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SWP No. 24.14

(Testimony of Samuel Preston v. Martha Carrier )

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[+ August 3, 1692 ]

Samuel Preston aged about 41: years Saith that about 2 yeares
since I had some difference w'th Martha Carrier w'ch also had
hapened sever'll times before and soon after I lost a Cow in a strange
manner being Cast upon her back w'th her heels up in firm ground
when she was very Lusty it being in June & within abo't month after
this the s'd Martha & I had some difference again at which Time she
told me I had lost a Cow lately & it Would not or should not be
long before I should loose Another w'ch accordingly came to pass.
for I had a Cow that was well kept w'th English Hay & I could not
[pbar ]ceive that she aild any thing & yet she pined & quickley lay downe
as if she was asleep & dyed

Jurat in Curia
(Reverse) Sam. Preston ag't Martha Carrier
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 318 )