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SWP No. 109.6

(Examination of William Proctor )

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17 Sept:

The Examination of William Procter taken before Jno hauthorn Esq'r and other their majesties Justices 17 September 1692. He being s'd what he was acused of He lookeing upon Mary Warrin struck her down and by toucheing of her Recovered her again -- Mary Warrin said that Wm Proctor had almost murdered her to death this day by pains in all her bones and Inwards also And that she saw him afflict Mary Walcot Eliza booth, Eliz' hubbard and Ann putnam. The said Mary Walcott & Ann Putnam being in dreadful fitts Wm. Proctor recovered them again. Alice booth & Sarah Church in their fitts complained of Proctor And he by touching them recovered them again. Mary Pickworth was in a fitt & the above afflicted persons said they saw Proctor afflict her, and he by his touch recovered her Elizabeth Booth said she saw him twist and pinch [poppet] this very Day. she also was afflicted and he recovered her by his touch. Betty hubbard said Proctor afflicted her greviously this Daye and made her promise not to tell of him. Mary Walcot said the same.

Eliz Hubbard owned before the Grand jury upon the oath she had taken that s'd Will'm Proctor had aflicted her both befour her examination at that time, & since many times, notwithstanding his promise to her.

*Robert Payne Foreman. as Attest

(Reverse) I underwritten being appoynted by authority to take the within examination in [wbar ]ting Doe testify upon oath taken in Court that this is a true coppy of the substance of it, to the best of my knowledge 7't Jan'ry 1692/3

*Wm Murray

( Suffolk Court Records Case No. 2706 Page 29 )