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Samuel Parris Sermon Notebook: October 23, 1692

page: 158

23 Octob. 1692

1. Cant. 2.

Let him Kiss me with the kisses of his Mouth &c.: for thy Love is better than wine. In these words two things are observable. viz. (1) A Request (2) The Reason of it, or the Motive to press it.

1. Here is a request, desire, or Petition. Let him Kiss me with the kisses of his Mouth.

2. The Reason of this Request, or the Motive to urge the graunt of this Petition. For thy Love is better than Wine.

We shall begin with the first, viz

1. Then, Here is the option, wish, desire, or Petitiion in the former part of the words. Let him Kiss where we may note

1. The matter wished or desired, viz: Kisses

2. The person wishing or desiring these Kisses, viz: the Spouse, or Church, the Bride, the Lambs wife. 21. Rev. 9. And so in her every true Believer. 2. Cor. 4. 13.

3. The Manner how she would be Kissed, viz: with the Kisses of the Mouth.

4. Last: The Person she desired these Kisses of, or from, viz: Her Bridegroom, her Beloved the Lord Jesus Christ. Let Him (that is Christ) Kiss me. Let him Kiss me i.e. Let me see him manifested in the Flesh, say some. Let him Kiss me i.e. Let me have friendly, familiar, feeling, and sensibile manifestations of his Love, say others, For Kisses were, & are used amongst friends, for manifestation of Love. Hince we may take up this doctrine viz.

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All true Believers are urgently desirous of sensible

Doctr. All true Believers are very urgently, & fervently desirous of sensible, & feeling manifestation of the Love of Christ, their Lord, Bridegroom, & Husband. This is imported in this earnest wish of the Church here for Kisses of Christ. Now it is evident that Kisses are mentioned on sundry occasions, used for divers ends, & signified several Things

1. We read of a Kiss of true Affection. As the Father kisses his Son. Jacob kissed Isaac. 27. Gen. 26.27. David kissed Absalom. 2. Sam 14 ult. The Father kissed the Prodigal. 15. Luke 20. And a Brother kisses his Brethren, as Joseph kissed his Brethren. 45. Gen. 15. And Aaron kissed his Brother Moses. 4. Ex. 27. And the Son kisses his Father. As Joseph kissed his Father Jacob. 50. Gen. 1. And Moses kissed his Father in Law. 18. Ex. 7. And one friend kisseth another. As David & Jonathan. 1. Sam. 20. 41. And the like.

2. We read of a kiss of Valediction. As Naomi kissed her daughtrs in Law upon parting with them. 1. Ruth 9.

3. We read of a kiss of Subjection. 1. Ps. 12. Kiss the son i.e. readily & willingly, &, & lovingly & gladly submit unto, & obey the Commandments of Christ Jesus, the Son of God.

4. We read of the Kiss of Treachery. Thus Joab kissed Amasa. 2. Sam. 20. 9. And Judas kissed his Master Christ. 26. Matt. 49. These are the Kisses of enimies, which are deceitful, sais the Holy Ghost. 27. Pro. 6. Such was Absaloms flattering kisses. 2. Sam. 15.5.

5. We read of Kisses of Idoloters, or Idolotrous Kisses. 13. Hos. 2. Let the men that sacrifice Kiss the Calves. Idoloters in token of their adoration of their Idols, were want to kiss their Images. 1. Reg. 10. 13. And 31. Job. 26. 27.

6. We read of Whorish, lustful, & carnal Kisses: As of the Whore in the Proverbs. 7. Chap. 13.

7. We read of a Kiss of Reconciliation. Thus Easu kissed his Brother Jacob. 33. Gen.4. Joseph his Brethren. 45. Gen. 15. David his son Absalom. 2. Sam. 14. ult. The Father his Prodigal Son. 15. Luke. 20.

