The Wonders of the Invisible World
by Cotton Mather
Printed first, at Boston in New-England;
and Reprinted at London, for John Dunton,
at the Raven and in the Poultry, 1693

Unabridged edition
[editor's note: paging irregular]

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Table of Contents

Front Matter Pages [i], [ii], & [iii]
The Author's Defense Pages [1]-[2]
William Stoughton Letter Page [3]
[Author's justification] Page [4]
Enchantments Encountered Pages 5-17
A Discourse on the Wonders
of the Invisible World
Pages 2-16,33-60
I Tryal of G[eorge] B[urroughs] Pages 60-65
II Tyral of Bridget Bishop Pages 65-70
III Tryal of Susanna Martin Pages 70-76
IV Tryal of Elizabeth How Pages 76-79
Tryal of Martha Carrier Pages 79-80, 41-43
The First Curiositie Pages 43-44
The Second Curiositie Pages 44-46
The Third Curiositie Pages 46-47
The Fourth Curiositie Pages 47-51
The Devil Discovered Pages 51-56, 89-98
Advertisements Pages 99-100

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