury
January 1692
*Robert Payne foreman
(Reverse) Examination of Susanah Post ( Suffolk Court Files, Vol. 32, Docket no. 2705, Page 28. Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, Judicial Archives, Massachusetts State Archives. Boston, MA. )