We read of a Spiritual Kiss. Text. Let him kiss me &c. 8. Ch. 1

9. We read of a holy kiss. 16. Ro. 16. Salute one another with an holy kiss. With sincere. chaste, honest, modest, brotherly, Religious kiss, proceeding from a heart wherein was not a little, but abundance of holy Love, & as a token of it, in those times they had a custom to kiss one another, & that

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Manifestations of Christs Love

not only among Jews, but even among the Christians also, Who (as hisory sais) after prayers, were wont to express their love to each other, by wishing Grace, & Love of God, to one another, & so parted with a kiss. To this purpose is that. 1. Cor 16. 20. 2.Cor ult. 12. 1 Thes. 5. 26. 1 Pet. 5. 14.

10. Last: We read pf a kiss of approbation. 24. Pro. 26.

Qu: But now it may be asked what are meant by the Kisses mentioned in the text. (a Ans:) More generally in 2 or three words (2. An:) More particularly, by opening the Allegory, for the text is purely Allegorical.

1. An: These in general: Since the Church desires Kisses in the plural Number, Kisses of Christs mouth: It may Refer 1. To a kiss of Reconciliation. Absolum after he had highly incensed his Father, why his Father was reconciled to him again, & in token thereof kisseth him. 2. Sam. 14 ult. And so in the Parable, the Father was reconciled to his Prodigal Son, and confirms his Reconciliation with a Kiss. 15. Luke. 20. Why so the Church here desires a kiss, a symbol, a Seal of her Beloveds Reconciliation. Q. D. Oh with Absalom I have offended my Heavenly Father. As the Prodigal, I have run away from my Father. I have lived too long among the Husks of this World; Oh I fall down, & confess mine iniquities: Oh be Reconciled, to me, & give me a kiss of Reconciliation.

2. To a Kiss of Affection. Jacob showed his affectiion to his son Isaac by a Kiss: And Joseph to his Brethren: Oh Let Christ manifest his affection, his Love to me.

Last: To a kiss of Approbation. Oh Let me see & feel that Christ accepteth my person, & drink thy wine with a Merry heart; for God now accepteth thy works.

2. An: More particularly, we may see what is intended by this Allegory, or Metaphor, by running the Parallell. And so

1. We may consider, what is meant by Kisses?

2. What by Kisses of his mouth

1. Then what may be meant by Kisses?

Ans: In these particulars

1. Kisses betoken Love & good will to the party kissed. Why so then when the Church desires kisses of Christ, she neans tokens, & manifestations of his Love, & good will to her.

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All true Believers are urgently desirous of sensible

Q. D. Thou does love me, as a testimony of it thou hast dyed for me: Oh let me sense & feel thy Love. Kiss me. i.e. evidence to me feelingly thy Love & good will to me. Let me see, Let me feel, let me sense thy Love. As. 2. Cant. 14. Let me see thy counttenance, Let me hear they voice; for sweet is they voice, & thy countenance is comely.

2. Kisses betoken a hearty conjunction, & cordial Union between two parties. Why so when the Church desires Kisses of Christ, she Means farther tokens & assurance of yt blessed conjunction & Union, that is between her self, & the Lord Jesus Christ. 17. Joh. 21. That they may be done in us.

3. Kisses betoken such Friendship, as allows a liberty of Access & communication at all times. Why so when the Church desires kisses of Christ, she means more Spiritual intimacy & communion with Christ, O when wilt thou come into me, sais the Soul. 101. Ps. 2. She desires to dwell in the house of the Lord, & there to behold his beauty. 27. Ps. 4. With my soul I have sesired thee in the night, yea, with my Spirit within me will I seek thee early 26. Isa. 9.

4. Kisses have such impressions, as engage the affections to a future Remembrance of the Object. Why so when the Church desires Kisses of Christ, she means such Favour, & Manifestations of Christs Love & grace that she may never forget his Love. 1. Cant. 4. We will remember thy Love more than wine. I desire to see thee, as I have seen thee in the Sanctuary. 63. Ps. 1. 2.

