Boston Public Library Witchcraft Documents

Document: Walcott, Mary v. Susannah Martin Reverse side
ID Number: MsAm45
Document: Willard, John Examination,version 1 18 May 1692 multiple pages
ID Number: MsAm46
Document: Willard, John Examination, version 2 18 May 1692 mutiple pages
ID Number: MsAm46
Document: Putnam, Ann v. John Willard Reverse side
ID Number: MsAm47
Document: Nurse, Rebecca et al Death Warrant Reverse side
ID Number: MsAm48
Document: Walcott, Mary v. John Willard Reverse side
ID Number: MsAm49
Document: Wilkins, Daniel Inquest Reverse side
ID Number: MsAm50
Document: Complaint v. John Willard Bottom portion Reverse side
ID Number: MsAm51
Document: Walcott, Mary v. Ann Foster 15 July 1692 Reverse side
ID Number: MsAm52
Document: Walcott, Mary Hubbard, Elizabeth v. Ann Foster
ID Number: MsAm1147.1
Document: Walcott, Mary v. Rebecca Eames
ID Number: MsAm1147.2
Document: Williams, Abigail v. John Willard
ID Number: MsAm1147.3
Document: Complaint v. Margaret Hawkes
ID Number: MsCh1.154
Document: Cole, Sarah Warrant
ID Number: MsCh1.88
Document: Carrell & Coal Warrant & Return
ID Number: MsCh2.12/13
Document: Dod, Thomas Kesor, Elizer Recognizance
ID Number: MsCh.2.44
Document: Edwards, Mary v. Rachel Clenton
ID Number: MsCh.2.60
Document: Fuller, James, Jr v. Rachel Clenton
ID Number: MsCh.2.68
Document: Dolliver, Ann Examination Multiple images
ID Number: MsCh.2.194
Document: Ireson, Mary Examination Multiple images
ID Number: MsCh.2.194
Document: Stephens, Sarah Pasque, Margaret v. Rebecca Nurse et al
ID Number: MsCh.2.110
Document: Jackson, John Examination
ID Number: MsCh.2.448
Document: Emerson, Martha Warrant
ID Number: MsCh.2.28
Document: Dier, Eliz. Prince, Margaret Warrant
ID Number: MsCh.2.50
Document: Hutchins, Wilford Warrant
ID Number: MsCh.2.92
Document: Barker, Mary & William Marstone Warrant
ID Number: MsAmCh.2.108
Document: Complaint v. Mary Clark
ID Number: MsCh.2.156
Document: Marshall, Mary v. Colson
ID Number: MsCh.2.187
Document: Hill, Zebulon v. Peney
ID Number: MsCh.2.198
Document: Post, Mary Warrant
ID Number: MsCh.2.204
Document: Carrier, Richard & Andrew Carrier Warrant
ID Number: MsCh.2.208
Document: Jackson, Sr., Jr. Warrant
ID Number: MsCh.2.222
Document: Bishop, Bridget Warrant (photo copy)
ID Number: MsCh.2.266
Document: Johnson, Abigail & Eliz Complaint
ID Number: MsCh..2.350
Document: Lacey, Mary, Jr. Warrant - Ballard
ID Number: MsCh.2.400
Document: Parris, Ingersoll Putnam v. Elizabeth Procter
ID Number: MsCh.2.500
Document: Jacobs, George Andrew, Daniel Warrant 17 May 1692
ID Number: MsCh.A.K.48
Document: Alden, John, et al Bond, 31 Dec 1692
ID Number: F. 10.47
Document: Browne, John v. Goodwife Cole 3 Oct 1692
ID Number: MsF.1.7
Document: Foster & Tyler v. John Jackson Jr.
ID Number: MsCh2.196
Document: Swan, Robert v. Mary Clark
ID Number: MsCh2.245
Document: Peney, Joan Warrant
ID Number: MsCh2.249
Document: Bridges, Mary Warrant
ID Number: MsCh2.349
Document: Ballard, Joseph v. Mary Lacey 19 July 1692
ID Number: MsCh2.401
Document: Complaint of Several 28 May 1692 Reverse
ID Number: MsAm44

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