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SWP No. 136.7

( Rev. John Hale v. Sarah Wilds )

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I John Hale of Beverly aged 56 years beeing su[mbar ]oned to appeare & give evidence against Sarah Wiles of Topsfeild July .2. 1692; Testify that about 15 or 16 yeares agoe came to my house the wife of John Hirrek of Beverly w'th an aged woeman she said was her mother Goody Reddington of Topsfeild come to me for counsel beeing in trouble of spirit. when the said Reddington opned her greifs to me this was one that she was assaulted by witchcraft that Goody wiles her neighb'r bewitched her & afflicted her many times greiviously, telling me many particular storys how & when she troubled her, w'ch I have forgotten. She said allso that a son in law of said Wiles did come & visit her (shee called him an honest young man named John as I take it) & did pitty her the said Reddington, signifying to her that he beleived his mother wiles was a witch & told her storys of his mother. I allso understood by them, that this Goody Wiles was mother in law to a youth named as I take it Jonathan Wiles who about twenty yeares agoe or more did act or was acted very strangly Insomuch that I was invited to joyn with Mr Cobbet & others at Ipswich to advize & pray for the said Youth; whome some thought to counterfeit, others to be possessed by the devill. But I remember Mr Cobbet thought he was under Obsession of the devil. Goody Reddingtons discourse hath caused me to have farther #(thoug) thoughts of the said Youths case whether he were not bewitched.