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SWP No. 126.5

( John Stacy and John Putney, Jr. v. Job Tookey )

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John Stacy aged aboute 30 Testifieth and sayth that this day wee heard Job Tuckey of Beverly Labourer say that he would take mr Burrows his part. and then the afflicted perons viz Mary Warren Mary Walcot & others ware greately afflicted and did then Complaine of him -- for afflicting them John Pudney Jun'r aged aboute 28 yeares testifieth to all the aboves'd

Sworne p both the above named

Salem June 4th 1692 --
Jur in Cur
(Reverse) Jno Loud'r &ca Evidence ve. Job Tookie
( Mass. Archives, Vol. 135 No. 27 )