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SWP No. 137.18

( Ann Putnam, Sr . v. John Willard , William Hobbs , and Martha Corey)

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Hanah Putnam aged 30 years Saith that the shape of Sam'll Fuller & Lidia Wilkins this day told me at my Owne house by the bed side. that #(fi) #(that) who appeared in winding sheets that if I did not Goe & tell mr Hathorne that John Willard had Murdered them. they would tare Me #her) to peices I knew them when they were living & it was Exactly thier resemblance & Shape & at the Same Time the appa[rbar ][ibar ]con of John Willard told me that he had killd Sam'll Fuller Lidia Wilkins Goody Shaw & Fullers Second wife & Aron Ways Child & Ben: fullers Child & this deponents Child. Sarah 6 weeks old & Phillips Knights Child w'th the help of Wm #Knig) Hobbs. & Jonathan Knights Child & 2 of Ezek: Cheevers Children with the help of Wm Hobbs. Anna Elliott & Isack Nicholls w'th help of Wm Hobbs : shaps & that if mr Hathorne would not beleive them (ie) Sam. Fuller & Lida Wilkins [pbar ]haps they would appear to the Majistrates

The Same day Joseph Fullers apparicon also came to me & told me that Goody Corey had Killd him #(?) the Spector afors'd told me that vengeance vengeance was Cried by s'd fuller

This Rel[abar ][cbar ]on is true

marke Ann


Sworne in Court June 2'd 1692
(On reverse side of paper) Ann Putnams Relacon Sworne
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 96 )