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SWP No. 113.12

( Samuel Pickworth v. Ann Pudeator )

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The testimony of samuall pikworth Whou testifieth that about six weckes agoo: I this deponant was coming along salim strete btween ann pudeaters hous and Captin higison hous. it being in the evening: and I this deponant saw a woman: neare Captin higisonn Cornar. the which I sopposed to be ann pudeatar. and in a moment of time she pasid by me as swifte as if a burd flue by me and I saw said woman goo in to ann pudeaters hous

Jurat in Curia
*S Sewall Cl[periodbar ][spacebar ][spacebar ]
Sam'll Pickworth: affirmeth: that the above written evidence is the truth: upon oath: to: the Jury. of Inquest: Sept'r 7: 92
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 112 )