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SWP No. 77.1

(Examination of John Jackson, Jr. )

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[August 27, 1692 ]

Jno Jaxon Jun was examined before Jno Hawthorn Esqr & other their Majests Justices August 27th 1692

When Jno Jaxon was brought into the room the Afflicted persons fell down: & he was asked: Can you tell why: these fall down: he s'd he was bewitched by his Ant How: about four year agoe: & did the Devill appear to you then he Answered yes: in the shape of a black man & would disturb him & not let him sleep a night: but he would not own: that ever he brought him a book he could say nothing about a book: being asked: where he was babtized: Answerd in Mr Phillips his meeting hous: but would not own that ever: the Devill babtized him nor: that ever: he had signed: to the Devils book: he s'd when asked that the Devil next appeared to him in the shape of a woman: he was asked what woman: he s'd his Aunt How: he s'd she asked: whether he would not set his hand to the Devils book but he sayd he did not see the Devils book: Ques: what other shapes did the Devil appear to you in: Answered: in the shape of Catts: he owned that the black man had bid him serve him the afflicted: s'd his father stood by him & bid him not Confess: which he owned & Cryed Quest. was your Aunt How a witch: A: yes she Afflicted me: when I was at work in the feild she Come & looked on me & tore down the fence & my head fell of aking when: she looked on me there was a black spott on my Hatt as if it was burnt but you say yo'r Aunt How & [yo'r] father bewitched you, when did yo'r father bewitch you: but answered not: it was s'd to him if you will not Confess witnes Should be called Mary Warin: was asked if this was one of them: men she saw: the other night: & s'd yes but was struck down into a fit: & s'd Jaxon touched her & she was well: she s'd s'd Jaxon afflicted her: then: & she had seen him afflict others: Mary Lacey s'd she knew s'd Jaxon: at Tilers: & she had seen him afflict others of the afflicted Mary Warin: Mary Lasey Martha Spreag : & Rose foster fell into a fitt: & Jaxon cryed out: much like a fooll when: he was mad to touch the afflicted: but: they were all well: when he touched them: hannah Post s'd Jaxon was at the witch meeting att Andover she saw him there: Sarah Bridges: & Susana Post s'd Jaxon did let His presenc hurt them

I underwritten appointed by authority to take in wryting the above examinat'n Doe testify upon oath taken in court That this is a true coppy of the substance of it to the best of my knowledge

Janu'y 7th 1692 owned before the Grand Jury 7 Jan'y. 1692

*Simon Willard

*Robert Payne Foreman

( MS Ch K 1.40, vol. 2, p. 448, Rare Books & Manuscripts, Boston Public Library, Boston, MA. Boston, MA.)