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Church Book Belonging to Salem Village

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The Covenant agreed upon and consented unto [torn] the Church of Christ it Salem Village, at [torn] first embodying, on the 19'h November, 1689.

We whose names (tho' unworthy of a name in this [Church]) are hereunto subscribed, lamenting our own great unfitness [for such] an awful and solemn ipproach unto the Holy God and [deploring] all the miscarriages committed by is, either in the days [of] our unregeneracy or since we have been brought into acquaintance with God in the communion of his churches [which we] have leretofore been related unto: And yet apprehending ourselves called by the Most High to embody [ourselves] into a different society, with a sacred covenant to [serve] the Lord Jesus Christ & Edify one another accord[ing to the] rules of his holy word, being persuaded in matters [of faith] according to he Confession of Faith owned and [consented] unto by the Elders and dessengers of the churches [assembled] at Boston in New-England May 12. 1680 [which] for the substance of it, we now own & profess.

We do, in some measure of sinceritie, this day [give] up our selves unto God in Christ, to be for him, & not another at the same time renouncing all the van[ity] & Idols of this present evil world.

We give up our selves, & offspring, unto the Lord Jehova the one true & living God in three Persons, Father, Son, Holy-Ghost. To God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ; as to our Reconciled God & Father in Christ, & unto Christ Christ Jesus, as our King, Priest, & Prophet, & only Mediator And unto the holy-Ghost as our only sanctifier & com[forter]. As to our Best Good, & Last End: Promising (with Divine [torn] to live unto, & upon, this one God in three Persons hop[ing] at length to live forever wih him.

We do likewise give up our selves unto another in the Lord, engaging (with Divine Aid) as a church of God to submit to the order, Discipline, & Government of Christ in this his church, & to the Ministerial teaching, guidance, & oversight of the Elder, (or Elders) thereof, as to such as watch for our souls, And also to a mutual brotherly watchfulness according to Gospel Rules, so long as by such Rules we shall continue in this Relation to each other[,] And promise also to walk with all regular and due communion

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with other churches of our Lord Jesus, and in all cheerful endeavor to support, & observe, the pure Gospel institutions of our Lord Redeemer, so far as He shall graciously reveal unto us his will concerning them.

In order hereunto,

We resolve uprightly to study what is our duty, & to make it our grief, & reckon it our shame, whereinsoever we find our selves to come short in the discharge of it, & for pardon thereof to betake humbly to betake ourselves to the Blood of the Everlasting Covenant.

And that we may keep this covenant, & all the branches of it inviolable for ever, being sensible that we can do nothing of ourselves,

We humbly implore the help & grace of our Mediator may be sufficient for us: Beseeching that whilst we are working out our own Salvation, with fear & trembling, He would graciously work in us both to will & to do. And that he being the Great Shepherd of our souls would lead us into the paths of Righteousness, for his own Names Sake. And at length receive us all into the Inheritance of the Saints in Light.

1. Samuel Parris. Pastor. The women which embodied
with us are by their several names as followeth Viz.
2. Nathanall Putnam
3. John Putnam 1. Eliz: (wife to Sam:) Parris
4. Bray Wilkins. 79. 2. Rebek: (wife to John) Putman.
5. Joshua Rea 3. Anna (wife to Bray) Wilkins.
6. Nathanail Ingersoll 4. Sarah (wife to Joshuah) Rea.
7. Peter Cloyes 5. Hannah (wife to Jn° (Jun'r) Putman
8. Thomas Putnam 6. Sarah (wife to Benja.) Putman
9. John Putnam Jun'r 7. Sarah Putman.
10. Edward Putnam 8. Deliverance Walcott
11. Jonathan Putnam 9. Peircy [Persis] (wife to William) Way.
12. Benjamin Putnam 10. Mary (wife to Sam:) Abbie.
13. Ezekiel Cheever
14. Henry Wilkins
15. Benja. Wilkins
16. William Way
17. Peter Prescott
18. [left blank by Parris]

Illi quoni nominibus hoc signum praefigitur
+ e vivis cesserunt.

24 November. 1689. Sab: Day.

Brother Nathanael Ingersoll chosen by a general vote of the brethren to officiate in the place of a Deacon for a time.

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At a church-meeting (appointed the Sabbath last) at Brother Edward Putnams house. 23. December [1689] these following particulars were consented to & voted:

That our attendance on the Lords Supper be once in about six weeks space. A universal vote.

Touching ye
Admission of Members
[written in left margin]

That such as offered to join in Church-membership shall [be] admitted before, & in presence, of, the whole congregation [torn] else at a church-meeting warned for the purpose [torn] other well-dysposed persons may have liberty to [torn] unless we shall find it needful to be more priv[ate].

When such meetings are to be warned, the time & the place where, shall be as ye pastor shall desire.

If persons (that is of the male-kind) can hold forth [torn] of Faith & Repentance, wrought in their souls, with their own tongues, & mouths, we account of that way [torn] of all eligible. But where natural impediments hinder, we would not lay too much stress upon [a verbal confession] but admit of a written confession, & profession, taken from the person, or persons by our Pastor.

Persons shall not be admitted by a mere Negative: that is to say, without some testimony for them from the Brethren.

9 January. 1689/90

Admitted into the church at a public meeting forewarned:

19. Abraham Walcott, aged about 54.
20. Zechariah Goodale, aged about 50.

9 January 1689 Sab: day

Admitted into the church in the forenoon, being Sacrament day:

1. Sarah (wife to Brother Peter) Cloyes, aged about. 48

9 Feb. Sab: day 1689

Admitted into the church: 12. Eliz. (wife to Sam.) Cuttler, An. Aetat 60
Dyed. 9. March.1693

16 Feb. 1689. Sab: day

Admitted into the church: 13. Priscilla (wife to Bro. Benjamin)
Wilkins, Anno Aetat 36.
who was then baptized
21. Aaron Way. Anno Aetat. 39.
14. Mary (wife to Aaron) Way. An. Etat. 37
15. Mary (wife to Brother Edward)
Putnam, Anno Aetat:
16. Mary Flint Anno Etat 35
22. James Putnam. Anno Aetat. 27

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At a church-meeting (appointed the last Sabbath) at Brother John Putnams house, 20 Feb. 1689 The question being put by the Pastor to his Brethren.

Who are the proper subjects of Baptism?

Answ: Covenant professing believers & their infant seed. To this (I think) all voted: None in the least opposed.

Quest: Again. How far may we account such seed, infant seed? And so to be baptized?

Answ: After some debating. Where one of the Parents is in full communion: & the child religiously educated: & free from open vices: & not exceeding the age of twelve years (which I understand & mean ordinarily, & not always, for as I told my Brethren there is difference in men, & so in children: so that some are mature before others) To this there was a major vote but two,I think not th or three, (I think (not) four) which dissented.

At the same time I told them there were two wayes by wch persons might come to Baptisme viz: by their own profession & by their parents. When therefore (if God gave grace) they were capable of profession ordinarily, at such time of age they are not to be baptized but upon their own profession, & (as I conceive) to be baptized till such time as children.

Sab: day 2 March 1689

Admitted into the Church: 23. Samuel Nurse & Baptized, An: Aetat: 37.
24. John Tarbell. An: Aetat. 36.
17. Lydia (wife to Brother Jonath:) Putnam, An: Aetat.
18. Mary (wife to Brother John) Tarbell and baptized An: 35.

Sab: day 16. March. 1689

25. Thomas Wilkins An: Aetat. 44
26. Samuel Sibley. An. Aetat: 33
Admitted into the Church

Sab: Day. 23. March. 1689

Admitted into the Church.

19. Mary (wife to Brother Samuel)
Nurse & Baptized. An: Aetat: 36.
20. Hannah Holton. An: Aetat. 31

Sab. 30. March 1690

Admitted into the Church.
27. Geo: Flint & baptized. An: Aetat. 37.
21. Eliz: (wife to Brother Geo:) Flint. An: 27
22. Ruth Fuller. An: Aetat. 41.

The same Sab: Brother Cheevers who having, in distress for a horse

page: 5

upon his wife's approaching travail about five or six weeks past, taken his neighbor Joseph Putnam's horse out of his stable without leave or asking of it, was called forth to give sat[isfaction] to the offended Church, as also the last Sabbath he was called forth for the same purpose, but then he failed in giving satisfaction, by reason of his somewhat minsing in the latter part of his confession, which in the former he had more ingenuously acknowledged, but this day the Church received satisfaction, as was testified by their holding up of their hands. And upon the whole a word of caution by the Pastor was dropped upon the offendour in particular, & upon us all in generall.

Admitted into the Church 27 Apr. Sab. 1690
23. Lydia Hutchinson, An. [torn]
24. Martha Kory, Aetat [torn]
Page 12 excommunic[ated]
25. Mary (wife to Bro: Sam
[torn] Sibly. An: Aetat. 30

Rec'd into our church 25. May. 1690

26. Sarah Byshop, dismissed
[from the] Church at Topsfield

Rec'd into the Church 8.June. 1690
27. Abigail (wife to Brother Ezekiel) Cheever
and baptized. An: Aetat: 33.

10 August, 1690

28. Elizabeth Goold. widow. An: Aetat: 58.

Sab: 30. November. 1690

This evening, after the Publick service was over, the Church was by the Pastour, desired to stay: & then by him Brother Edward Putnam was propounded as a meet person for to be chosen as an other Deacon. The issue whereof was yt it now being an excessive co[ld] day some did propose that another seacon might be pitched upon for discourse thereof. Whereupon ye Pastour mentioned ye next fourth day at two of ye clock at ye pastor's house for farther discourse thereof to w'ch the church agreed by not dissenting.

3. December. 1690

This afternoon at a Church-meeting appointed the Last Sabbath Brother Edward Putnam was again propounded to the Church for choice to office in ye place of a Deacon to join with, & be assistant to, Brother Ingersoll in ye service, & in order to said Putnam's ordination in ye office upon his well approving himself therein. Some proposed that two might be nominated to ye Church, out of which the Church to choose one: but arguments satisfactory were produced against yt way. Some also moved for a choice of papers: but that way also was disapproved by the arguments of the Pastor & some others. In fine, the Pastour put it to vote (there appearing not ye least exception from any, unless a modest & humble exception of the person himself, once & again) & it was carried in the affirmative by a universal vote: nemine non suffragante.

Afterwards, the Pastour addressed himself to the elected Brother & in the Name of the Church, desired his answere: who replied to this purpose [torn]

Seeing sr you say the voice of Gods People is the voice of God, desiring your Prayers, & the prayers of the Church, for divine assistance therein I do accept of the call.

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Sab. Day. 7. December. 1690

After the evening publick service was over severall things needful were transacted viz.
1. The Pastor acquainted those of ye church yt were ignorant of it yt Brother Edward Putnam was chosen Deacon the last church-meeting.
2. He also generally admonished those of the Brethren that were absent at that time of their disorderliness therein telling them that such ye Apostle bids should be noted or marked 2. Thes. 3. 6-16; that is w'th a church-mark a mark in a disciplinary way, & therefore begged amendment for the future in that point & to yt purpose.
3. He propounded whither they were so far satisfied in Brother Ingersolls service as to call him to settlement in the Deacon-ship by ordination, or had aught against it. But no brother made personall exception. Therefore it being put to vote, it was carried in the Affirmative by a plurality, if not universality.
4. The Lords Table not being provided for with aught else but two Pewter Tankards the Pastour propounded & desired yt the next sacrament day wch is to be the 21st instant there be a more open and liberal contribution by the comunicants that so the Deacons may have wherewith to furnish the said Table decently: which was consented to.

Sabbath day. May 31. 1691

Admitted into the Church.
29. Hannah (wife to Brother Thomas) Wilkins
& baptised An: Aetat: 44.
30. Sarah (wife to Benja.) Fuller and
Baptized, A n: Aetat: 27.

The pastor spoke to the Brethren to this purpose viz.

