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Samuel Parris Sermon Notebook: Feburary 14, 1692

14. Feb. 1691


110. Ps. 1 The Lord said unto my Lord, sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool.

Doctr. Our once humbled wounded & bruised Mediator has long since been exalted not only by a Glorious Resurrection from the Grave, & also by Glorious Ascension into heaven, but also by a Glorious Session at the right handof God.

We have shown you what this Session is: & when it did begin: And (3) Last: are speaking to the fruits of it. Why (1) The benefit hereof partly appertains to Christs Sacerdotal Office, viz: his Intercession for believers (2) It belongs partly to his Kingly Office: & consists (1) In his governing of his Church

1. Use. Information in a few particulars

1. Infer: This Doctrine of Christs sitting at the right hand of God the Father may eminently confirm that sound & wholsome doctrine of Divine Providence. It is a woful peice of our corruption in an evil time, when the wicked prosper, & the godly party meet with vexations by & by to cry down divine Providence, as if God had forsaken the earth, & there were no profit in his service, as they 3. Mat. 14. 15. It is in vain to serve God --- And now we

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call the proud happy: yea they that work wickedness are set up -- Yea & this is an an error that in times of the Churches adversity the godly themselves are apt to slide into. 73 Ps. 2. &c. But when they look into the word of God & hear what God sais in his Sanctuary they will be better instructed. 16. v. &c. There is a King that governs all: Christ Jesus who is King of Kings, by whom Kings reign, & princes decree justice. And he is called Gods King. 2. Ps. 6. because God hath annointed him King of his Church & Governor of the Nations. 2. Ps. 6. 8. 9. &c He has a providential Kingdom & a spiritual Kingdom.

2. Infer: This doctrine of Christs sitting at the right hand of God may confirm the Doctrine of the Divine nature of Christ. As his Conception, Birth, Life, & Death, hold forth the truth of his Humann nature: so his Ressurection from the Grave, & sitting at the right hand of God hold forth the truth of his Divine nature. This is an Honour (as the Apostle argues) too big for the holy Angels. 1. Heb. 13. And agreable only to him that is equal to God.

3. Infer: This doctrine of Christs sitting at the right hand of God may confirm that Christ hath a church. It holds forth Christs Kingly power (as has been known) therefore this King hath some Subjects. For King and Subjects: as Father & Son, & the like are Relates, & most strongly argue one another. No subjects, no King &c. Hince Christ calls the Church my People: & he tells us that no enemies shall overthrow his Church. 16. Matth. 18.

4. Infer: Last: This doctrine may cofirm the truth of the Perseverance of the Saints: because stronger is he that is with us & for us, then he that is against us. There are three arguments for the truth of this point.

1. The blessed purpose of God. 2. Tim. 1. 9. Who hath saved us, & called us according to his own purpose & Grace, which was given to us in Christ before the world began. Now the counsels & purpose of God cannot faile.

2. The free Promise of God for their perserverance. 32. Jer. 39. 40. -- I will put my fear in their hearts that they shall not depart from me. 10. Zech. ult. I will strengthen them in the Lord, & they shall walk up & down in his Name, saith the Lord.

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3. Last: From the undertaking of Christ for them.

1. As their High-Priest, he Intercedes for them. 22. Luke. 32. I have prayed for thee that they faith fail not. 17 Joh. 9. 11. 20. I pray for them -- Holy Father, keep thro thine own Name, those that thou hast given me &c.

2. As their great Prophet he teacheth, & instructeth them by his holy Spirit unto eternal life. 1. Joh. 2. 20. Ye have an Unction from the holy one, & ye know all things. i.e. all things necessary to Salvation. Christ as a Prophet reveals the whole & perfect & Saving will of God. Hince he is called & saving will of God. Hince he is called not only a Prophet, but a teacher, the Apostle of our profession, the Angel of the Covenant, The Wisdom of God, the treasure of Wisdom & Knowledge.

3. Last: As their King he undertakes the Government of them: The Subduing all their lusts; the strengthning all their Graces, so that they should not fall totally and finally. 10. Joh. 27. 28. My sheep follow me: & I give unto them eternal life. & they shall never perish, neither any pluck them out of my hand. Sin would pluck them, & Satan would pluck them out of my hand, but they shall never be able to do it.

2. Use. Instruction, & Exhortation.

1. O be we all exhorted to get an interest in Christ Jesus. For this end the Gosple is sent calling you under Christs Kingdom. And for our slighting of Christ Jesus God is angry & sending forth destroyers

1. Mot Oh would you have an Intercessor, an Advocate with the Father; Oh then embrace Christ Jesus upon Gospel termes 1. Joh. 2. 1. What has Jews done in Hamans dayes had it not been for an Intercessor Queen Esther. Why loe Satan can produce a worser bond signed & sealed by the hand of Gods justice, by wch we are under a double death, namely bodily & Spiritual. But loe here is an Intercessor, not a queen Esther, but a Christ, an all powerful Mediator: Oh then away to Christ &c.

