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SWP No. 22.11

(Physical Examination of George Burroughs and George Jacobs, Jr. )

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[++ August 4, 1692]

Wee whoes names are under written having r'ceived an order
from the sreife for to search the bodyes of George Burroughs and
George Jacobs . wee find nothing upon the body of the above sayd
burroughs but w't is naturall:but upon the body of George Jacobs
wee find 3. tetts w'ch according to the best of our Judgements wee
think is not naturall for wee run a pinn through 2 of them and he
was not sinceible of it: one of them being within his mouth upon
the Inside of his right shoulder balde an a 3'rd upon his right hipp

Ed. Weld swone
Will Gill sworne
Tom flint Jurat
Tom West sworne
Zeb Hill Jurat
Sam Morgan sworne
John Bare Jurat.

(Reverse) Jury men Return about Jacobs & Burroughs
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem - Witchcraft, vol. 2, no. 23.)