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SWP No. 126.1

(Mary Warren, Susannah Sheldon, Ann Putnam, Jr., Sarah Bibber, Mary Walcott, Elizabeth Hubbard, and Elizabeth Booth v. Job Tookey )

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June the 4. 1692

Mary Waren Susanah Shelden Ann putnam: Sarah Viber Mary Walcot Eliz. Hubert: and Eliz booth

all accused Job Tuckey that he came in person; also in his shape to them and this day afflicted them; and also in our presence greatly afflicted them. as they all declared # and told Mary Warren and Ann putnam^and Susanah Shelden that he had Learneing and coald Raise the Divell W'n he pleased Susanah Shelden sayth that he told her he was not onely a Wizard but a Murtherer to

mary walcot rend="underline"> ann Putnam
Jur in Cur.
( Mass Archives Vol. 135 No. 26 )