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SWP No. 106.13

( Abigail Williams v. Elizabeth Proctor )

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The testimony of Abigail Williams Witnesseth & saith that divers times in the month of March last past, #[past,] particularly on the. 14. 21. & 29. dayes of the same month, and also divers times in the month of April last past, particularly, on the 2. &. 13. dayes, she the said Abigail hath been greviously vexed with the apparition of Eliz: Proctor the wife of John Proctor of Salem, by which apparition she has been greviously pinched, had also her bowels almost pulled out, by this together with the apparition of Rebekah Nurse, & by the afores'd apparition of Elizabeth Proctor has been tempted by the offer of fine things to subscribe to a book the said apparition tendered her the said Abigail Williams.

May 31: 1692
The mark of Abigail


attested before
Abigail Williams owned to the Jury of inquest: that the above writen evidence is the truth: June 30: 92
(Reverse) Abig Williams ag'st Eliz: Procter
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 25 )