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SWP No. 6.4

[Mittimus for John Arnold and Sarah Rice] To Mr. John Arnold , Keeper of the Prison in Boston, in the County of Suffolk.

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[May 31, 1692 ]

Whereas Captain John Aldin of Boston, Marriner, and Sarah Rice ,
Wife of Nicholas Rice of Reding, Husbandman, have been this day
brought before us, John Hathorn and Jonathan Curwin , Esquires;
being accused and suspected of perpetrating divers acts of Witchcraft,
contrary to the form of the Statute, in that Case made and provided:
These are therefore in Their Majesties, King William and Queen Marys
Names, to Will and require you, to take into your Custody, the
bodies of the said John Aldin , and Sarah Rice , and them safely keep,
until they shall thence be delivered by due course of Law; as you will
answer the contrary at your peril; and this shall be your sufficient
Warrant. Given under our hands at Salem Village, the 31st of May,
in the Fourth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord and Lady,
William and Mary, now King and Queen over England, etc., Anno
Dom. 1692.

John Hathorn ,
Jonathan Curwin , {
Assistants .

To Boston Aldin was carried by a Constable, no Bail would be
taken for him; but was delivered to the Prison-keeper, where he re-
mained Fifteen Weeks; and then observing the manner of Tryals,
and Evidence then taken, was at length prevailed with to make his
Escape, and being returned, was bound over to Answer at the Supe-
rior Court at Boston, the last Tuesday in April, Anno 1693. And
was there cleared by Proclamation, none appearing against him.
Per John Aldin.
(Robert Calef , More Wonders of the Invisible World, Display’d in Five Parts. (London: Nath. Hillard, 1700), pp. 98–100.