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SWP No. 92.15

( Deposition of Joseph Ring v. Susannah Martin and Thomas Hardy )

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[MAy 13, 1692]

Joseph Ring of Salsbury aged 27 years having been strangly handled for the space of almost to year maketh this Relason upon oath as followeth viz

That in the month of Jun next after Casco bay fort was takn this deponent coming between Sandy beach & hampton towne mett with Tho: Hardy of great Iland & a company of several other creaturs with him w'ch said Hardy demanded of this deponent to shillings: and with the dreadfull noyse & hidious shapes of these creaturs and firebale this deponent was almost frited out of his witts: and in about an half an hour (or in deed he coold not judg of the time) they Left him & he came to hampton About ten days after as the deponet came from boston between Rowlye & Ne[wbar ]bry this deponent was over taken with a company of peple on horsbak who past by him and after they wear past by him The aforsd Tho: Hardy tarned about his horse & alet & cam bak to this deponent with his hors in hand & desired this deponant to go to mrs whits & drink with him: w'ch being refused he turnd away to the Company & thay all came up to gather such a breth that it seemd imposibl to scape being trod down by them but they went all past and then appeared no more

About oct: following coming from hampton in Salsbury pine plaine a company of horses with men & women upon them overtook this deponent & the aforesd Hardy being on of them came to this deponent as before & demanded his: 2s: of him and thretned to tear him in peeces to whom this depoant made no answer & so he & the rest went away & Left this deponet.

After this this deponent had divers strang appearances w'ch did fors him away with them into unknown places w'r he saw meettings and festings and dancing and many strange sights: and from Agust Last he was dom and coold not speake till this Last Aprill he also relates that ther did use to com to him a man that did present him abook to which he woold have him sett his hand with pro' mise of any thing that he woold have & ther wear presented all delectable things psons and places Imaginabl but he refusing it woold usualy end with most dreadfull shapes noyses & screching that almost scared him out of his witts & this was the usaall manner of proseeding w'th him: and on time the book was brought and a pen offerd him & to his aprehension ther was blod in the Ink horn but he never toucht the pen he farther say that thay never told him w't he shoold writt nor he coold not speak to Ask them w't he shoold writ he farther say in severall thair mery meetting he seen Susanas martin appearnc among them

And that day that his speach came to him againe w'ch was about [the end of] April Last as he was in bed shee did stand by his beds sid [and pincht] him.

Joseph Ring abovesayd made oathe of the thruth of all that is above writtn this 13th day of may 1692

before me *Robt Pike Asst

Jurat in Curia
the substance of it
viva voce
(Reverse) [It is to] be understood that the Matter about the to shillings demanded of s'd [Ring] was this viz That when Casko was asalted before it was takn, [Capt] Cedrack walt was going from Great Iland in puscataway with [a pa] rty for thayr releef of w'ch party s'd Ring was one & s'd [ Hardy comi] ng up into the Roome wher s'd Ring bilited before thay sayled [and pl] ayd at shuffl bord or som such lik game & urged s'd Ring play [s'd] Ring told him he had no mony & s'd hardly Lent him 2s and then [s'd] Ring playd with him s'd hardy who won his mony away from [him] againe and so he coold not then pay him
this accompt was by s'd Ring given to me
*Robt Pike ast.
( Essex County Court Archives, Vol. 1 no. 185. )