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SWP No. 22.37

(Fragment of a statement of Richard Carrier, Mary Lacey & Mary Lacey, Jr. vs. George Burroughs)

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[August 3, 1692]

Richard Carrier affirmed to the jury that he saw Mr. George Burroughs at the witch
meeting at the village and saw him adminster the sacrament. Mary Lacy, senr. And her
daughter Mary affirmed that Mr. George Burroughs was at the witch meetings and witch
sacraments, and that she knows Mr. Burroughs to be of the company of witches.
Aug. 3, 1692.

This trial transcript appears in a printed footnote of Thomas Hutchinson,The History of the Colony and Province of Massachusetts-Bay (1767)(Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1936), vol. II, p. 42.