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SWP No. 6.5

(Recognizance for John Alden )

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[December 31, 1692]

Suffolk Ss.

Memorandum, That on the Thirty First day of Decemb'r 1692.
In the Fourth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord & Lady
William and Mary by the grace of God of England Scotland France
and Ireland King and Queen &c [Pbar ]sonally came and appeared Before
me John Richards Esq'r One of their Ma'ties Justices of the Superiour
Court of Judicature within the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in
New England, John Alden #[of] Marrin'r Nathanael Williams &
Samuel Chechley, Shopkeepers all of Boston within the said County
of Suffolk.

and acknowledged themselves and each of them to be
indebted unto our said Lord and Lady the King and Queen, and the
Survivour of them, their heires and Successors in the Sum of Two
hundred pounds To be levied on their or either of their Goods,
Chattels, Lands or Tenements for the use of our said Lord & Lady
the King and Queen or the Survivour of them, if default be made
in the performance of the Condition underwritten.

The Condition of the above Recogniscance is such That whereas
the abovebounden John Alden , being accused and Suspected of per-
petrating divers Acts of Witchcrafts contrary to the forme of the
Statute in that case made and provided, was taken up and committed
for the same unto their Ma'ties Goal in Boston, from whence he
made his Escape If Therefore the said John Alden shall personally
appear before their Ma'ties Justices, at the next Superiour Court of
Judicature and Court of Assize to be held at Boston within the said
County of Suffolke, to answer what shall be objected against him on
their Maj'ties behalfe referring unto the p'rmisses, And shall do and
receive that which by the said Court shall then & there be Enjoyned
him, Then this abovewritten Recogniscance to be void and of none
Effect; Or else to abide and remain in full force and virtue./.