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SWP No. 44.1

(Examination of Rebecca Eames )

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[August 19, 1692 ]

Rebecca: Eames: examined. before Salem Majestrats: Aug'st
19: 1692 She owned she had bin in the snare a monthe: or 2: and
had bin perswaded to it: 3 monthes: & that the devil: apeared to
her like a colt. very ugly: the first: time: but she would not own:
that she had bin baptized by him. she did not know but that the
devil did perswade her: to renounce god & christ & folow his wicked
wayes & that she did take his Counsell: and that she did afflict Timo: Swan: she did not know but that the devil might ask: her body
& soul: & she knows not but that she did give him soul & body: after
ward she s'd she did do itt & that she would for sake god & his works:
and the devil promised her: to give her powr: to avenge her selfe
on them that offended her afterward she s'd the devil apeared to her
7 year agoe: & that he had tempted her to ly and had made her to
afflict persons but she could not tell their names that she first
afflicted: Q who came w'th the devil when he made you a witch
A: a ragged girl: they came to gether and they perswaded me to
afflict: & I afflicte mary warin & an other fayr face: it is abo't a
quarter of a year agoe: I did it by sticking of pins. but did you afflict
Swan: yes but I am sorry for it: Q where had you your spear A I
had nothing but an all but was it with yo'r body or spirit you came
to hurt these mayds: A with my spirit: Q but can you ask them
forgivnes: A: I wil fall down on my knees: to ask it: of them: She
would not own: that she signd the devils book when he askd her
body & soul: but he would have had her done it nor. to a burch
Rign: nor nothing: she s'd the devil was in the Shape of a hors
when: he caried her to afflict: but would not own any body went
with her to afflict but the afflicted s'd her son Dan'll went with her:
to afflict:

Q did you not say: the Devil babtized yo'r son Daniell. A he told
me so: but: did you not touch the book nor lay yo'r hand on book
nor paper: A I layd my hand on nothing without it was a peice of
board: and did you lay yo'r hand on the board when he bid you. A
yes: mary Lascy: s'd she had given her son Dan'll to the devil; at
2 years old: & that her aperition told her so: but: she could not
remember it: she was bid to take warin & lasy by the hand & beg
forgivnes & did so: & they forgave her. she s'd if she had given
her son Dan'll to the devil it was in an Angry fitt she did not know
but she might do it nor I do not know he is a wich but I am afrayd
he is: mary lascy saw her son Dan'll stand before her & s'd Dan'll
bid his mother not confess he was a Wich: his mother: did not know
she s'd but: she might se him for she saw a burlling: thing before
her: Mary lascy s'd she had babtized her: son Dan'll & that she had
bin babtized in five mile Pond: she s'd the reason she feared Dan'll
was a witch: was because he used dredfull bad words when he was
Angry: and bad wishes being asked: the #[s'd her] age of Dan'll:
s'd he was 28 years old: she was told she had bin long a witch: then
if she gave her son to the devil at 2 years old she owned she had
bin discontented since she had bin in league: with the devil: she
knew not but the devil might come once a day: lik a mous: or ratt:
she s'd she knew Sarah parker but did not know her to be a wich:
but she heard she had bin crosd in love & the devil had come to her
& kisd her

(Reverse) who was with you when you afflicted Swan: A. no body
but my son Dan'll he was there when I came: theether: she would
have Dan'll perswaded to confes: but was told she were: best to per-
wade him becaus she knew him to be a wich: she was askt if she was
at the execution: she was at the hous below: the hill: she saw a few
folk: the woman of the hous had a pin stuck into her foot: but:
she s'd she did not doe it: but how do you afflict: A I Consent to
it: but have you bin a wich 26 years: A no I can remember but 7:
years & have afflicted: about a quarter of a year: but: if you have
bin a wich so long: why did you not afflict before seing you pro-
mised to serv the devil A: others: did not Afflict before: and the
devil: did not require it: but: doth not the devil threaten: #[to
tare] you #[in peices:] if you not do what he ses: A yes he thretens
to tere me in peices but did you use: to goe to meeting on sabath
dayes: yes: but not so often as I should have done: what shape did
the devil Com in when you layd yo'r hand on the board: A. I can-
not tell except it was a mous #[or rat]

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2, no. 52.)