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SWP No. 94.25

( Deposition of John Putnam, Jr. & Hannah Putnam v. Rebecca Nurse , Mary Esty , and Sarah Cloyce )

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[+ June 29, 1692]

The Deposistion of John putnam weaver: and Hannah his wife who testifieth and saith that our child which dyed about the middle of April 1692: was as well and as thriveing a child as most was: tell it was about eight weeks old: but awhile affter that I the said Jno: putnam had Reported sum thing which I had hard consarning the mother of Rebekah Nurs: Mary Estick and Sarah Cloyes I myself was taken with strange kind of fitts: but it pleased Allmighty God to Deliver me from them: but quickly affer this our poor young child was taken about midnight with strange and violent fitts: which did most greviously affright us acting much like to the poor bewicthed persons when we thought they would indeed have died: where upon we sent for our Mother putnam in the night immediatly: and as soon as she came and se our child she tould us that she feared there was an evell hand upon it: and also as fast as posiblely could be we gott a Docktor to it: but all he did give it could doe it no good: but it continewed in strange and violent fitts for about Two days and Two nights and then departed this life by a cruell and violent death being enuf to piers astony hart.for to the best of our understanding it was near five hours a dying

Jurat in Curia
(Reverse) John Putman Hannah Putman John putman weaver and his wife
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 No. 82)