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SWP No. 22.16

( Testimony Mary Webber v. George Burroughs )

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[August 2, 1692]

Mary Webber wid aged aboute 53 years Testifieth and sayth that
she liveing at Casco Bay aboute six or seaven years agoe, when
George Burroughs was Minester at s'd place, and liveing anner --
Neighbour to s'd Burroughs , was well acquainted with his wife
w'ch was dauter to mr John Ruck of Salem she hath heard her tell
much of her husband unkindness to her and that she dare not wright
to her father to acquaint [him] how it was with her, and soe desired
mee to wright to her father that he would be pleased to send for
her and told mee she had beene much affrighted, and that something
in the night made anoise in the chamber where she lay as if one Went
aboute the Chamber, and she calling up the negro. to come to her
the negro not Comeing sayd that she could not Come some thing
stopt her, then her husband being called he came up. some thing
Jumped down from between the Chimney & the side of the house
and Run down the stairs and s'd Burroughs followed it down, and
the negro then s'd it was something like a white calfe: another tyme
lyeing with her husband some thing came into the house and stood
by her bed side and breathed on her, and she being much affrighted
at it, would have awakened her husband but could not for a con-
siderable tyme, but as soone as he did awake it went away., but this
I heard her say. and know nothing of it myselfe otherwise Except by
common report of others also concerning such things

Salem August 2'd 1692

*mary webber
(Reverse) Mary Webber ve. Burro ( Witchcraft Papers, no. 9, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, MA., Boston, MA..)