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SWP No. 45.1

(Complaint of John Putnam, Jr. and Benjamin Hutchinson v. Mary Esty with Warrant for Apprehension and Officer's Return )

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[May 20, 1692 ]

rend="right">Salem May the 20th 1692

There being Complaint this day made before mee by John put- nam Jun'r. and Benjamin Hutcheson both of Salem Village, for them-
selfes and also for theire Neighbours, in behalfe of theire Majesties
against Marah Easty the wife of Isaac Easty of Topsfield for sundry
acts of witchcrafts by her Committed yesterday and this present
day of the date hereof upon the bodys of Ann putnam Marcy Lewis
Mary Walcot and Abigail Williams of Salem village to the wrong and
Injury of theire bodys therefore crave Justice.

*John putnam Jun
*Benjamin Huchinson