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SWP No. 116.2

( Andrew Elliott v. Susannah Roots )

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An information if it might be any help in the Examination of the person before you goode Roots I being in the house of m'r Laurence Dennis some time since she was suspected for what shee is now before you & there was Likewise Leonard Austen of ou'r Town of Beverly s'd Austen then s'd that he thought she was a bad woman, his reason was that he Living in the house with s'd Roots not Long since and when he went to prayer at any time with his wife & thought sd Roots would acompany them in s'd Duty but Did not at any time but would withdraw & absent her selfe: & further when my self and wife were gone to bed & she unto her bed. she would rise in the night & we Could here her talk in the roome below I lying in the Chamber over s'd roome as if there there were: 5: or six persons with her more s'd Austen might speak if Caled thereunto as far as know more Concering Roots

*Andrew Eliott
Andrew Elliot ag't G: Roots
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 133 )