[Deacon Putnam's
Ordination Voted
Marginal note]

Brethern ye ordination of Brother Ingersol has already been voted a good while since, & I thought to have consummated ye affair a good time since, but have been put by, by diversity of occurrents: & seeing it is so long since, I think it needless to make two works of one, & therefore intend the ordination of Brother Putnam together wth Brother Ingersoll in the Deaconship, if you continue in ye same mind as when you elected him: Therefore if you are so let a vote manifest it. Voted by all or at least ye most: I observed none yt voted out.

At a church-meeting. 4 June. 1691

Admitted into the church

31.Ann (wife to Brother Thomas)
Putnam. An: Aetat: 27

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Sab. 28. June 1691

After the afternoon sermon upon 1 Tim. 3:8. 9. 10. 11. 12 .13. As the brethren had renewed their call of Br. Ingersoll to the office of a Deacon & he himself had declared his acceptance: the Pastor proceeded to ordain him, using the Form following

[written in margin]
Nathaniel Ingersol
the first Ordained
Deacon in that Village

Beloved Brother, God having called you to the Office of a Deacon by the choice of the brethren, & your own acceptance [of] that call being now to be consummated according to the Primitive Pattern. 6 Acts 6. By prayer & imposition of hands:

We do therefore by this Solemnity declare your investiture into that Office, Solemnly charging you in the Name of our Lord Jesus [torn] the King of his Church, who walks in the midst of his Gold Candlesticks with eyes as of a flame of Fire exactly observing the demeanor of all in his house, both Officers and Members that you labor so to carry it, as to evidence you are s[anctified] by Grace qualified for this work & to grow in those qualifications Behaving of yourself gravely, sincerely, temperately, with due care for the Government of your own house, holding the mystery of the Faith in a pure Conscience. That as they in this Office are called Helps: So you be helpful in your place & capacity, doing what is your part for the promoting of the work of Christ here. Wee do charge you that whatever you do, in this Office you do it faithfully, giving with simplicity, showing Mercy with Cheerfulness. Look on it, Brother, as [a] matter of awe, and likewise of encouragement, that both the Office itself, & also your being set up in it is of God, who being waited upon, will be with you & accept you therein, assisting you to use the Office of a Deacon well so as that you may be blameless purchasing to yourself a good degree & great boldness in the Faith.

Note. That Brother Putnam was not yet willing to be ordained but desired further considering time between him & I & Brother Ingersoll in private discourse the week before the Ordination above said.

Sab: 12: July. 1691

Admitted into the church: 32. Abigail (wife to Brother Abr:) Walcott
member of the church of Reading
upon recommendation
33. Eliz: (wife to John) Buxton An: Aetat: 32
34. Abigail (wife to Jun'r. Henry) Holton An: Aetat: 23
And Baptized.

page: 8

Sab: 9. Aug. 1691

After all Publick worship was over, & the Church stayed on Pupose I proposed to the Church whither they were free to admit to Baptism upon occasion, such as were not'at present free to come up to full communion. I told them there was a young woman, by name Han: Wilkings, the Daughter of our Brother Thomas Wilkins, who much desired to be baptized, but yet did not dare to come to the Lords Supper. If they had nothing against it, I should take their silence for consent, & in due time acquaint them with what she had offered me to my satisfaction, & proceed accordingly.

No answer was made pro or con, & so ye Church was dismissed.

Sab. 23. Aug. 1691

Hannah Wilkins aged about .21.years was called forth and her Relation read in the full Assembly and then it was propounded to the Church, that if they had just exceptions, or on the other hand had any thing farther to encourage they had opportunity & liberty to speak. None said any thing but Broth'r Bray Wilkins (Han: Grandfather) who said that for all he knew such a Relation as had been given & a conversation suitable (as he judg'd hers to be) was enough to enjoy full comunion. None else saying any thing it was put to vote whither they were so well satisfied as to Receive this young woman into Membership & therefore initiate her therein by Baptism. It was voted fully. Whereupon the Covenant was given to her as if she had entered into full comunion: And ye Pastor told her in the Name of ye Church that we would expect & wait for her rising higher, & therefore advised her to attend all means conscientiously for that end.

After all I pronounced her a Member of this Church
And then baptized her.

28. August. 1691

This day, Sister Hannah Wilkins aforesaid came to sec me & spake to this like effect, following.

Before I was baptized (you know, sr.) I was. desirous of communion at the Lords Table, but not yet; I was afraid of going so far: but since my Baptism I find my desires growing to the Lords Table, & I am afraid to turn my back upon: that Ordinance, or to refuse to partake thereof. And that w'ch moves me now to desire full communion which I was afraid of before is that of Thomas 20. John 26. &c. Where he being absent from the disciples though but once lost a sight of Christ, & got more hardness of heart, or increase of unbelief. And also those words of Ananias to Paul after his conversion. 22. Acts 16. And now why tarriest thou? Arise &c. So I am afraid of tarrying. The present time is only mine: & God having beyond my deserts graciously opened a door, I look upon it my duty to make present improvement of it.

page: 9

Sab. & Sacrament day. 30. Aug. 1691

Sister Han: Wilkins's motion (before ye celebration of ye Lord's Supper was begun) was mentioned or propounded to ye Church, and what she said to me (before hinted) read to them, & then their vote was called for to answer her desire if they saw good: whereupon the church voted in the affirmative plentifully.

35. Hannah Wilkins, daughter to Brother Tho: Wilkins. An: Aetat.: 21

8. October. 1691

Being my lecture day, after publick service was ended I was so bare of fire-wood that I was forced publicly to desire the inhabitants to take care that I might be provided for, telling them that had it not been for Mr. Corwin (who had brought wood, being then at my [house)] 1 should hardly have any to burn.

1. Nov: 1691

The Pastor desired the Brethren to meet at my house on [to]morrow next an hour &half before sundown.

[Marginal note in Mr. Parris's hand]
The Town-meeting about or at, 16. October
last: Jos: Porter.
Jos: Hutchinson.
Jos: Putnam
Dan: Andrews
Francis Nurse

2 Nov. 1691

After sunset, about 17. of the brethren met: to whom after prayer, I spake to this effect: Brethren, I have not much to trouble you with now: but you know what Committee the last town-meeting here were chosen, & what they have done, or intend to do it may be, better than I. But you see 1 have hardly any wood to burn: I need say no more but leave the matter to your serious & godly consideration.

In fine after some discourse to & fro the church voted that Capt. Putnam, & the two Deacons should go as messengers from the Church to the Committee to desire them to make a Rate for the minister & to take care of necessary supplies for him.

And that said Messengers should make their return to the church the next tenth day an hour before sunset at the Ministers house where they would expect it.

10. Nov: 1691

The messengers abovesaid came with their Return as appointed which was that the Committee did not see good to take notice of their message without they had some letter to show under the Churchs & Pastors hand. But at this last church meeting besides the three Messengers, but three other Brethren did appear namely, Brother Thomas Putnam, Tho: Wilkins, & Peter Prescot, which slight, & neglect of other Brethren, did not a little trouble me, as I expressed myself. But I told these Brethren I expected the church should be more mindful of me, than other people. And their way was plain before them &

page: 10

Sab. 15. Nov. 1691

The church were desired to meet at Brother Nathaniel Putnams, the next eighteenth instant, at 12. a clock, to spend some time in Prayer & Seeking Gods presence with us, the next Lords-Day at his Table, as has been usual with us some time before the sacrament.

18. Novembeer. 1691

After some time spent as above said, at this Church-meeting; the Pastor desired the Brethren to stay, for as much as he had somewhat to offer to them, which was to this purpose. viz. Brethren several church-meetings have been occasionally warned, & sometimes the appearance of the Brethren is but small to what it might be expected, & particularly the case mentioned. 10th. instant. I told them, I did not desire to warn meetings unnecessarily, & therefore when I did, I pray'd them they would regularly attend them.

Furthermore, I told them I had scarce wood enough to burn till tomorrow, & prayed that some care might be taken. In fine, after discourses passed: these following votes were made unanimously. Namely.

1.That it was needfull that complaint should be made to the next Honoured County Court to sit at Salem the next third day of the week against the neglects of the present Committee.
2. That the said complaint should be drawn up which was immediately done by one of the Brethren & consented to.
3. That our Brethren, Nathaniel Putnam, Thomas Putnam & Tho: Wilkins should signe said complaint in behalf of the Church.
4. Last, That our Brethren, Capt. John Putnam & the two Deacons should be improved to present the said complaint to the said Court.

In the meantime, the pastor desired the Brethren that care might be taken that he might not be destitute of wood.

27. March. Sab. 1692 Sacrament day

After the common Auditory was dismissed & before the Church's communion at the Lords Table, the following testimony against the Error of our Sister Mary Sibly, who had given direction to my Indian man in an unwarrantable way to find out witches, was read by the Pastor.

It is altogether undeniable, that our Great & Blessed God, for wise & holy ends hath suffered many persons, in several families, of this little Village, to be greivously vexed, & tortured in body, & to be deeply tempted endangering to the destruction

page: 11

of their souls; & all these amazing feats (well known to many of us) to be done by Witchcraft, & Diabolical operations. It is also well known that when these calamities first began, which was in my own family, the affliction was several weeks before such Hellish operations, as Witchcraft was suspected. Nay, it [never brake] forth to any considerable light, until Diabolical means was used by the making of a cake by my Indian man, who had his direction from this our sister Mary Sibly: since w'ch Apparitions have been plenty, & exceeding much mischief hath followed. But by this means (it seems) the Devil hath been raised amongst us, & his Rage is vehement & terrible, & when he shall be allay'd silenc'd the Lord only knows. But now that this our Sister should be instrumental to such distress, is a great-grief to my self, & our godly Honoured, & Reverend neighbours, who have had the knowledge of it. Nevertheless, I do truly hope, & believe that this our sister doth truly fear the Lord, & am well satisfied from her, that what she did, she did it ignorantly, from what she had heard of this nature from other ignorant, or worse[,] persons. Yet we are in duty bound, to protest against such actions, as being indeed a going to the Devil for help against the Devil; we having no such directions from Nature, or Gods word, it must therefore be, & is, accounted by godly Protestants, who write or speak of such matters as Diabolical, & therefore call this our sister to deep humiliation for what she has done, & all of us to be watchful against Satans wiles & Devices.

Therefore, as we in duty, as a Church of Christ are deeply bound, to protest against it, as most directly contrary to the Gospel, yet in as much, as this our Sister did it in ignorance as she professeth, & we believe, we can continue her in our holy fellowship, upon her serious promise of future better advisedness and caution, & acknowledging that she is indeed sorrowful for her rashness herein.

Brethren, If this be your mind that this iniquity be thus borne witness against, manifest it by your usual sign of lifting up your hands.

The Brethren voted generally, or universally: None made any exceptions.

Sister Sibley, If you are convinced that you herein did sinfully, & are sorry for it: Let us hear it from your own mouth.

She did manifest to satisfaction her error & grief for it.

Brethren, If herein you have received Satisfaction, testify it by lifting up of your hands.

A general vote passed: No exception made.

Note 25. March. 1691/2. I discoursed said Sister in my study about the grand error above said, & also then read to her what I had written as above to read to the church, & said Sister Sibley assented to the same w'th tears & sorrowful confession.

page: 12

Sabbath day. 14 Aug: 1692.

The Church was stayed after the congregation was dismissed, & the Pastor spake to the Church after this manner

Brethren you may all have taken notice that several Sacrament days past our brother Peter Cloyes & Sam: Nurse & his wife, & John Tarbell & his wife have absented from Communion with us at the Lords Table, yea have very rarely except our brother Sam: Nurse have been with us in common publick worship, now it is needful that the Church send some persons to with them to know the Reason of their absence. Therefore if you be so minded, express your selves.

None objected: But a general or universal vote after some discourse passed that Brother Nathaniel Putman, & the 2 Deacons should joyn with the Pastor, to discourse with the said absenters about it.

