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SWP No. 22.35

( Statement of Elizar Keyser v. George Burroughs )

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[August 3, 1692]

Elizer Keysar aged aboute fourty five yeares Sayth that on Thursday
last past being the fift day of this Instant moneth of May I was at
the house of Thomas [Beadles] in salem, and Capt Daniell King being
there also, at the same tyme, and in the Same Roome. s'd Capt
Daniell King Asked mee Whether I would not goe up, and see mr Burrows and discourse with him. he being then in one of the Cham-
bers in s'd House. I told him itt did not belong to mee, and I was
not willing to medle or make with itt, then s'd King sayd are you not
a Christian if you are a Christian goe [&] see him and discourse with
him, but I told him I did beleive it did not belong to such as I was to
discourse him he being a Learned man. then s'd King sayd I beleive
he is a Child of god, a Choice Child of god, and that God would
Clear up his Inocency; soe I told him my Opinion or feare was,
that he was, the Cheife of all the persons accused for witchcraft or
the Ring Leader of them -- all, and told him also that I beleived
if he was such an one his Master meening the divell had told him
before now, what I said of him, And s'd King seemeing to mee to be
in a passion. I did afterwards forbeare #[The same Evening after
these words being alone in one Roome of my house and noe candle
or light being in the s'd Roome] the same afternoone I haveing Occa-
tion to be at the s'd Beadles house and [being] in the Chamber
where mr George Burroughs Keept I observed that s'd Burroughs did
steadfastly fix [his] eys upon mee, the same Evening being in my
own house, in a Roome without any Light I did see very strange
things appeare in the Chimney. I suppose a dozen of them. w'ch
seemed to mee to be something like Jelly that used to be in the water
and quaver with a strainge Motion, and then quickly diappeared
soone after which I did see a light up in the chimney aboute the
bigness of my hand some thing above the bar w'ch quivered
& shaked. and seemed to have a Motion upward upon Which I called
the Mayd, and she looking up into the Chimney saw the same, and
my wife looking up could not see any thing, soe I did and doe
#[very Certainly] [Concider] it was some diabolicall apperition

(On left side of paper)

Mr. Elizer. Keyzer: declared: to the Jury of Inquest that the evi-
dence : in this paper is the truth upon oath: Aug'st 3 1692 Mercy Lewis. also: s'd that: Mr Borroughs: told her that: he made lights: in Mr Keyzers: Chimny

Jurat in Curia

Mr Keysor

Sworne also by
Eliz: Wardwell
as to the last night
( Manuscripts and Archives Division, Salem Selections New York Public Library. )