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SWP No. 63.5

(Mittimus for Sarah Good and Tituba ; List of Witnesses May 25, 1692 )

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To the Keeper of theire Majests Goale in Boston

You are in theire Majests names hereby required, to take into your care and safe Custody the Bodys of Sarah Good the wife of W'm Good of Salem farmes husbandman and Titiba an Indian Woman, belonging unto mr. Samuell parris of Salem Village Minester, who stand Charged on behalfe of theire Majests. for theire feloniously Committing Sundry acts of Witchcraft at Salem Village on the Bodys of Elizabeth parris Eliz Hubbert Abigail Williams And Ann putnam of Salem Village. whereby great hurt hath beene donne to theire Body contrary to the peace of our Sov'r L'd and Lady W'm & Mary of England &c King & Queen home you are well to secure untill thay shall thence be delivered by due order of Law and hereof you are not to faile

Dated Boston May the 25t 1692
*John Hathorne ] Assists.
*Jonathan Corwin ] Assists
(O. R.) Mittimus
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 13, vol. 1 no. 7 )