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SWP No. 45.21

( Deposition of Edward Putnam v. Mary Esty )

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[++ September 9, 1692]

the deposistion of Edward Putnam aged abought 38 years ho
testifieth and saith abought 18 day of may 1692 mary easty the
prisner now at the bar being then seat at liberty but one the 20 and
21 days of may marcy lues was so greviously aflicted and tortred by
her (as she her self and mary walcott: an putnam Elizabeth hubbart
abigel williams ) said) I my self being ther present with several others
with marcy lues looked for nothing else: but present death with
marcy lues for all most the space of two days and a night she was
choked allmost to death in so much we thought sumtimes she had
banded her mouth and teath shut and all this very often untell
shuch time as we under stood mary easty was laid in Irons, allso
apon the second day of mary estys examination at the vilag marcy lues mary walcott elizabeth hubbart ann putnam mary warrin and
abigell williams when mary easty came to the [mar'] haile to go to
paryer and in prayer time and sumtime after it they remaned in this
sad condition of being all most choked to death and when they ware
abul again to speak they all with one Consent charged her that she
did them that mischef. I all so have hard sum of them Complain
very often of hur hurting them with the spindall of a wheel.

Jurat in Curia

*Edward putnam
(Reverse) Ed'd. Putm'n
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol 1 no. 291 )