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SWP No. 95.4

(Desposition of Ann Putnam, Jr. v. Sarah Osborne )

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[+ March 1, 1692 ]

The Deposistion of Ann putnam who testifieth and saith that on the 25'th of february 1691/92 I saw the Apperishtion of sarah osborn the wife of Allexandar osborn who did immediatly tortor me most greviously by pinching and pricking me dreadfully and so she continewed most dreadfully to afflect me tell the first day of march being the day of hir examination and then also she did tortor me most dreadfully in the time of hir examination: and also severall times sence sarah osborn has afflected me and urged me to writ in hir book

(Reverse) Ann putnam ag't Sarah Osborne

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 No. 27)