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SWP No. 92.1

(Warrant for apprehension of Susannah Martin )

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[April 30, 1692]

To The Marshall of the County of Essex or his Lawfull deputie or to the Constable of Amesburry.

You are in their Majests names hereby required forthwith or as soon as may be to apprehend and bring (before us) Susanna Martin of Amesbury in the County of Essex Widdow at the house of Lt Nathaniell Ingersalls in Salem Village, in order to her Examination Relateing to high Suspition of Sundry acts of Witchcraft donne or Committed by her upon the Bodys of Mary Walcot Abigail Williams Ann putnam and Marcy Lewis of Salem Village or farmes

Where by great hurt and dammage hath benne donne to the bodys of Said persons according to Compl't of Capt Jonathan Walcot & Serg't Thomas putnam in behalfe of their Majests this day Exhibited before us for themselfes and also for Severall of theire Neighbours and here of You are not to faile at your perills. Dated Salem Aprile 30th 1692

*John. Hathorne ] Assists

*Jonathan Corwin ] Assists

(Reverse) according this warrant I have apprehended susanna Martin widdow of Amsbery and have brought or caused hir to be brought to the place appointed for his examination

per me *Orlando Bagly: Constable of Amsbery

salem village this 2:th may 1692

(Reverse) Susanna Martin Warrant

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 171. )