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SWP No. 114.4

(Examination of Wilmott Reed )

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The examination of Wilmot Redd. Wife of Samll Red of marblehed fisherman. 31. May. 1692

When this Examinant was brought in Mercy Lewes Mary Walcot & Abigail Williams fell into fits

Mercy Lewes said this Woman hath Pincht me a great many times. Mary Walcot sais this Woman brought the Book to her.

Ann Putman jun'r saith she never hurt her, but #(she hath seen) she hath seen her once upen Mercy Lewes & once upon Mary Walcot the last fast day.

Eliz: Hubbard said this Examinant had brought the book to her, & told her she would knock her in the head, if she would not write.

Ann Putman said she brought the Book to her just now

Eliz: Booth fell into a fit, & Mary Walcot & Ann Putman said it was this Woman afflicted her.

Susan: Sheldon was ordered to goe to the Examinant but was knock down before she came to her, & being so carryed to said Redd in a fit, was made well after said Redd had graspt her arm.

Eliz: Hubbard dealt with after the same manner

This Examinant was bid by the Magistrates to Look upon Eliz: Hubbard, & upon the examinants casting her eye upon said Hubbard, she the said Hubbard was knockt down.

Abig: Williams & John Indian being carried to the Examinant in a grevious fit were made Well by her grasping their arms.

This examinant being often urged what she thought these Persons ailed; would reply, I cannot tell. Then being askt if she did not think they were Bewitcht: she answered I cannot tell And being urged for her opinion in the case All she would say was: my opinion is they are in a sad condition.

(Reverse) Examination of Willmott Redd

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Vol. 2 Page 4 )