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SWP No. 68.19

(Petition of John Hale , Nicholas Noyes , Daniel Epes , and John Emerson, Jr. )

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[September 21, 1692 ]

To his Excellency S'r William Phips Governour of the Province of the Massachussetts Colony in New England or in his absence to the Honourable William Stoughton Esq'r. Leiftenant Govern'r

The Petition of the subsscribers humbly sheweth That it hath pleased the Lord we hope in mercy to the soule of Dorcas Hoar of Beverly to open her he [torn] out of distress of conscience, as shee profesceth, to confess her selfe guilty of the heynous crime of witchcraft for w'ch shee is condemned, & how & when shee was taken in the snare of the Devill, & that she signed his book with the forefinger of her right hand &c.

Allso she gives account of some other persons that shee hath: known to be guilty of the same crime.

And beeing in grat distress of Conscience earnestly craves a little longer time of life to realize & perfect her repentance for the salvation of her soule.

These are therefore humbly to petition in her behalfe that their may be granted her one months time or more to prepare for death & eternity unless by her relapse, or afflicting others she shall give grounds to hasten her execution. And this wee conceive if the Lord sanctify it may tend to save a soule, & to give opportunity for her making some discovery of these mysterys of iniquity, & be profidentiall to the encouraging others to confess & give glory to God.

& the petitioners shall pray &c. the Humble servants

Salem. September 21: 1692.

*John Hale

*Nicholas Noyes

*Daniel Epes --

*John Emerson jun'r

Haveing Heard & taken the Conffession of dorcas Hoar doe ConSent that her Execution be Respited untill further ord'r

21. 7th 92

*Bartho Gedney

(Reverse) These for His Excellency S'r W'm Phips Govern'r &c at Boston or to the Honourable W'm Stoughton Esq'r Leif[tbar ] Gov'r at Dorchest'r

Petition of John Hale

Nicho. Noyes &c


( Salem Selections, Manuscripts and Archives Division, New York Public Library)