31. August. [1692]

Brother Tarbell proves sick, unmeet for discourse, Bro'r Cloyce hard to be found at home being often with his wife in prison at Ipswich for witchcraft & Brother Nurse & sometimes his wife attends our publick meeting, & he the Sacrament. 11. Sept. 1692. Upon all which, we choose to wait further.

11 September. Lords day

[Magrinal note
in Mr. Parris's hand]
Martha Kory

Sister Martha Kory taken into the Church 27. April. 1690. was after examimination upon suspision suspicion of witchcraft, 21. March. 1691/2 committed to prison for that Fact, & was condemned to the Gallows for the same yesterday: And was this day in Publick by a general consent voted to be excommunicated out the Church; & Lt. Nathaniel Putman, & the 2. Deacons chosen to attest signify to her with the Pastor the mind of the church herein. Accordingly this 14. Sept. 1692. the 3 afores'd Brethren went with the Pastor to her in Salem Prison, whom we found very obdurate justifying herself, & condemning all it had done any thing to for her just discovery or condemnation. Whereupon after little discourse (for her imperiousness would not suffer much) & after prayer (which she was willing to decline) the dreadful sentence of excommunication was pronounced against her.

[Marginal note:
The Church's Petition
to ye Court]

The Church's Petition
to the Court for the maintenance of the Ministry here,viz:

At a church-meeting at Salem Village 26 Dec. 1692 warned the Lord's day fore, the following humble petition was unanimously voted, viz:

[*Marginal note:
it should have been
it seems Quarter Sessions]

To the Honoured Court of *Common Pleas
to be held at Salem. 27. Dec'r. 1692

The humble Petition of the Church abovesaid humbly sheweth, that
Whereas among the other laws passes by the great & general Court of their Maj'sties Province of the Massachusetts Bay in N-England, some of them bear particular respects to the maintainance of Religon as
Whereas our Village as to some of its inhabitants in special hath indespensible need of support by such wholesome acts Acts, several among us, for several years past having made no payment to our Reverend Pastor, & and some as little as they pleased and some have been chosen to the service of making Rates, who have refused (though urged by this Church) to make any, insomuch that the first of January next one year & half is passed, & no Rate made: Besides the former Rates in great part uncollected: Nay no Reparation of the very meeting-house has for a great while Regarded, so yt by reason of broken windows stope up some of them by boards, or otherwise, & others wide open, it is sometimes so cold that it makes it uncomfortable, and sometimes so dark that it is

page: 13

almost unuseful. Besides the neglect of our Ministry-land fences, & the great & long disquietments of a few, who in this hour of some tribulation & temptation have draw away others, who heretofore could not by means joyn with them, by reason whereof we have no meetings to relieve our minister or, if any severall well-affected persons absent themselves, because they cannot bear the jars amongst us, by which means others to our great disquietment & injury obtain the casting vote; Besides many other things too tedious to trouble your Honours with at present.

All which considered we Pray your command of Mr. Joseph Porter, Joseph Hutchinsin Senr, Joseph Putnam, Daniel Andrews, & Francis Nurse to appear personally before your Honoours (or rather with submission before a committee appointed and fully empowered to settle all differences by Your Honours, which we conceive most suitable to this tedious affair) & to give in their reason, if they have any, why the last yeaer which expired the 1st. July last was suffered to elapse, & their committee-ship to dye totally without making any such Rate, in such manifest contempt of that Law entitled an act for collecting Arrears, of Town & County Rates passes at the session. 8. June.

The grant of this our necessitous Petition, as it will be exceeding joyful to our small church, & many other [of] our Religious Neighbors so particularly to
your Honours
Deputed & Humble Petitioners.

Nath: Putnam
John Putnam
Jonathan Walcot

The afore'sd Petition was voted the day aforesais by the Church aboves'd to be presented as aboves'd by Lt. Nathanael Putnam, Capt. John Putnam, Jonoth: Walcot witnesses

Nathanael Ingersol Deacons Edwaerd Putnam

Note: The petition abovesaid was granted & the honored Court of Quarter sessions adjourned to this Village to sit. 17. Jan: next ensuing to hear & termine the matter.

12. Jan: 1692

At a church meeting regularly warned the last Sab: was chosen by a unanimous vote of the present Brethren: Lt. Nath.: Putnam, Capt. John Putnam, the two Deacons, Capt. Jonath: Walcot, & Ensigne Tho: Flint as principal jents in behalf of the Church to negotiate in the affairs respecting the abovesaid Petition before the honoured Court adjourned as aforesaid.

15. Jan. Sab: 1692

[Marginal note: Sacraments
every first Sab:]

After the Sacrament it was fully if not unanimously voted that hereafter our sacraments shall be the first Lords Day in each month, partly for better remembrance of such as may not always be warned of it, & partly & more specially for the more easy of getting of Bread which then at Salem is provided on purpose for sundry other Churches, & we are to begin the 1st March next if God please.

[Marginal note: The Courts
Answere to ye Church's
Petition aforesd.]

At a general sessions of the Pleace holden at Salem
for the County of Esex by adjurnment.17. Jan. 1692

Essex Ss. In answere to the Petition of the Church of Salem Village relating to the Ministry: This Court having fully examined ye case & heard the pleas & allegations of the parties concerned do find yt ye Committee for the year

page: 14

1691 hath wholly neglected this duty in not raising their Ministers maintainance for that year, which was settled upon him by the Inhabitants of said village, & the Committee for this present year 1692 have also neglected this duty relating thereunto, & also to this Court utterly refused to attend their duty in that respect, & severall of principal Inhabitants to make choice of a committee that will attend that service alledging that otherwise they cannot lawfully be convened together

This Court therefore do order that constable John Putnam of Salem, do warn & give notice into the Inhabitants of said village, that they convene together at the usual place of meeting on Wednesday next being the .25. of this instnt Jan'ry at ten of the clock in the morning to make choice of a Committee, according to the power given them by the general Court at their first settlement.

Copies vera as its entered in the Records of Salem
for the Court of Sessions of the Peace

Attest. Stephen Sewall Cler.

[Marginal note: Committee-men]

25. Jan: [1692/93] At a meeting of the Inhabitants by the order of the Court abovesd Jos: Pope, Jos: Holten, junr, John Tarbell, Thomas Preston, And James Smith, were chosen Committee-men.

Sab: 5. Feb. 1692

In the evening the Church was stayed, & upon discourse the Pastor & the two deacons & Bro'r. Nathanel Putman, & Bro'r. John Putman sen., & Bro'r. Bray Wilkins's were chosen by a general vote of the Brotherhood to discourse with Bro'r. Tho. Wilkens, Bro'r. Sam: Nurse, and Bro'r. John Tarbell about their withdrawing of late from the Lords Table & publick worship of God among us.

7. Feb. 1692. See pag. 15.

[Marginal note:
Meeting of ye Church's
Messengers, with Brother
John Tarbell, Sam. Nurse
& Tho. Wilkins.]

The abovesd brethren, chosen for debate with the abovementioned brethren, met about one a'clock at the Pastor's house; and after prayer the Pastor applied himself to the said three dissenting brethren, telling them that we were appointed by the church to inquire into the grounds of their declining religious communion with us of late. After some pause they each one, one after another, desired further time to consider of our demands. The Pastor replied, You know, brethren, of your dissent and doubtless you cannot be to seek of the reasons of it. But after some words more, some of us looking upon such pleas needless, others being willing to concede to them, it was concluded, that they should meet us again the 16 instant and then give in their reasons; and also if they saw good to bring their dissenting wives with them, or to leave them to another season, as they pleased: with this proviso, that they may acquaint the Pastor timely of it, that he may acquaint the church therewith, that so we may be commissioned to treat with them also, for as yet we were only sent to the brethren, and not to the sisters.

16. Feb. 1692

According to the aforesaid concession, we the abovesaid met again at the Pastors house to receive answer from the dissenting Brethren abovesaid as to the reasons of their dissent: when they gave in a paper containing the matter following viz.

"Whereas we,Tho. Wilkins, & John Tarbell, & Samuel Nurse having a long time gone under the Burden of great grievances by reason of some unwarrantable actings of Mr. Parris, as we esteem them, & were proceeding in an orderly way to obtain satisfaction from him, & had taken some steps thereunto, according to the advice of some neighbouring Elders. But obstructive to our proceeding rein, Mr. Parris and some brethren of the church are appointed by the church demand a reason of us of our withdrawing from communion. The regularity ivhich, the proceeding, we do not understand, because in this case we esteem selves to be the plaintiffs, and parties offended, & in an orderly way king satisfaction, tho' hitherto denied. Our answer to the church is that we esteem ourselves hereby prevented in our duty, which [we] account

page: 15

a greivance, seeing we were first in prosecution of Rule of our Lord Jesus Christ laid down in Matth. 18. 15. 16. Wherefore if Church please to give us the liberty, & freedom of attending of our duty, as ording to Rule bound, possibly then further trouble may be prevented, or otherwise the case will unnecessarily & regularly come fo before them. But if they de[ny] us this request, we shall as in duty bound give the Reasons of our proceeding to the church, or any others, when orderly demanded.

The paper abovesd was read to us by Sam: Nurse, they were altogether willing to leave it with us but at length [they] were prevailed with to let us take a copy of it. I gave it to Deacon Putman who desired to copy it, & from his copy I wrote out as abovesaid.

These displeased Brethren were told, that they did ill reflect upon the Church, who, as also the Pastor was ignorant of their Methods: & also that they should first have spoken with the Pastor himself, before they went to consult with neighbouring Elders. But to this last, they pleaded ignorance. So we gave way to their request of proceeding orderly.

The 7. Feb:[1692] last before the Brethren appointed by the Church came, the abovesaid 3. Brethren Jno. Tarbell, Sam: Nurse, & Tho: Wilkins came to my house desiring speech with me, so I took them singly into my study except Tho: Wilkins, for the other two had each of them, taken up so much time viz. one hour at least, & the other more, that before time could be allowed for the other, the appointed Brethren came. Jno: Tarbell said he thought I was guilty of Idolatry, in asking the afflicted ersons who they saw upon other afflicted persons. He thought it was agoing to tie God of Ekron. Nor did he understand how my oath was safe in court that jch and such, by such and such, were knocked down by their looks, and raised p by their touches. And had it not been for me his mother Nurse might have been still living, and so freed from execution; that I had been the great. Prosecutor, & that others wise & Learned who had been as forward as myself, were sorry for what they had done, & saw their error, & till I did so too, he could not joyn. His brother Sam: Nurse for about an hours time has the same objections. I answered them that I did not see yet sufficient grounds to vary my opinion, which was confirmed by known & ancient experience frequent in such cases &c. But however in matters of debate, they must needs give me my opinion, as I would not now quarrell them for theirs &c.

The.8. Feb: [1692] Bro'r. Peter Cloyce came from Boston to me with the very same objections, whom I answered after the like manner.

SomeSome short time after this the abovesaid 4. displeased Brethren came again desiring to speak with me, & Brother William Way along with them.

I told them I would go up to my study, asking which would go first: so Brother Cloyce came up first, bringing Bro'r: Way & Tho: Wilkins with him, as witness to his demand of satisfaction to what he lately objected. I told him there was but one Brother, there sfiould be two, Tho: Wilkins was in this case Peter Cloyce, & Peter Cloyce Tho: Wilkins: & so I told the rest, when 1 saw what they aimed at, & advised them to take according to rule some other Brother, or Brethren, besides Brother Way, or else I could not hear them, in the way they aimed at. But they would urge that this was enough, & one was sufficient; I answered that Christs rule was for two or three: so they departed.

27. March 1693

At night Bro: Cloyce, Brother Wilkins, & Brother Tarbell abovesaid came to my house at night together with Mr. Joseph Hutchinson, Sen., & Mr. Joseph Putman and a little after William Osburne of Salem (which these last, it seems, came for witnesses, as Bro'r. Cloyce owned the 20 Apr. following) & they gave me a paper not subscribed by any person, but a cut in the place of subscription, where two or three names might be written. The contents of which paper was as followeth, viz. The paper had not date neither.

