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SWP No. 16.6

(Summons for Witnesses v. Mary Bradbury)

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Wm & Mary by the Grace of God of England Scotland France
& Ireland King & Queen defend'rs of the faith &c. a

[September 5, 1692]

To Thomas Ring of Amesbury or Salsbury Timothy Swann of
Andover Richard Carr & James Carr of Salsbury.

Greeting Wee Co[mbar ]and you all Excuses Set apart to be and personaly
appear at the Next Court of Oyer & Terminer holden at Salem On
Tuesday Next at Twelve of the Clock or as soon after as possible
There to Testify the truth on Severall Indictments to be Exhibited
against mrs Mary Bradbury & other prisoners to be Tried for the hor-
rible Crime of Witchcraft, hereof Make return fail not dated in
Salem Sep'r 5'th 1692 & in the fourth year of Our Reign

To the Sheriff of Essex or
Constables of Andover Haverill
Salsbury Amesbery, Bradford or Newbury.

*Stephen Sewall Cle[rk]
Zerub. Endecot
Sam. Endecot
James Carr
Rich'd Carr
Timo: Swan
Jos: Ringg
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem - Witchcraft, vol. 2, no. 74 )