The History of Salem Massachusetts

by Sidney Perley
Volume II


Chapter I. Salt Making. Page 1
Chapter II. The Game Perserve. Page 18
Chapter III. The Glass Works. Page 30
Chapter IV. Enlarging the Meeting House. Page 60
Chapter V. Departure of Hugh Peter. Page 65
Chapter VI. The First School. Page 91
Chapter VII. Federation of the Colonies. Page 97
Chapter VIII. The Bridge. Page 130
Chapter IX. Wenham. Page 147
Chapter X. Monsieur de la Tour. Page 155
Chapter XI. Manchester. Page 172
Chapter XII. Ship Tavern. Page 176
Chapter XIII. Marblehead. Page 196
Chapter XIV. Fort on Winter Island. Page 203
Chapter XV. Quaker Persecution. Page 242
Chapter XVI. Rev. John Higginson. Page 276
Chapter XVII. Bellingham and Denison Grants. Page 294
Chapter XVIII. The South Mills. Page 336
Chapter XIX. Commerce. Page 346
Chapter XX. The Prison. Page 374
Chapter XXI. Beverly. Page 406
Chapter XXII. New Meeting House. Page 419
Chapter XXIII. Salem Village Parish. Page 435
Index. Page 447

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