To our Pastor and Minister, Mr. Sam: Parris of Salem Village, & to some others of the plantation.

Wee whose names are underwritten, being deeply sensible that those uncomfortable differences that are amongst us, are very dishonourable to God, & a scandal to Religion, & very uncomfortable to ourselves, & of an ill example to those that may come after us. And by our maintaining & upholding differences amongst us, we do but gratify the Devil, that grand adversary of our Souls. For the Removal of which we have thought meet

page: 16

to proffer our present thoughts forto your serious consideration, hoping that there may be such methods propounded as may be for the settling & confirming peace & unity amongst us both at the present & for the future. And our desires are that such a foundation may be laid for peace and truth that the gates of Hell may not prevail against it. And in order thereunto Solomon adviseth to counsell. And our desires are that a council of Elders may be mutually chosen to hear all our grievances between Mr. Parris and us, and to determine where the blamable cause is. And we hope that their wisdom & prudence may direct us to such a method, as may be for our comfort, for both present and future.

When I had read it, I asked them who this Paper came from? They answered, all the Plantation, or a great many of them at least. 1 demanded why, then, did none subscribe it? They said, all in good time. So I put it in my pocket. They demanded an answer to it. I told them 1 would consider of it.

28. March. 1693

The abovesaid Brethren, together with said Hutchinson came again at night for an answere to the abovesaid Paper: I told them 1 had not considered of it yet.

14. April. 1693

Our displeased Brethren, Jno: Tarbell, Sam: Nurse, and Tho: Wilkins came lin, bringing with them said Hutchinson and Francis Nurse. After a little while vent down from my study to them: asking them if they would speak with me. icy said yes, they came to discourse about the paper (abovesaid) they had ought to me. I told them I had no time to talk. I was this day to preach to a ivate meeting. Nor was 1 willing to discourse with them alone: but appoint ne and place I would meet with them. So we agreed after our next lecture to ;et at Bro. Nathaniel Putman's.

20. April. 1693

After Lecture, my self Capt. Putnam, Ensign Flint, & the two Deacons met the four displeased Brethren abovesaid at Lt. Nath. Putnams abovesaid, where we found together with them, & for them said Mr. Hutchinson & Mr. Israel Porter. After a little while, I told them to gratify them, I was come to hear what they had to offer. They demanded an answer to the paper abovesaid. Whereupon I plucked it out of my pocket, & read it openly. They owned that it be the paper. I asked them what they called it. They being to seek of a name for it. I told them I looked upon it as a Libel. Then they produced a like paper subscribed by said Brethren, and divers more to the number of forty and two names but all seemed to be one & the same hand. I desired the original paper, they said they knew not where it was. Then it was asked whether those men used their own names. It was answered, yes, or they were written by their order. Then I desired them p;to subscribe this paper with the hands to it, testifying that no name was there, but such as had consulted thereto. But none would yield to this. Then I told them we must know, what we do. Had I to deal with displeased People, or displeased Brethren? They answered, they came as Brethren. Then I told them none but Brethren should have been present. They said they had been with me already, & I refused to give them satisfaction. I answered, I did not understand their drift, & therefore did not discourse them, as I would have done had I apprehended they came to reason as such as had taken offence. And when they came the second time they brought but one Brother viz: William Way, & took others of themselves.

Lt. Putman told them it was not too late yet, now there were several of the Brethren [present], & they might take any two of them, & discourse with the Pastor. No, they said they had done it already. Thus much time was spent till just night; & myself and other Brethren upon going home: the 4. displeased Brethren agreed to meet me tomorrow morning about an hour after sunrise, with the two Deacons and Bro'r. William Way & Brother Aaron Way, to discourse the matter to which I readily assented.

21. April. 1693

This morning we met as abovesaid at Deacon Ingersolls. After a little while I began with prayer. Then brother Nurse read a large scroll of about fifteen

page: 17

articles, as reasons why they withdrew communion from us. 7. of them I think, were reasons of absenting from publick worship with us, & the other eight, I think, causes of separation from my Ministry. I desired to see them, but was denied for a great while. At length I had liberty to read them myself, upon the promise of returning them to them. After all, I demanded them, or a copy of them. But they would not consent thereto: nor to the desire of the other four indifferent Brethren: tho' we urged it by argument. But the Dissenters said no: They had told me, & that was enough, and they desired me to call the Church, & then I should have it.

Sab: 30. Apr. 1693

After publick worship was ended, the Church was stayed, to whom the Pastor spoke to this effect: Brethren, you know some of our Brethren have for a time withdrawn from us. 1 do not understand their Methods. They desire to speak with the Church, if you gratify them herein, I recommend their motion to you. After a little discourse it was voted that the Church meet 18 May next, after Lecture, at the Pastor's house, and in the meantime Brother Benj. Putman and Bro. Sam Sibly to acquaint Bro: Nurse and Bro. Tarbell tomorrow (Bro. Cloyes being at Boston, where he has lived these many months; so that we sent not to him, supposing the abovesaid his kinsmen would); and Bro. Benj. Wilkins and Bro. Aaron Wey to acquaint their neighbor Tho: Wilkins tomorrow also; so that all of them may have timely notice.

18. May. 1693

At a church-meeting appointed as abovesaid at the Pastor's, twenty Brethren (besides the Pastor and the abovesaid displeased Vre displeased Brethren viz. three of them, viz. Jno. Tarbell, Tho: Wilkins & Sam: Nurse) Being present. After prayer began (the Pastor applied himself, saying to the three abovesaid Brethren, saying to this effect, Brethren you desired the Church to give you a meeting, now they are here & I leave you to acquaint them with your reason for desiring of it. They answered it was to tell their charge against Mr. Parris & now they had witnesses to prove it. After much agitation Brother Nath: Putnam was by vote of Church chosen to put to vote wh was needful. And it being put to vote wither they apprehended the said Brethren had proceeded regularly according 18 Matth. and so whether the Church could now hear it it was passed negatively by a generall or universal vote, excepting the said three dissenting Brethren.

Also by a like vote it passed in the affirmative that the Church would hear the said dissatisfied Brethren upon their bringing the case to them according to Christ's Rules.

Note: that the general deportment of the said three displeased Brethren was at this meeting exceeding unchristian, both to Minister & the other Brethren; very irreverend towards him, & as rough towards them to the great grief of many, if not the whole Church. Nor did they stick to affirm that the Church should not judge the case, was not capable of it. Being asked, why then did they desire the Church to come together? They replied that they might tell the Church, & so bring it to counsell; which was the point they aimed at, & abundantly insisted upon. The Church made return, that they would be ready ar a counsell in a regular way. The said three Brethren being asked whether they were offended with any of the Brethren, besides the Pastor? They replied, they did not come to tell that now, that was not their present business. Being asked by the Pastor himself, whither they there were all one & equal in their offence with him? They answered, Yes. The Pastor then replied that he would not then have them hereafter treat with him together, but each of them singly; for when they came the very first time he did not understand this drift, & therefore did not debate with them, & the case required arguing. Sam: Nurse replied he did lot care to come to the house, nor to discourse me alone.

page: 18

Sab. 23 July. 1693

Admitted into the Church
28. Joseph Whipple An: Aetat. 27. 1st. Nov. next.,

Sab. 17. Sept. 1693
Admitted unto full communion:

36. Sarah (wife to James) Prince
Anno Aetat. 29

Sab: 24 Sept. 1693

Received into full communion:
37. Hannah (wife to Deacon) Ingersoll. An: Aetat. 56

13. Octob'r. 1693

I rec'd a letter from the Rev'd. Mr. Jno. Higginson directed to my self & Brethren of this Ch'h. The sum whereof was to advise us to joyne with the complainants in calling a Council of Neighbouring ch'hs, not excepting ags't any on[e] on either side. Which letter he writes was occasioned from another letter from Mr. Willard, in the name of the Elders at Boston, directed to himself [,] Mr. Noyes, & Mr. Hale to desire him to persuade us so to do[.] Communicated the same letter, this day to sundry of the Brethren at a private meeting at Deacon Ingersols.

14 October, 1693

I rec'd a letter from the Rev'd. Mr. Hale & Mr. Noyes, directed to my self & Church, of the same Tenur [tenor], for substance, with the abovesd of Mr. Higginsons, only herein were several conditions upon wch a council should be chosen, omitted in that.

Sab: 15. Octobr. 1693

I stayed the Ch'h at night telling them of the. 2. abovesd Letters & we appointed a Meeting ye 19th. instant at the Pastors house to read, & debate upon, them, at three a'clock afternoon.

19. Octob. 1693

A very stormy day, of wind & Rain, so that but 12 Brethren, besides my self were present. After prayer, we read & debated the aboves'd. 2. Letters, & some of the Petitions of the complainants to the Gen: Court, & severall remote Churches.

We voted unanimously that we concurred with the advice aboves'd to call a Council in an orderly way, & therefore chose Broth: Bray Wilkins & Brother Peter Prescot to go to Bro'r. Tho: Wilkins wth our desire that he would meet the Church the. 23d. instant at. 2. a clock afternoon at Deacon Ingersols house in order to joyne wth them in calling a Counsell, according to our late advice from some neighboring Elders: And Bro'r. Nath: Putnam & Bro'r. Joshua Rea, & Bro'r. Nath: Ingersol to go likewise tomorrow with the like Message to Bro: Jno. Tarbel, Bro'r. Sam: Nurse, & Bro'r. Peter Cloyse (if in the Village) And also voted that we the concording Brethren meet at the same place at the hour of Eleven: & yt ye Brethren have notice of the same the next Lord's day.

Sab: 22 Ditto 1693

The Ch'h was stayed in the afternoon a& told by the Pastor that ye last sixth day we wanted several of them, & supposed that the great storm hindered some of them: But those of us present had consulted the abovesd letters from neighboring Elders sent to us, with advice: upon wch we had sent to the dissenting Brethren to meet us tomorrow, & desired all come that possibly then could, as agreed. 19. instant.

Att Deacon Ingersolls. 23. Ditto. 1693

The Church (i.e., Brethren) mett as above agreed & again there being about 20 Brethren the abovesd letters from Mr. Higginson, Mr. Hale & Mr. Noyes were read, & the counsell therein given us by all approved, viz. to join in illing a Council with our dissenting Brethren upon these orderly conditions (as abovesaid given) viz.:

1. That the case be stated which we go to Counsell for Acts 15. 2.
2. That the dissenting Brethren give in their charge under their hands & have known w'ch persons they are dissatisfied with,

page: 19

according to 15. Acts 2. & 25. 27.
3. That we will likewise give in our charge against them w'ch we would bring to Counsell against them, as we expect of them under our hands.
4. That as they shall have from us, so we will have from them the particular witnesses to each particular charge.
5. That we agree how the charges of the Counsell shall be borne.

Almost 3. a clock the dissenting Brethren came, & after much debate (they desiring to bring up others w'ch we had not sent for & they had brought with them) we gave way that they should bring up such of them as were in full communion with other Churches. So they brought up Mr. Israel Porter. Then I told them we were mett in order to call a Counsell, & we desired to know wt we should call a Counsell about. They said their offence was against Mr. Parris & not the Chh, & offered to read a paper as matter for the Counsell. But we answered that we would not hear it unless they would leave it w'th us after it was read, or a copy of it, that we might consider of it: And we would deal the like by them, give them, our charge under our hands. They replied they would never do so: each of them expressing their unwillingness to this: & withall said they would have a counsell whether we would or not; & thus they parted, after we had much urged as abovesaid.

To the Revd. Mr. John Higginson [John] Hale & Mr. Nicholas Noyes, Ministers of the ch'hs in Salem & Beverly.

