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SWP No. 129.5

(Return of the Coroner's Jury on the Death of Roger Toothaker )

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We whose names are underwritten being summoned by vertue of a Warrant from Mr. Edward Williss one of their Maj'sts Coroners of the County of Suffolk to veiw the Body of Roger Toothacker who dyed in the Goal of Boston, in obedyence, to which we have veiwed the same and obtain'd the best Information we can from the persons near and present at his death & doe finde he came to his end by a naturall death as witness our hands this 16 of June 1692

The s'd Toothacker was an Inhabitant of the Town of Bellricky in the County of Essex

*Benj'a Walker fore man

*Enoch Greenleafe

* Thomas Barnard

*Dan'll Powning

*Roger Gubberidg

*James Thornberei

*William Paine

*Andrew Cunningham

*William Man

*John Kilby

*John Roulston

*Abraham Blith

*John Riggs

*Sam'll Wentworth

*francis Thresher

( Suffolk County Court Records, Vol. 32, Case No. 2690 )