5. Kisses oblige the giver to shew farther favours, & acts of Love & goodness, to the party he bestows them on. Why so when ye Church desires the kisses of Christ, she means that Christ would lay himself under such obligations of Love & friendship to her, as that he may never forget her. 37. Ps. 28. 11. Ro. 1. 2. Can a woman forget her suckling child -- Yet will not I forget thee. 49. Isa. 15. 16.

6. Kisses are a confirmation of Love. Why so when the Church desires kisses of Christ, she means strongest, and sweeter confirmation of his Love 35. Ps. 3. Say unto my Soul, I am thy Salvation

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Manifestations of Christs Love

7. Kisses are the especial priviledges of Covenant Relations, as Husband, & wife &c. Why so the Church when she desires Kisses of Christ, she means those special manifestations of his Love, which are peculiar to his Church, & Elect. Q. D. by virtue of Covenant relation, I may sue for kisses.

8. Kisses are very sweet among true friends after some jars & differences, whereby they testify true Reconciliation. Why so manifestations of Christ[s] love, are exceeding sweet after there hath been a seeming breach & estrangedness, especially they know the fault is wholly on their side.

9. Kisses are high Favours when they come from great Persons, & begets in others longing after the like favour. Why so the expressions if Christs favour to the spouse makes ye daughters of Jerusalem, long after the like. 6. cant. 1. Whither is thy Beloved gone, O thou fairest among Women--that we may seek him with thee. compared with the last verse of the. 5. Chap. His mouth is the most sweet --

10. Kisses are exceeding sweet among friends that have been long absent. Why so Christs manifestation of his love after a long seeming absence is exceeding sweet. 3. Cant. 1-5.

11.Kisses are wont to be used as an initiatory ceremony to courteous entertainment; as in the case of the profuse & extravagant Prodigal. 15. Luke. 20. Why so the kisses of Christ are the first beginnings of blessed entertainment wth God, & Christ

Last: Kisses tho but of the hand of a great Personage, a great Prince, or Princess, is a very grand honour, but to kiss the Mouth is extraordinary. Why so the Kisses of Christs Mouth are an infinite & exceeding great Honour.

All true Beleivers are urgently desirous

<Conco. 2. 2a}

23 Octob. 1692.

1. Cant. 2.

Let him Kiss me with the kisses of his Mouth, & (Doctr.) All true Beleivers are very urgently & fervently desirous of feeling, & sensible manifestations of the Love of Christ, thier Lord, their Bridegroom, & Husband. As is imported here in their desiring of his Kisses; which has been spoken to.

2. Now we come to enquire what is meant by Kisses of his Mouth.

By kisses of Christs Mouth, is meantthe evidence of his favour from his Word & ordinances. For the Scriptures are the Mouth of Christ, or the words spoken by his Mouth. And it is by his word & Spirit that he speaks peace to his People.

Qu: But you may say why do Beeivers thus thirst after the kisses of his Mouth, the manifestation of his Favour?

Ans: In a few words from the Metaphor before us.

1. R. Kisses of the Mouth are expressions of high favour, much more than that of kissing of the hand. Why so Christ most highly expresseth his love, favour, & great affection to his People in his Word. 10. Joh. 15. I lay down my life for my sheep. No great expression of love can be than this. 15. Joh. 13. Great love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends

2. R. Kisses of the Mouth have some virtue in them, they tend to increaselove in the object, or begat more ardent affection. Why so evidence of Christs Love from his Word & gracious promises are full of life & virtue, to draw out the Soulmore vehenently after Christ. How was Mary drawn by those sweet Kisses of Christ to her, Woman thy sin is forgiven thee. 7. Luke. 47. &c. See how she follows him. 20. Joh. 11.

3. R. Kisses of the Mouth are plain & visible evidences of affection, & many times puts a person out of doubt of the Reality of the heart of the giver. Why so the Evidences of Christs Love to a beleiving soul, are clear demonsstrations of the reality of Christs love. It puts away fears 119 Ps. 49. Remember the word unto thy Servant, upon which thou hast caused me to hope.

