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SWP No. 92.13

( Testimony of Jarvis Ring v. Susannah Martin )

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[May 13, 1692]

Jarvis Ring of Salsbury maketh oath as followeth

That about seven or eight years ago he had ben several times aflicted in the night time by som body or som thing coming up upon him when he was in bed and did sorely afflict him by Lying upon him and he coold neither move nor speake while it was upon him but somtimes made akind of noyse that folks did hear him & com up to him and as soon as any body came it woold be gon this it did for along time before and sinc: but he did never see any body clearly but on time [] but on time in the night it came upon me as at other times and I did then see the pson [of Susa] na martin of Amsbery I this deponent did presently see her [and shee] came to this deponent and took him by the hand and bitt him [by the fin] ger by fors and then came and Lay upon him awhile as [formerly] and after awhile went away the print of the bite is [yet to] be seen on the little finger of his right hand for it was [hard to hea] le (he farther sayth) That several times he was asleep [when it ca] me: But at that time when bitt his finger he was as [sayerly awa] ke as ever he was: and plainly saw her shape and felt [her teeth a] saforsayd

[Sworn] e by Jarvis Ring abovesayd may the 13th: 1692

[before] me *Robt Pike Asist at Salbury