Revd. & much honored Sirs -

This day and 19th instant also (at Chh meetings purposely warned) we deliberately read your advice to us, & debated upon it, concluding wth a universal concurrence ye scheme following viz: We do in the first place very acceptably receive your Counsel. And as we conceive, we have not hitherto been obstructive to the orderly calling of a Council, for help in, & if it might be, healing of our ill circumstanced case, so we hope we shall not for ye future. We are glad to hear our dissenters have promised ye Bay Worthies a compliance wth ye motion of mutual and orderly choosing of a Council. If they do so, we shall be in a fair way (by ye merciful smiles of God) to some needful issue. We are conscious to ourselves of standing upon nothing but wt is exceeding requisite viz: Matter & Order; in which, had we been conceded to before, we presume a union (if possible) had been attained, or a Councill called in to our help thereto, long agoe. It is not a little our frequent and daily grief, to consider wt amazing confused noises, (by ye by) we hear goe of us. The Reports, Reporters, & upon wt grounds received, we are to seek of. We might groan out some things before men, but we will content our selves (at present) to sigh them out before the Lord. Our troubles (particularly our Ministers) right & left, as far as we know in the circumstances of them, have hitherto been unparallel'd, and for Zions sake, we pray they ever may.

Since ye abovesd the dissenting Brethren met us (upon appointment the 19. instant, being sent for by us to meet in order to counsell) but refused (as soon as [they] came, & long afterwards) to discourse wh ye Church unless they might be permitted to intrude others not of the Chh upon us; which we for a time argued against. At length we gave place (still declaring against its irregularity) that they should be suffered to bring up, of such as they had brought with them, such as stood in full communion with other Churches. After this they would bring in no charge or accusation against any, otherwise than by reading of what they had prepared, unless we would first consent to the actual choosing of a Council: which we, quoting 15 Acts 2 and 25, could not consent unto; unless besides reading of their paper (whatever it was) they would leave it with us, or a copy of it. On the other hand, we offering them the like, to give in our charges against them under our hands, which we would have a hearing of by ye said Counsell: But all was rejected, and so near sunset broke up to no purpose. Thus in haste, leaving you to the All-good God, to whom we desire you earnestly & constantly to recommend our persons and bewildered case, we remain,

Worthy Sirs, yours truly in him w'o is love & truth,
Sam: Parris
with consent of the
Brethren of ye Church
Salem Village, 23 Octo'r. 1693"

page: 20

Sab. 5 Nov'r. 1693

At night, by vote of the Church, Bro'r. Ingersoll & Bro'r. Benja. Putnam were chosen to go tomorrow to Bro'r. Nurse & Bro'r. Tarbell with this message: that they meet us the. 13. instant at 10 a clock at the Pastors house farther to discourse of, & also to have communicated to them, the late advice we spake of last time from our neighboring Elders, in order to calling in of Council, if we cannot issue amongst ourselves; & to leave w'th said Tarbell & Nurse the said message to be communicated to Bro'r. Cloyes if he be not too remote. And by same vote ye like message was sent to Bro'r. Tho: Wilkins by his father & Bro'r. Aaron Wey.

13. Nov. 1693

Almost one a clock at noon after the Chh had been long together 3. of the abovesd dissenting Brethren came viz: Peter Cloyes, Sam: Nurse, & John Tarbell, to whom after Prayer, & caution from the Pastor of observing order, & meetness, he read the advice of the Revd. Mr. Higginson and of the Revd. Mr. Hale & Mr. Noyes to the Church, wth the places of Scripture quoted by them; & then desired & long urged an account of their accusations, subscribed by them, according to said advice. But after all we could obtain none, they saying the Church had refused it already, & (according to their old irregular proceedings) they would read them now before the Church (but not leave them) in case they might be suffered to bring in wth them some Members of other Churches as witnesses, whom they had brought near at hand for that purpose. To which the Chh answered, that it could not give way to such innovations. The upshot was a paper they brought, signed by said Cloyse, Nurse & Tarbell, dated this day, in way of Petition for themselves & neighbors, as follows

The humble Petition & Request of us under-named, tho unworthy for our selves & the Rest of our Neighbors, wo being greatly grieved & much oppressed (unto our Revd Pastor, & ye rest of our Brethren in the Chh of Salem Village) humbly showeth, that whereas you have been pleased to give us some encouragement of a discourse this day in order to an accommodation of supposed but unhappy differences & praying that it may be effectual, Wee offer, if you please that a Counsell of indifferent persons be indifferently chosen: Or yt we agree together for a Council chosen by the General Court, wo may have full power to hear & determine all differences, Real & imaginable, wch hath arisen amongst us which if obtained then we do promise to give unto you our Pastor the particulars of our greivances, in writing, thirty days before the sd counsell shall meet, to consider thereof. Provided that you our said Pastor & the rest of our Brethren will give us an answer in writing six days before said meeting.

This. 13. Nov. 1693

Peter Cloyes
Sam: Nurse
John Tarbell

When we had this paper, we asked them whither this was all that they would now come to? They said Yes. Then Bro'r. Cloyes being in haste to be gone, we told them, we would consider of it, & give them some answer hereafter to it; And desired them to stay a little and hear what the Church had to say against them. So the Pastor read a charge against them containing above thirty articles, & so dismissed them.

Sab 26. Nov'r. 1693

To our Beloved Brethren, Peter Cloyes, Sam: Nurse & Jno. Tarbell. When you were wth us last viz. 13 instant, at our sending for, to hear & pursue the advice from the Revd. Mr. Higginson, Mr. Hale & Mr. Noyes, sent to us at the request of the Revd. Elders at Boston, you knew that the utmost which you would come up to then was at last to leave a paper wth us, subscribed with each of your names. To which upon consideration of it (as we then promised) we now return answer viz.

That we find said paper far other, than we hoped for, & altogether alien (or strange) from the said advice, w'ch no sooner came to our hands, but had acceptance w'th us; & since that, we are informed, is well approved by the Revd. Elders at Boston, who on your behalf, and as your sureties, occasioned it. So that to say no more (though we might enlarge upon it) we cannot at all take up with your offer therein; but hereby manifest to you that we still stand to said advice. So exhorting you to study the things w'ch made for peace (Rom. 14. 19). And therefore that you seriously weigh

page: 21

those texts: II Sam. 2: 26, Pro. 16: 32, Matth. 6: 12 and 18: 21-22, Eph. 4: 26-27, Gal. 5: 9, James 3: 13 to the end. And that you have a care of destroying the Church of God I Cor 11. 22. Always praying for your best good, we subscribe your sincere & affectionate Brethren

Salem Village, 26 Nov. 1693 Sam. Parris {wth consent
of the Brethren}

The same day the abovesaid answer was voted by the Brethren: Deacon Ingersol and Broth. Jonathan Putnam [were] voted to carry it. But the 27th day Bro. Joshua Rea came to me with Deacon Ingersoll, telling me bro. Jonathan could not go this day, so I made prayed Bro. Rea join wth sd Deacon in the message, both which two-mentioned Brethren carried it.

Sab: 15 March 1693/94
Received into full communion with the Church.

29. John Wilkins, & baptized. Anno Aetat. 28

Salem. June 14. 1694

We whose names are underwritten, being desired by some persons of Salem Village to meet together and try if we could give any direction how the said erences there may be healed, and having heard the particulars which the atisfied Brethren and neighbors have drawn up on matters they would >ent to a Council, and also signifying their averseness to apply themselves to Church there for an accommodation, and considering the sad effects likely follow on the continuance of this fire of contention, would suggest to the 'd. and beloved the Pastor and Brethren of the Church at the Village that y join with their dissatisfied Brethren and neighbors in calling of a Council of Churches, indifferently chosen by your and their consent, mutually agreed Provided that they and you consent that the said Council be acknowledged hear and determine according to the mind of Christ upon matters in ference which they shall fairly represent to you and you to them, in writing ore the Council be called, of all matters proper for an Ecclesiastical Council; 1 that you agree how the charges of said Council shall be borne before the uncil be called. We beseech you to study those things which make for peace 1 edification, Eph. 4: 1. 2. 3.

John Higginson Sam: Cheever
James Allen
John Hale
Sam: Willard
Nich: Noyes,
(consents to this
advice that wityh this proviso
that he be not chosen
one of ye Councill)
Jos: Gerrish

Sab. 17. June 1694 The above advice was in the evening communicated by the Pastor to the Clurch & the 21 instant a Church meeting at 2 a clock appointed farther to discourse of it.

21 June 1694

At ye meeting before appointed, several things were discoursed of; & left unto farther considerationof. As: (1) The Church's compliance wh ye abovesd advice (2) That the charges be borne by such as are so eager for a Council; (3) That the Brethren following viz.: Lft. & Capt. Putnam, Bray Wilkins, with the two Deacons assist ye Pastor at meetings when and where he shall appoint, to negotiate in affairs appertaining to matters abovesd yt ye whole Church may not be oppressed otherwise with multitudes of meetings, nor called together but as necessity requires. And at such private meetings all any Brother may come (he by inquiry knowing when and where they are) & all are desired at such times to meet who can give any personal help for greater expedition. These things, were discoursed and left to farther consideration, but not voted.

Ditto. 29.

At a usuall Church-meeting (before the Sacrament) towards evening, we again discoursed of the. 7. Ministers advice abovesd. but concluded upon nothing most if not all of ye Brethren present, being rather farther off from approbation of sd advice than before: Nor indeed were some of us willing to come to determination, till we had first by solemn fasting & prayer, sought unto God for his guidance. And therefore the 5. July next was appointed for that purpose.

July 5, 1694

At a Church fast at Lft. Putnams (the text being on Ps. 5: 8. last part) where were 20. Brethren present, in the evening, it was voted (after as much Reasonings to and fro, as time would allow) that the seven Ministers advice dated June. 14. last (as abovesd) should be read publicly before all the congregation the next Lords day, and then that the thirteenth instant July

page: 22

should be published as a day, wherein at two clock in the afternoon we would meet at the Meeting-house openly to hear all dissatisfactions that should be brought by any of the inhabitants of this Village, in order to a Counsell according to said advice: And that our Brethren William & Aaron Way be desired, and are hereby appointed to acquaint our dissatisfied Bro'r. Tho: Wilkins with this our agreement, both for himself ye said Tho: Wilkins, & also ye Brethren dissatisfied with him. And that the Church (& such neighbors as are in amity with them, if they please) meet the same thirteenth instant at 12. a clock at noon at Deacon Ingersolls.

Note. That this vote toabovesd was not approved by all, several could not concurr with it. I also propounded that some messengers should be sent with notice of said vote to some of the dissatisfied Neighbors in behalf of all of them. But this could not be assented to: One & all (I think) did dislike it, & gave reasons for their dislike of it.

Sab. July. 8. 1694

The above agreement was published by ye Pastor.

July 13, 1694

We met in publick as above appointed but came to no agreement: ye dissenters refusing to give in any charge unless we would first engage to choose a Councill.

Sept. 20, 1694. Rece'd the following letter:
To the Revd. and Beloved the Elders and Brethren of the Church at Salem Village:
Being informed that the advice offered to yourselves and signed by us with one other Elder is not accepted by you for calling of a Council in your case; and that you interpret the meaning of some general and ambiguous expressions in that writing contrary to our unanimous declared sense at the time of our subscribing. We whose names are underwritten find it to be our duty to express our minds more plainly and particularly, that we may be the more clearly understood without mistake, viz.: Our advice is that you join with your unsatisfied Brethren and neighbors for calling a Council of six Churches, not excepting against any that are chosen on either side; and that after you have agreed on the place and time of the Council's meeting, and how the charges shall be borne, we say after this is done, we advise that the unsatisfied Brethren and neighbors do give into Mr. Parris a true copy of those two papers of grievance which were showed to us, at least 20 days before the time of the Council's meeting. And because we fear that longer delays will be of dangerous consequences to you in diverse respects, we pray you so to agree, that you may have a Council before winter. Consider what we have said, and the Lord give you understanding in all things.