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At the right hand of God

2. Mot: Oh would you have your enemies, your lusts, the Devil trod under your feet? 2. Tim. 4. 18. The Lord shall deliver me from every evil work. 1. Cor. 15. 57.Oh then embrace Christ Jesus

2. Instr: As often as we appear before God & offer him our prayers, or praises do well all in the Name of Christ. For it is He alone who sits at the Right hand of God the Father that perfumes our offerings, & whereby they become a sweet smelling savour unto God: And the Father in & by his Son will make returns to us of all needed blessings. Let us not therefore imitate the blind world who give God their services without any consideration had to the Mediator. Christ gives us other instruments. 14 Joh. 13. 14. -- whatsoever ye shall ask in my Name, that I will do -- And thus Believers are wont to pray. 9 Dan. 17. Now this imports three things.

1. A deep sense of unworthiness both of our Persons & our service of divine acceptance

Of our Persons since the fall. 18. Gen. 27. I have taken upon me to speak to the Lord which are but dust and ashes. So the Publicane. 18. Luke. 13. who stood far off, would not life up so much as his eyes to Heaven, but smote upon his breat, saying, God be merciful to me a sinner. So the Centurion. 7. Luke bwfinning Lord I am not worthythat thou shouldst come to me, no nor worthy that I should come unto thee

2. Of our prayers & services. For the Person being unworthy needs most his services be so: for we can bring a clean thing out of an unclean? As we see in the Church. 64 Isa.6. We are all as an unclean thing, & all our Righteousness are as filthy rags. 3. Philip. 9.

A Deep sense of our Need of an Intercessor: a Mediator between God & man

2. Last: An apprehension of the Sufficiency of Christs Worthiness. 1. Eph. 6. Accepted in the beloved. This is required in our offerings to God.

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Of Christs Glorious Session

Conco. 6.} ac ultima }

14. Feb. 1691

110.Ps. 1

The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, untill I make thine enemies thy footstool. (Doctr.) our once humbled wounded & bruised Mediatour, has long since been exalted not only by a Glorious Resurrection from the Grave, & also by a Glorious Ascension into Heaven, but also by a Glorious Session at the right hand og God. (1. U.) Informaation (2. U.) Instruction (1) To get an interest in Christ (2) To offer all our Services to God in the Name of Christ. To proceed.

3. Instruction. To be very thankful for, & to make utmost improvement of, the Ministry of the of the word, & the divine Ordinances we are priviledged by. It is by the Ministry of the word, through the efficacy of the Spirit, that Christ brings us into his blessed Kingdom. This is the very end of Christ in sending forth his Ambassadours. 26. Acts. 15-19. And it is by his Ordinances of Baptisme & the Lords Supper that he Seals us up to the day of Redemption. 4. Eph. 30. It is at his Table (where some of us have been this day, & more should come) that Christ gives forth his Loves. 7.Cant. 12.

4. Instr: It teacheth Ministers to endeavour a true separation between the precious & the vile, & to labour what in them lyes to gather a pure Church unto Christ, a Church of holy subjects, for this is a principal end of Christ in giving his word. 15. Jer. 19. those that will subject to the Laws of this great King we are to accept, & to encourage & comfort: others we are to refuse & reject.

5. Instr: It teacheth Hearers if they would have the benefit of the word & Ordinances, that they look unto Christ: for the Saving efficacy hereof is from him. 1. Cor. 3. 5. &c. We must say in this case, as Peter & John did concerning, the people that they as Instruments healed. 3. Acts. 6. &c

6. Instr: It teacheth us to War a good warfare, to subdue all our Spiritual enemies, if we would reign with

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At the Right hand of God

Christ in his Kingdom. 3. Rev. 21. To him yt overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my Throne, even as I also overcame, & am set down with my Father in his Throne.

7. Instr: It may teach us that we be not ashamed to own & confess Christ Jesus who is so gloriously exhalted: nor to be offended at the present low condition of the Church in the midst of its enemies. Oh shortly the case will be far otherwise. And therefore let us look more at future things, & follow the cloud of witnesses, & our Lord Jesus himself. 12. Heb. 1. 2. 3.

8. Instr: It techeth us not only to look unto Christ as a Priest to intercede for us, but as mighty King to give us victory as we need. We are to make use of him as a Priest. 4. Heb. 14.15.16. And also as a Mighty King, we can make us more than conqueror. 8. Ro. 36. 37.

