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Ann putnam further testifieth that on 23 may 1692: being the
last day of the examination of mary Estick she did most greviously
torment me dureing the time of hir examination also on the same
day I saw mary Estick or hir Apperane most greviously torment and
afflect mary walcott mercy lewes Eliz Hubburd and abigail william
and I veryly beleve in my hart that mary Estick is a most dreadfull
wicth and that she hath very often afflected me and the persons af-
fore named by hir acts of wictchraft.

Ann Putnam: declared: to the Jury of Inquest: that her above writ-
ten evidence: is the truth upon her oath: Aug'st 4: 1692

(Reverse) Ann Putman &c ver. Eastick

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 286. )