John Higginson
James Allen
Sam'l: Willard
Sam'l: Cheever
Joseph Gerrish

Sept. 10, '94 To the subscribed: Reverend
Mr. Parris, ye Pastor, & ye
Brethren of ye Church at Salem Village

The same day at a Publick & general meeting the
following offers were given to our Dissenters, being before prepared[.] Wee have long discoursed of a Council, & look upon yourselves as ye only barr to it, because you refuse to give in to us, ye matters you would bring to a Council. But yt we may not contend for ever, we rather concede yt a Council shall be chosen this moment, we choosing four Churches & you three, & yt you give us in immediately your dissatisfactions signed under your hands, & only such things be brought in as are proper for an Ecclesiastical Council; & if we find among your matters such as are improper for such a Council, you shall withdraw ye same before ye session of sd Council, Otherwise ye sd Council to fall.
Voted this. 29. Sept. 1694 by twenty Brethren present besides the Pastor. Sam: Parris.

To our dissenting Brethren & neighbors.

page: 23

1694 2. Nov. At a Chh meeting at Deacon Ingersoll. 15. Brethren besides the Pastor being present.

It was debated whether it was not high time to call our 3. Dissenting Brethren to give us in the grounds of their with-drawing from us: And after some discourse it was concluded & voted by a universal vote that the next Lords day in publick it should be put to vote of all ye Brethren whether they thought meet that the next Lords Day after, Bro'r Jno. Tarbell should be desired & required in publick to bring in his Reasons &c.

Sab: 4. Nov'r. [1694]

After sermon in ye afternoon, it was propounded to ye Brethren, whether the Church ought not to inquire again of our dissenting Brethren after the reason of their dissent. Nothing appearing from any against it, it was put to vote, & carried in the affirmative (by all, as far as I know, except Brother Josh: Rea), that Bro'r Jno: Tarbell should ye next Lords Day, appear and give in his Reasons in publick; the contrary being propounded if any had aught to object against it: but no dissent was manifested; & so Bro. Nathaniel Putnam & Deacon Ingersoll were desired to give this message from the Church to said Bro'r Tarbell.

[Marginal note:]
The Chh sent for
Bro'r Tarbell, but
he made no appearance

Sab: 11. Nov'r. [1694]

[Marginal note]
The Chh again sends
for Bro'r [Tarbell]

Before ye evening Blessing was pronounced, Bro'r. Tarbell was openly called again & again, but, he not appearing, application was made to ye abovesd Churches Messengers, for his answere, whereupon said Bro'r Putnam reported that sd Bro'r Tarbell told him he did not know how to come to us on a Lords Day, but desired rather that he might make his appearance some week day. Whereupon ye congregation was dismissed with the Blessing, & the Church stayed, and, by a full vote renewed their call of said Brother Tarbell to appear the next Lord's Day for the ends abovesaid; and Deacon Putnam and Bro. Jonathan Putnam were desired to be its Messengers to sd dissenting Brother.

Sab. 18. Nov'r. [1694]

The said Bro'r. came in ye afternoon, & after Sermon he was asked ye Reasons for his with-drawing whereupon he produced a Paper wch he was urged to deliver to ye Pastor to communicate to ye Church, but he refused it, asking wo was the Churchs Mouth, to wch when he was answered, The Pastor, he replied, Not in this case, because his offence was with him. The Pastor demanded whither he had offence against any of ye Church besides ye Pastor. He answered, No. So at length we suffered a Non-Member, Mr. Jos: Hutchinson, to read it. After wch ye Pastor read openly before ye whole congregation his Overtures for peace and reconciliation. After which sd Tarbell, seemingly (at least) much affected, said that if half so much had been said formerly, it had never come to this. But he added that others also were dissatisfied besides himself &therefore he desired opportunity that they might come also, which was immediately granted; viz., the 26 instant, at 2 a'clock.

26 Nov'r. [1694]

At ye publick meeting above appointed at the meeting-house, after ye Pastor had first sought ye grace of God with us in prayer, he then summed up to ye church & congregation (among w'ch were several strangers) the occasion of our present assembling, as is hinted ye last meeting. Then seeing together with Bro'r. Tarbell, two more of our dissenting brethren, viz., Sam: Nurse & Thomas Wilkins (w'o had to suit their designs placed themselves in a seat conveniently together), the Church immediately, to save farther sending for them, voted that said Bro. Wilkins and Bro'r. Nurse should now, together with Bro'r. Tarbell give their reasons of withdrawing from the Church. Then the Pastor applied himself to all these three dissenters, pressing the Church's desire upon them. So they Droduced a paper, which they much opposed the coming into the Pastor's hands ind his reading of, but at length they yielded to it. Whilst the paper was reading, Bro'r. Nurse looked upon another (which he said was the original): and after it was read throughout, he said it was the same with what he had. Their paper was is followeth:

The Reasons why we withdraw from Communion w'th ye Chh of Salem Village both as to hearing ye word preached & from partaking with them at the Lords Table, are as followeth.

1. Why we attend not on public prayer & preaching ye word these are.

1.The distracting & disturbing tumults and noises made by ye persons under Diabolical power & delusions preventing sometimes our hearing & understanding & profiting of ye word preached, we having, after many trials & experiences found no Redress in this case accounted ourselves under a necessity to go where we might hear ye word in quiet.

2. The apprehensions of danger of our selves being accused as ye Devils Instruments to molest & afflict ye persons complaining, we seeing those whom we had Reason to esteem better than our selves thus accused, blemished, & of their lives bereaved, forseeing this evill thought it our Prudence to withdraw.

3. We found so frequent & positive preaching up some principles & practices by Mr. Parris referring to the dark & dismal mizeries of inequity worhing amonng

page: 24

us was not profitable but offensive.

4. Neither could we in conscience join w'th Mr. Parris in many of the requests w'ch he made in prayer referring to ye troubles Then among us & upon us therefore thought it our most safe & peaceable to withdraw.

2.The Reasons why we hold not communion w'th them at the L'rds. Table are first We esteem our selves justly aggrieved & offended with ye Officer wo doth administer for the Reasons following

1. From his declared and published principles referring to our molestation from the Invisible world differing from ye opinion of ye generality of ye Orthodox Ministers of the whole country.

2. His easy & strong faith & belief of the affirmations and accusations made by those they call ye afflicted

3. His laying aside that grace w'ch above all we are required to put on namely Charity towards his Neighbors, & especially towards those of his Church when there is no apparent reason for the contrary

4. His approving & practising unwarrantable & ungrounded Methods for discovering what he was desirous to know referring to ye Bewitched or Possessed Persons as in bringing some to others & by & from them pretending to inform himself and others wo were ye Devils Instruments to afflict ye sick & pained

5. His unsafe & unaccountable oath, given by Him against sundry of the Accused

6. His not rendering to ye world so fair if true an account of what he wrote on Examination of ye afflicted

7. Sundry unsafe if sound points of doctrine delivered in his preaching we esteem not warrantable if Christian

8. His Persisting in these principles & justifying his practices not rendering any satisfaction to us when regularly desired but rather farther offending & dissatisfying ourselves

John Tarbell
Tho: Wilkins
Sam: Nurse

When the Pastor had read these charges, he asked ye Dissenters above mentioned whether they were offended wth none in ye Church besides himself. They replied, that they articled against none else. Then the officer asked them if they withdrew from communion upon account of none in ye Church besides himself. They answered that they withdrew only on my account. Then I read them my Meditations for Peace mentioned.18. instant viz.

For as much as it is ye undoubted duty of all Christians to pursue Peace (Ps. 24: 14) even unto a reaching of it, if it be possible (Rom. 12: 18. 19) And Whereas, through ye righteous, sovereign & awful Providence of God, the Grand Enemy of all Xtian peace has, of late, been most tremendously let loose in divers places hereabouts, and more especially amongst our sinful selves, not only to interrupt that partial peace w'ch we did sometimes enjoy, but also, through his Wiles & Temptations & our weaknesses & corruptions, to make wider breaches, & raise more bitter Animosities between too many of us, of one mind for a time, & afterwards of differing apprehensions, & at last are but in the dark, upon serious thoughts of all or most of all, and after many prayers, I have been moved to present to you (my beloved flock) the following particulars, in way of contribution towards regaining of Christian concord (if so be we are not altogether unappeasable, irreconcilable, & so destitute of that good spirit which is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, easy to be entreated, James 3: 7) viz.
(1) In that ye Lord ordered ye late horrid calamity (wch afterwards) Plague-like) spread in many other places) to break out first in my family, I cannot but look upon as a very sore Rebuke, & humbling Providence, both to myself & mine, & desire so we may improve it
(2) In that also in my family were some of both parties viz. Accusers & Accused, I look also upon as an aggravation of ye Rebuke, as an addition of Wormwood to ye gall.
(3) In that means were used in my family (though totally unknown to me or mine, excepts servants, till afterwards) to raise spirits and create apparitions in a no better than diabolical way, I do also look upon as a farther rebuke of Divine Providence. And by all, I do humbly own this day before the Lord &his people, that God has been righteously spitting in my face (Numb. 12: 14). And I desire to lie low under all this reproach, & to lay my hand upon my mouth.
(4) As to ye management of those Mysteries, as far as concerns myself, I am very desirous (upon farther light) to own any errors, I have therein fallen into, and can come to a discerning of. In the meanwhile, I do acknowledge upon after considerations, that were the same troubles again (w'ch ye Lord of his Rich Mercy forever prevent) I should not agree with my former apprehensions in all points. As, for instance, (1) I question not, but God sometimes suffers ye Devil (as of late) to afflict in the Shape of not only Innocent, but Pious Persons, or so,

page: 25

[Mr. Parris's marginal note] (a) Added by the desire of the Council, this following paragraph, viz: Nevertheless, I fear, that in and through the throng of many things written by me, in the late confusions, there has not been a due exactness always used; And, as I now see the inconveniency of my writing so much on those Difficult Occasions, so I would lament every error of such writings. Apr. 3, 1695. Idem. S.P.

to delude ye senses of ye afflicted that they strongly conceive their hurt is from such persons, wh indeed it is not. (2) The improving [i.e., use] of one afflicted to inquire by wo afflicts ye other, I fear may be, and has be, unlawfully used to Satans great advantage. (3) As to my writing, it was put upon me by Authority; & therein have I been very careful to avoid ye wronging of any.

(4) As to my oath, I never meant it, nor do I know how it can be otherwise construed, than as vulgarly and [by] everyone understood; yea and upon inquiry it may be found so worded also.
(5) As to any passage in preaching or prayer, in that sore hour of distress and darkness, I always intended but due justice on each hand and that not according to man, but God (who knows all things most perfectly), however, through weakness or sore exercise, I might sometimes, yea and possibly sundry times, unadvisedly expressed myself.
(6) As to several that have confessed against themselves, they being wholly strangers to me but yet of good account w'th better men than myself, to whom also they are well known, I do not pass so much as a secret condemnation upon them; but rather, seeing God has so amazingly lengthened out Satan's chain in this most formidable outrage, I much more incline to side with the opinion of those that have grounds to hope better of them.
(7) As to all that have unduly suffered in these matters (either in their persons or relations) through ye clouds of human weakness, & Satan's wiles and sophistry, I do truly sympathise with them; taking it for granted that such as drew themselves clear of this great transgression, or that have sufficient grounds so to look upon their friends dear friends, have hereby been under those sore trials and temptations, that not an ordinary measure of true grace would be sufficient to prevent a betraying of remaining corruption.
(8) I am very much in the mind and abundantly persuaded that God (for holy ends, though for what in particular, is best known to himself) has suffered ye evil angels to delude us on both hands, but how far on the one side or the other is much above me to say. And, if we cannot reconcile till we come to a full discerning of these things, I fear we shall never come to agreement, or, at soonest not in this world. Therefore
(9) In fine: the matter being so dark, & perplexed, as that there is no present appearance that all Gods servants should be altogether of one mind, in all circumstances touching ye same; I do most heartily, fervently, & humbly beseech pardon of the Merciful God through the blood of Christ, of all my mistakes and trespasses in so weighty a matter; & also all your forgiveness of every offence in this or other affairs, wherein you see or conceive I have erred and offended; professing, in the presence of the Almighty God that what I have done has been, as for substance, as I apprehended was duty, however thro weakness, ignorance, &c., that I may have been mistaken. I also, through grace, promising each of you ye like of me. And so again, I beg, entreat, & beseech you, that Satan, the devil, ye roaring lion, ye old dragon, ye Enemy of all Righteousness, may no longer be served by us, by our envy & strifes (where every evill work prevails whilst these bear sway. Isa. 3: 14. 15. 16). But that all from this day forward, may be covered with ye Mantel of Love, & we may on all hands forgive each other heartily, sincerely, & thoroughly, as we do hope & pray yt God, for Christ's sake, would forgive each of ourselves (Matt. 18: 21 ad. fine; Col. 3: 12. 13). Put on therefore, as ye Elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of Mercies, Kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, long-suffering; forbearing one another, & forgiving one another. If any man have a quarrel against any, even as Christ forgave you so also do ye (Eph. 4: 31. 32). Let all bitterness & wrath & anger & clamor & evil-speaking be put away from you, with all malice; & be ye kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God, for Christs sake, hath forgiven you.
Amen. Amen. Sam: Parris.
29.9 [Nov.], 1694.

