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SWP No. 137.19

(Samuel Parris, Nathaniel Ingersoll , and Thomas Putnam v. John Willard )

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The deposition of Samuel Parris aged about .39. years, & Nathanell Ingersoll aged about fifty & eight yeares & also Thomas Putnam aged about fourty yeares all of Salem testifyeth & saith that Eliz: Hubbard, Mary Warren & Ann Putnam & John Indian were exceedingly tortured at the Examination of John Willard of Salem Husbandman, before the honoured Magistrates the .18. May .1692 . & also that upon his looking upon Eliz: Hubbard She was knockt down, & also that some of the afflicted & particularly Susannah Sheldon then & there testifyed that they saw a black man whispering him in the ear, & that said Sheldon could not come near to said Willard but was knockt down, & also that Mary Warren in a fit being carried to him the said Willard she said Warren was presently well upon his grasping her arm, & farther that severall of the afflicted also then testifyed, that divers of those he had murthered then rose up against him, & farther that he could by no means rightly repeat the Lords Prayer tho he made manifold assayes.

Mr Samuel parris and Nathaniel Ingerson and: thomas putnam did uppon the oath which they had taken did before us the Juris of inquest owne this their testimony: this .3. dy of June: 92.

Sworn in Court by Mr. Parris & Tho: Putnam

(On reverse side of paper) The depo[tbar ][ibar ]on of Sam: Parris &c ags't