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SWP No. 106.23

(Deposition of Joseph Bayley v. Elizabeth Proctor)

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[+ August 5, 1692]

The deposition of Joseph Bayley aged forty four years testifyeth and saith, that I on the: 25'th day of may last my self & my wife being bound tooston, on the road when I came in Sight of the house where John proctor did live, there was a very hard blow strook on my brest which caused great pain in my Stomoc & amasement in my head but did see no person near me only my wife behind me on the same hors, and when I came against s'd proctors house according to my understanding I did see John proctor & his wife att s'd house proctor himself loocked out of the windo & his wife did stand Just without the door, I tould my wife of it, & shee did loock that way & could see nothing but a littell maid att the dore I saw no maide there but proctors wife according to my understanding did stand att the dore, afterwards about half a mile from the afores'd house I was taken spechles for sum short time my wife did ask me severall questions and desiered me that if I could not speak I should hould up my hand which I did. and immediatly I could speak as well as ever, and when we came to the way where Salem Road cometh into Ipswich road there I received another blow on my brest which caused much pain that I could not sitt on my hors and when I did alite off my hors, to my understanding I saw a woman coming towards us about sixteen or twenty pole from us but did not know who it was my wife could not see her when I did get up on my hors againe to my understanding there Stood a cow where I saw the woman, after that we went to Boston without any father molestation but after I came home againe to newbury I was pinched and nipt by sumthing invisible for sumtime but now through gods goodness to me I am well again

Jurat in Curia
by both persons.
(Reverse) Joseph Bayley & wife
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 No. 106. )