4. R. Last. The Mouth is the instrument, or Medium, where with to convey the inward conceptions of the heart or mind. Why so the word of Christ is the way, or glorious Medium, by which he conveys his gracious thoughts

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of sensible manifestations of Christs Love.

& purposes to us ward.By this means he reveals himself to us 11. Matth. 27. These are written that ye might believe. 20. Joh. 30. 31.

Yea we may farther show you that Christs kisses are eceeding desirable in that they are far more excellent than any other Kisses. For

1. Others many times Kiss out of complement, not from true Love. But now Christ kisses none but those he dearly Loves. He speaks peace to his People.

2. Others Kiss in a way of flattery, as Absalom to Steal away the hearts if the People. 2. Sam. 15. 5. But now Christ kisseth with all sincerity, & integrity

3. Others Kiss wantonly, & unchastly. But now all Christs Kisses are pure, chaste, & heavenly

4. Others Kiss Treacherously: they Kiss wn they intend to Kill. As Joab. 2. Sam. 20. 9. And Judas. 26. Matth. 49. But now Christs design is to save all he Kisseth. He came to seek & to save that which was lost. 18. Matt. 11. I am come that ye might have life. 10. Joh. 10

1. Use. This text & doctrine may serve for our triall what we are: Why are we carnel or are we Spiritual? What are our desires most after.

2. Use If the Kisses the maniffestations of Christs favour are so sweet, so desirable to an enlightned Soul, why then this should methinks stir up all souls in these desires.

Use. Therefore of Exhortation to these desires of the Kisses of Christs Mouth

1. Dir: Be Humbled for sin. A broken heart, Christ delights in. 51. Ps. 17. The Sacrifices of God are a broken Spirit --- If you would have the Kisses of Christs mouth, you must first as Mary Magdalene Kiss his feet, lye prostrate before him, washing his feet, as she did with penitential tears.

2. Dir. Subject & submit to Christ in all his appointments, especially preparedly at his Table. 2. Ps. ult.

page: 165

All true Beleivers are urgently desirous of sensible

Now for Motive.

1. Consider, the Father presents his Son before your eyes in the Gospel, as everyway deserving of your best & most ardent desires. Are you ignorant? take him as a Prophet to teach you. Are you naked of a Righteousness wherewith you may stand before God, at his Tribunal? Take Christ as a Priest, & so you shall be clad with the Robes of his Righteousness. 3. Rev. 18.

2. Consider the Father highly honours the Son: He hath given all things into his hands. 3. Joh. 35. We may allude to the speech of Abrahams Servant to win Rebekah over to Isaac. 24. Gen. 35. 36.

3. Consider the Father sent him into the world to seek himself a spouse. And dos he make love to you, & will you, dare you, deny him? 3. Joh. 16.

4. Consider Christ became Flesh that he might become a fit object for sinners. 2. Phillip. 7

5. Consider. Chrsit hath a great desire to have you, & so to make over himself to you for ever. 22. Rev. 17

6. Consider. Christ hath aboudance of Love, & strong affections.

7. Consider. Christ left the glory above, emptied him self that he might enrich three upon thy Marriage with him. 2. Cor. 3.3.

8. Consider. Christ sends his Embassadours to thee for this very end to court thy acceptance of his Love. 2. Cor. 5. 17. *amp;c.

page: 166

Manifestations of Christs Love

9. Last: To say no more. Consider how miserable thy case will be if thou rejectest this offer. None so happy as they that love Christ in sincerity. 6. Eph. 24. None so miserable as they that reject his urged & importuned Love. If any man Love not the Lord Jesus, Let him be Anathema Marantha. 1. Cor. 16. 22. If you will not be kissed by him, you shall, you must be cursed by him. Now which will you choose, Christ Kisses, or Christ Curses? His Kisses are most Sweet. In thy Favour is life. 30. Ps. 5. But his Curses are most intollerable. These make the very Devils to Rore. Therefore shun his Curses: Pursue after his Kisses.