9. Instr: Last: Because Christ is so great a King hince three things especailly are required of us.

1. That we give him great Reverence & Honour. This is required that at the Name of Jesus every kneeshould bow &c. 2. Philip. 8. 9. 10. 11. It is taken ut of 45. Isa. 22. 23. 24. 25. Good men will not speak of good earthly Princes without due respect & Honour. How much more Honour is due to this King of Kings. Davids heart smote him when he cut off Sauls garment because he was the Lords anointed: how much more should our hearts quake, & our bowels Tremble upon the Discovery of dishonour cast upon either by ourselves, or others.

2. That we give him due obedience: For if obedience be due to an Earthly Prince, or Superior tho but in the family: Oh but what then is due from us to Christ, whose Subjects & houshold servants we all are? Let us then imitate those good subjects, who when Saul was chosen King, brought him presents as tokens of subjugation, & not Sons of Belial wo despised him. 1. Sam. 10. 26. 27.

3. Last: That we be grateful & Thankful unto Christ for

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Of Christs Glorious Session

the great & singular & and provident care he takes of us. Oh we might have been left out into the wild wilderness to inhabit the Regions of the shadow of Death &c.

We were by nature far off, but this blessed King has brough us near to himself. Oh the gratitude that is due him from us which should be expressed

By a ready & Cheerful attendance upon him in his Courts. 100. Ps. totu. Oh what a wonderful favour is this, that the great King should still be holding forth the Golden Scepter of his Grace to us every Sab: day! Oh the joyful sound that we hear &c.

2. By a cheer obsedience to all his known & revealed will. Oh this is a good King; all his laws are good; & therefore how ready should we be in obsedience? We should imitate the great joy that was at Solomons coronation. 1. Reg. 1. 39. 40.

Last: By not counting our very lives to dear for Christ, our King. This great King, has laid down his life for his Subjects; Ho much more ought we to lay down our lives for him, & imitate those three Heroes that for King David jeopardized their lives. 2. Sam. 23.15. 16. 17.

3.Use. Caution to us all: O Have we a care we persist not in our natural Rebellion to this great King 2. Ps. 6 &c

4.Last: Consolation in several particulars

1. This Doctr: of Christs session at the right hand of God, as Priest inderceding for us confirms us In the Blessed doctrinr og Gods free grace in remission of sin by Jesus Christ. 1. Job. 2. 1. 2. If If any man sin we have an advocate with the Father. Oh this confortable news. It is hereby we may look up to God with holy confidence; & that God looks down upon us with delight. Oh then get an interest in Christ 5. Eph. 27. And all our Spots shall be done away

2. This may comfort all Belivers in the assuranceof their perserverance: because this great King will not suffer any of his sheep to be pluckt out of his hands. It is true the Righteous fall, they fall afer conversion, as well as before conversion, & sin carries along with it the demerit of Death, & that not only temporal, but eternal, but having a perfect high Priest he makes full attonement 3. Phil. 9

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at the right hand of God

3. This gives comfort that our works & service become acceptable with God the Father upon account of Christs intercession. Our works in themselves cannot please God, because they are in part good, & in part poluted: for a truly Regenerate person is part carnal & in part spiritual; & therefore the work cannot be perfect. But now by the Intercession of Christ his Merit & Satisfaction is imputed to us as if it were our own. This is the Golden Censer that perfumes all the services of Beleivers. 8 Rev. 3.

4. This may comfort us in that Christs intercession is of ye efficacy that it procures the communion of the Holy Spirit, that helpeth our infermities. 8. Ro. 26.

Althlough therefore the Intercession of Christ be made in the Heavens, yet the fruits of it are enjoyed on the Earth even as the body of the Sun placed in the Heavens, yet it influenceth us & the earth with its warming beams. Therefore if we would know whiter Christ intercedes for us, there is no need to ascend up into the Heaven, but to descend into our own hearts, & examine whith'r we have the benefit of it. We need not climb up into the clouds to see wither the Sun shine or no: so here &c

5. Last: This may comfort us in that we have a King to our Saviour: Therefore we should look to him for all help: And because he Governs his church, not only by his word & spirit, but also by his Rod, & afflictions: therefore we are to beware of fainting when we are chastened, or despising the Rod. 12. Heb. 5. Also we are to look to him for the good of all, he chastens us for our profit. 12. Heb. 10. Also we are to rest in the Government of Christ. The Church may meet with storms, but it shall never sink. For Christ sits not idle in the Heavens, but takes most faithful case of his little Ship (the Church) bound for the port of Heaven, laden with many precious gems & Jewels, a treasure purchased by his own inestimable blood. He hath Seven eyes, & Seven horns. 5. Rev. 6. perfection of wisdom & perfection of Power, & all engaged for believers, and therefore you have no cause to fear &c

So much for Christs Glorious Exaltation

Finis Textus.