After I had read these Overtures abovesd, I desired ye Brethren to declare themselves whether they remained still dissatisfied. Bro: Tarbell answered, that they desired to consider of it, & to have a copy of what I had read. I replied that then they must subscribe their reasons (above-mentioned) for as yet they were Anonymous. So at length, w'th no little difficulty, I purchased ye subscription of their charges by my abovesd overtures, which I gave, subscribed with my name, to them to consider of, & so the meeting broke up. Note yt, during this agitation w'th our Dissenting Brethren, they entertained frequent whisperings w'th comers & goers to them, & from them; particularly Dan: Andrews & Tho: Preston from Mr. Israel Porter, & Jos: Hutchinson, &c.

Nov'r. 30. 1694

Bro'r: Nurse and Bro'r: Tarbell (bringing with them Joseph Putnam and Tho: Preston) towards night came to my house, where they found ye 2 Deacons & several other Brethren viz. Tho: Putnam, Jno: Putnam, Jr., Benj: Wilkins, & Ezek: Cheever, besides Lft. Jno Walcot. And Bro'r. Tarbell said they came to answere my paper w'ch they had now considered of, & their answer was this viz: That they remained dissatisfied, & desired that the Church would call a Counsell, according to ye advice we had lately from Ministers.

Sab: Dec'r. 2. 1694

I publickly reported ye aboves'd answer of ye Dissenting Brethren, &then Desired ye Church to stay after ye dismission of ye congregation; & then we appointed a Church meeting at Deacon Putnams for farther agitation ye 6 instant.

Dec'r. 6. 1694[/95]

At ye meeting above concluded upon, we agreed that ye Church (excepting e Pastor, who was even quite tired out, & also because he thought they might be more free in his absence) would meet ye 20 instant w'th ye dissenting Brethren at Deacon Ingersolls to discourse with them about their reasons of withdrawing.

Jan. 21. 1694[/94]

At a meeting at Capt. Putnams of several of the principall of the Church, we concluded that at our next Church meeting we would propound a fresh tender both to our dissenting Brethren and neighbors for a Councill.

page: 26

Sab: 27. Jan. 1694[/95]

Received into full communion w'th the Church:
38. Mary (wife to John) Wheldon & baptized. An: Aetat 37.
The Church was stayed after ye congregation was dismissed & desired to meet ye 31st instant at ye Pastors house in order to prepare another offer of a Council to our Dissenters, both Brethren & neighbors.

Jan: 31. 1694[/95]

At a full meeting of ye Church as above appointed, it was universally voted ye next Lords Day publick notice should be given for a publick meeting at [ye] Meeting house the 7. Feb: next at 2. of ye clock to prosecute ye Ministers advice for a Council dated 14 June last. And our Brethren Wm. Way & Jno. Wilkins be desired this evening to declare this our purpose to Bro'r. Tho: Wilkins in behalf of the rest of ye dissenting Brethren. We also concluded that ye third Tuesday in March next, would be as convenient a time as we could pitch upon for ye meeting of s'd Council.

Sab. 3. Feb. 1694[/95]

After ye afternoon sermon was ended ye Pastor published ye above mentioned agreement of ye Church, & desired yt all would bring in at yt day the matter w'ch they had to offer to a Council.

Feb. 7. [1695]

The Chh mett as above appointed in publick, when after prayer, & ye occasion of this meeting being hinted, the 7 Ministers advice to us dated. 14. June last was again publicly read. And the dissenting Neighbors then present were desired to bring in such matters as they desired a Council for. This was much urged, but to no purpose. They pleading that the explanation of said advice dated. 10. September last & sent to us, was yt a Council should be first chosen & then the matters for calling a Council should be given in. We answered yt we would stand to the advice of 14. June wch they themselves had been the procurers of. And therefore desired them only to give in ye things they would offer to a Council let them be what they would and we would join with them, they nominating any 3 Churches (excepting Ipswich, & those six Churches whose Elders had already been concerned so as to give advice as before hinted, only upon hearing of ye Dissenters, without our Church's privity records) & we would immediately before the half-hour was out vote then for them, & then ourselves elect 3 other Churches. But none would take up with this notion. Then we told our dissenting Brethren, seeing ye neighbors had nothing they would offer to us for calling a Council, [that] inasmuch as we had lately received their reasons for withdrawing from us, we would also give in to them the charges we had against them, to tender unto a Council w'ch accordingly we did after we had first read them openly & publickly viz. as followeth

Sundry Objections, w'ch we have agn'st our Dissenting Brethren, & were read to them (at least ye Heads) 13. Nov'r. 1693, as matters we would offer to a Council viz.
1. Their precipitant, schismatical, & total withdrawing fr'm the Church (yea, & congregation) so as at once to renounce all religious communion, w'thout giving the least reason for their so doing. (See Dan. 2: 15, Pro. 25: 8.) By w'ch means (1) the Chh suffers (1) Defamation abroad (2) reproach & (2) grief at home; (2) the Separatists become guilty of (1) Of general breach of covenant; Neh. 10: all, Jude 19, Heb. 10: 25; (2) Of evil example. 2. Their refusing to give ye Chh Messengers (sent to them on purpose 7 Feb. 1692[/93]) any reason for their withdrawing; most absurdly desiring time for answer, directly contrary to the laws of Christ: I Pet. 3: 15. And to this end (as we then suspected, and now has proved too true), viz.: that they might consult with such others amongst us as have frequently evidenced themselves to be obstructive to Church-settlements, as these Brethren themselves have heretofore abundantly professed, & yet now are their only companions: See 2 Cor. 6: 14 &c., 1 Cor. 9: 6.
3. When they came to ye Church Messengers ye next time, viz. 16. Feb. 1692[/93] (w'ch time was at their desire, granted to them for their answer), instead of lovingly speaking their minds, They read a dateless paper reflecting upon Church & Elders, for calling them to account, & yet refused to leave said paper, & were exceeding hardly prevailed w'th to let us take a copy of it.
4. Their bringing 27 March following, together with 3 other men not in full communion, & one of them a stranger to our Village, a factious and seditious libel to the Pastor, consisting of confused calumnies or reflections on said Minister and others of the Plantation (we know not whom, because not particularly named therein).
5. Their impetuous pursuit of the Minister at his house the night following for an answer to said libel, to his great disquietment.
6. Their (with 2 others not in full communion) restless pursuit of ye Minister again 14 Apr. 1693 for answer to said libel.
7. Their reading a general and ambiguous charge 21 Apr. 1693 against the Minister (if not others of the Church) before 4 more Brethren mutually agreed on by them; and the Minister to hear their difference in order to bring it to the Church, and yet refusing to leave said charge, or to suffer any of us (though much urged thereto by us) to take a copy, and so to debate of them—though this meeting was appointed for that end. See Eph. 5: 21, Phil. 2: 3.
8. Their peremptory withstanding the whole Brotherhood's council (met on purpose at their desire 18 May 1693) to bring the matter orderly before them; only insisting on it with great heat that immediately their charge might be read, and witnesses heard, before the Church had any knowledge of the matter, contrary to 1 Tim. 5: 19. Yea, loudly and fiercely before ye whole Brotherhood clamoring against ye Chh that she would not hear them, whereas ye Chh had, both in their presence & audience, but just before passed a vote yt she would hear them in case they brought ye matter before them according to Christs rules.
9. Their publishing under their own hands, in diverse places of ye country, sundry obloquies against Church & Elders, whilst still the persons so besmeared are denied cognizance of the surmised crimes, either wholly or too much. See Pro. 25: 9 and 10: 12-18.
10. Their ensnaring several, themselves (or; joining w'th such as did so) to subscribe a petition to his Excellency & General Court, scandalizing ye Church & Minister as unpeaceable with their neighbors. Whereas several whose names are there & who subscribed do utterly disown any such speech or intention. See II Sam.

page: 27

15: 6-11, Rom. 16: 17-18, Ps. 101: 5.
11. Their gross dissimulation in their letter to ye Chh at Malden dated 11. 7. 1693 (and, as we supposed to other Chhes they then sent to for a Council) wherein they do fallaciously disown ye abovesd petition to his Excellency, notwithstanding all their own 11 names are subscribed thereunto. See Ps. 12. 2. Jer. 9. 4. 5.
12. Their sending abroad Petitions to highest Court & Churches with names subscribed, unknown to some of ye persons whose names they bear, as some of us have been informed by sd pretended subscribers.
13. Their frequent soliciting others, themselves (or confederating with such as did so) to subscribe such like petitioners. See Acts 14. 2 Pro. 16. 28. 30.
14. Their gross mistake in their letter to ye Chh at Malden 11. 7. 93. wherein they profess so much dissatisfaction w'th ye doctrine, practice & ministerial administration of their Pastor, for above a year before ye date of sd letter, as yt they were forced to withdraw from all publick worship for more than 12 months before sd letter. Whereas it is most notorious yt they were in no wise wanting as to a profession of much respects to their said Pastor, all along before—yea, and a considerable while after—the breaking forth of the late horrid witchcraft. And some of them did communicate in Sept. 1692 and after; and one of them had a child baptized 30 October 1692.
15. Their withdrawing their purses (as well as their persons) from upholding the Lords Table and Ministry.
16. Their great contempt of the Church, as oft as hitherto (viz. 13 Nov. '93) they have been with them: (l)In unchristian fastness to such as have treated them mildly, though officers and aged; (2) In constant refusing lovingly and brotherly to debate matters unless a Council were first chosen, or in some irregular way; (3) In frequent threatening us with a Council whether we would or not; (4) In imposing upon the Church others not of our Church society, as witnesses (they said) of what was spoken on both hands. Whereby (1) They openly charged ye whole Chh as a nest of Deceivers (2) They bring unheard-of innovations into the house of God; (3) They scandalize ye Chh to all yt hear of such a protest: I Cor. 6: 5; (4) They declare themselves void of all charity to the whole Church, &c.
17. In fine, to add no more. By all that has been said, their extremely disturbing ye peace of this Chh, & many other good people amongst us, sadly exposing all unto ruin. Gal 5: 15, Matth. 12: 25.
Sam: Parris, Pastor
In the name of ye Chh, it being first
voted by them this day at Deacon Ingersols.

As soon as ye publick reading of these articles was ended, Bro'r. Tho: Wilkins in a scoffing & contemptuous way said openly. This is a large Epistle. Yet our Brethren accepted not neither of this offer. So that seeing t'rhat] though there had been by some a loud & long cry for a Council, & yet now when offered, a declining of it when in so fair a way (as we conceive) rendered, we were forced to break up, it being even sunset; only first we told them, if they saw not good to join with us in a Council, we intended I call one ourselves—to be held the third Tuesday in the next month, after we were withdrawn to Deacon Ingersols, ye Brethren Sam: Nurse, & a while after Tho: Wilkins, came to us, desiring time to consider of our offer. We replied yt we were even spent & tired out with the multitude meetings w'ch they had occasioned us; nevertheless we were willing to gratify them in anything we might, & so appointed another Chh meeting for their sakes at Lft. Putnams house at one a clock ye. 12. instant.

