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SWP No. 129.1

(Warrant v. Roger Toothaker )

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To: The Marshall of Essex or his dep't or Constables in Salem.

You are in theire Majest's names hereby required to apprehend forthwith and bring before us ( Roger Toothaker of Bilrica who stands Charged with Sundry acts of Witchcraft by him Committed or donne on the bodys of Eliz Hubert Ann putnam Mary Walcot &c of Salem Village in order to his Examination Relateing to the premises faile not

Dated Salem May 18'th 1692
*John Hathorne ] #[Assists]
*Jonathan. Corwin ] #[Assists]
[pbar ] order of the Gover'r and Councill
the parson spesefied in this warrante was Apprehended this day and broghte befoore the corte Acrdinge to the tenor of this warrante by mee
*Joseph Neall
constable in Salem i: May 18'th: 1692::
Ag'st Toothaker
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 117 )