Feb. 12. [1695]

The Chh met again, as last agreed upon, &, after a while our Dissenting Brethren, Tho. Wilkins, Sam. Nurse, & Jno. Tarbell, came also. After our constant way of begging ye presence of God with us, we desired our dissenting brethren to acquaint us whether they would accept of our last proposals, w'ch they desired this day to consider of. They answered yt they are willing to drop ye six Chhs from whose Elders we had had the advice abovesd, dated 14 June last, but they were not free to exclude Ipswich. This y stuck unto long, and then desired that they might withdraw a little to confer among themselves about it, which was granted. But they quickly returned, as resolved for Ipswich as before. We desired them nominate the three Churches they would have sent to, and, after much ate, they did, viz., Rowley, Salisbury, & Ipswich. Whereupon we voted, by ill consent, Rowley and Salisbury Churches for a part of ye Council, & desired them to nominate a third Church. But still they insisted on Ipswich, w'ch we told them they were openly informed [at] ye last meeting yt we excepted against. Then they were told yt we would immediately choose 3. other Chhs to join wth the two before nominated & voted, if they not good to nominate any more: Or else we would choose two other Chhs to join wth ye aforesaid two, if they pleased. They answered they would be willing so that, if Ipswich might be one of them. Then it was asked them if a dismission to some other Orthodox Chh, where they might better please themselves, would content them. Brother Tarbell avered, Aye if we could find a way to remove their Livings too. Then it was propounded whether we could not unite amongst our selves. The particular answer hereunto, I remember not: but (I think) such hints were given by them, as if it were impossible. Thus much time being gone, it being well towards sunset, & we concluding yt it was necessary, yt we should do something ourselves, if they would not (as the Elders had heretofore desired) accept of our joining with them, we dismissed them. And, by a general agreement amongst our selves read & voted Letters to ye Chhs at North Boston, Weymouth, Maiden, & Rowley, for their help in a Council, as followeth.

To the Revd. Elders of the Church in North Boston, to be communicated to ye Church.

Salem Village. 12. 12. 1694[/95]

Revd. Hon'd. & Beloved

Grace, mercy & peace from God our Father, thro our Lord Jesus Christ, to you be multiplied. It hath justly pleased ye Lord, in his awful & holy Providence, for many months past, sorely to exercise us, his poor & unworthy people, w'th ye fires of strife, division, etc. We have not been wholly wanting, according to our poor abilities, as to ye use of means for ye quenching of ye same. But, by all, obtaining no prospect thereof; we have in the next place, & for a long time together, done what we could to work at making an orderly way for the calling-in of more fit & meet help than our own. Upon [illegible] whereof, our earnest & humble request unto yourselves is, that you would please to send your Elders & Messengers to meet here, at ye Ministers house (w'th other Chhs now sent to for ye same cause) in way of Council, ye 19 day of the next month, at ten of ye clock. So praying for all fulness of spiritual blessing upon you, & most affectionately entreating ye like of you for our selves, Wee rest, Sirs,

Your unworthy Brethren,
Sam: Parris, Pastor
In ye name of ye Church.

Letters of ye like tenor were also wrote to the Chhs at Rowley & Malden & Weymouth.

page: 28

94:5. Mar. 1

At a usual Church-meeting (at Bro'r. Cheevers house) before ye sacrament, after ye Praying, Preaching, etc. was ended. Our Brethren ye Messengers to ye Churches before mentioned made report to us of the answers thereto, made by ye several Reverend Elders thereof. By w'ch we understood that the Reverend Elders in ye Bay accounted it advisable, yt we should add to the 4. Churches w'ch we had already sent unto, ye other two Churches in Boston, viz: ye old Church & ye third Church.* The thing being somewhat debated of, we quickly assented to that advice, or motion. And accordingly, shortly after dispatched Letters & a Messenger to said Churches, for that end. And deferred ye time as above desired, for a fortnight longer.

[marginal note]
*& also that the said
Council might be de-
ferred till ye first
Wednesday in Apr. next.

Sab. March 31. 1695 Received unto full communion.

30. Tho: Fuller Jun. Anno Aetat. 51.

April. 3 & 4. 1695

Five of the Six Churches before mentioned sent Messengers & Elders (The Church of Malden only was absent, occasioned by sickness of ye wife of the Revd. Elder thereof, who its said had death very near approaching to her). The third day in public they examined matters, having in the first place had this Church's question propounded to them viz.:

To the Revd. and Hon'd. Elders and Messengers of the Several Chhs now Sitting in Council at Salem Village Apr. 3. 1695 Our gracious God having inclined your hearts to undertake a difficult service, for his interest here which we take thankful notice of. The great request w'ch we have now to lay before you is, That you would, by ye Help, & from ye Word, of our common Lord, Endeavor to rescue us out of ye Distresses, now upon us w'th an answer to ye ensuing Question, w'ch is ye case upon w'ch is ye case we have desired counsel viz:

Inasmuch as the Chh in this place hath labored under much difficulty, through ye Dissatisfactions of certain Brethren, upon ye late Greivous Troubles among us, by w'ch others also have been influenced: And our Pastor hath made publick offers toward ye satisfaction of all concerned: hence our question is, viz:

What advice is to be Given; Or what may there yet remain, for ye comfortable composure of our unhappy differences?

The. 4th. Apr. in Publick they Read, & gave in, the following Advice, as ye result of ye said Council.

The Elders & Messengers of ye Chhs mett in council, at Salem Village, Apr. 3. 1695. to consider & Determine, What is to be done, for ye composure of the present unhappy Differences in that place:

After solemn invocation of God n Christ for His Direction, Do unanimously Declare & Advise as followeth:

I. Wee Judge, That, albeit in ye late & ye Dark Time of Ye Confusions wherein Satan had obtained, a more than ordinary Liberty to be sifting of this place plantation, there were sundry unwarrantable & uncomfortable steps taken by Mr. Samuel Parris, ye Pastor of the Chhh in Salem Village, then under ye hurrying Distractions of amazing Afflictions, Yet the said Mr. Parris, by ye good hand of God, brought unto a better sense of things, hath so fully expressed it, that a Christian charitie may & should Receive satisfaction therewith.

II. Inasmuch as diverse Christian Brethren, in the Church of Salem Village have been offended at Mr. Parris for his conduct in the Time of the Difficulties & calamities which have distressed them, Wee Now Advise them charitably to Accept, the Satisfaction which he hath Tendered in his Christian acknowledgments of the Errors therein committed: Yea, to Endeavor, as far as tis possible, ye fullest Reconciliation of their minds unto communion with him, in ye whole exercise of his Ministry, And with the Rest of the Church

page: 29

(Matt. 6:12-14; Luke 17. 3. Jam.[James] 5. 16).

III. Considering ye Extreme Trials & Troubles, which the Dissatisfied Brethren in ye Chh of Salem Village have undergone, in the day of sore Temptation w'ch hath been upon them, Wee cannot but Advise ye Church to Treat them with bowels of much compassion: instead of all more critical or Rigorous proceedings against them, for the Infirmities discovered by them in such an heart-breaking Day. And, if after a patient waiting for it, the said Brethren cannot so far overcome ye uneasiness of their spirits, in ye Remembrance of ye Disasters that have happened, as to sit under his Ministry, Wee advise ye Church, with all Tenderness, to Grant them a Dismission, unto any other society of the Faithful whereunto they may desire to be dismissed (Gal. 6.1. 2. Ps. 103. 13. 14. Job 19. 21).

IV. Mr. Parris, having, as we understand, w'th much Fidelity & Integrity Acquitted himself, in ye main course of his ministry since he hath been Pastor to ye Church in Salem-Village about his first call whereunto, Wee look upon all contestations now to be both unreasonable & unseasonable; And our Lord having made him a Blessing, unto the souls of not a few, both old & young, in this place, Wee Advise, that He accordingly be accordingly Respected, Honored, & supported, with all the Regards that are due to a painfull [faithful?] Minister of ye Gospel [I Thess. 5:12, 13; I Tim. 5:17].

V. Having observed that there is in Salem Village, a spirit full of contentions & Animosities, too sadly verifying ye Blemish which hath heretofore lain upon them, and that some complaints brought agst Mr. Parris, have been either causeless & groundless, Or unduly Aggravated; Wee do in ye Name & Fear of ye Lord, solemnly warn them, to consider, Whether, if they continue to Devour One Another, it will not be bitterness in the latter end; and beware lest the Lord be provoked thereby, utterly to deprive them of those which they should account their precious and pleasant things, and abandon them to all the desolations of a people that sin away the mercies of the gospel (James 3:16; Gal. 5:15; II Sam. 2:26; Isa. 5:4-6; Matt. 21:43).

VI. If ye distempers in Salem Village should be (w'ch God forbid!) so Incurable, that Mr. Parris, after all, find yt he cannot, w'th any comfort & service, continue in his present station, his Removal from thence, will not expose him unto any hard character w'th us, nor we hope, w'th ye rest of ye people of God, among whom we live (Matt. 10. 14; Acts 22. 18). All w'ch Advice, we follow w'th our Prayers that the God of Peace, would bruise Satan under our Feet. Now, ye Lord of Peace Himself, give you peace, Always, by all means.

Joseph Bridgham Rich'd Middlecot [Rev] Increase Mather, Moderator
Samuel Checkley John Walley [Rev] Samuel Phillips
William Torrey Jer. Dummer [Rev] James Allen
Joseph Boynton Nehemiah Jewet [Rev] Samuel Torrey
Ephraim Hunt [Rev.]Samuel Willard
Nath'l Williams [Rev] Edward Payson
[Rev.] Cotton Mather

"To Mr. Sam: Parris Pastor & ye Brethren of ye Chh in Salem Village.

[Letter of Increase Mather and Other Elders to the Salem-Village Church, May 6, 1695]

Much Respected:
Since that some of us did, in Council with other worthy persons met at your desire to consider your difficult affairs, offer you such advice as we judged most iccording to the mind of God and for the good of your whole plantation: we (lave had that represented unto us which very much confirms the apprehensions wherewith the last article of that advice was given. We have received an instrument, signed by several score of persons concerned in your Village. Of which there seem to be six men and eleven women, communicants in the Church; twenty-nine men householders, five men freeholders, seventeen young men, and sixteen other women—more than four score in all—wherein they express their despair of Mr. Parris's continuing with comfort or profit in the work of the Ministry among you. And it is our own just fear, that such implacable offences be arisen, as do render Mr. Parris's removal necessary. We cannot but think that so considerable a number of souls, as by the invincible temptations and prejudices which have happened among you, will probably be otherwise driven from joining with you in supporting the means of common edification, does call for you to consider what course may be most likely to maintain the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, now threatened through your divisions to be taken from you. But we think your best friends can't put you into any such course without your

page: 30

consenting, yt Mr. Parris do come away from his present station. And then your uniting, as far as you can, in calling another Minister, & forgiving & forgetting all former grievances. Your servants in him,

As for Mr. Parris, you know what care hath been taken to preserve his capacity of being futher serviceable in other Churches of Christ; and we have now particularly before us a probability of an opportunity, if he please to accept it, of doing elsewhere that service for which we do, with grief, see the door so far shut up among yourselves. 'Tis with all tenderness & affection, & not without utmost concern for his & your prosperity, that we lay these things before you; & recommending you to ye mercy of ye Lord subscribe our selves Cambridge, May 6, 1695 Your servants in him.

Increase Mather
Charles Morton
To the Reverend Mr. Sam·. Parris Michael Wigglesworth
Pastor of the Church Sam: Willard
in Salem Village
To be communicated unto the Church Jabez Fox
James Sherman
Nehemiah Walter
Cotton Mather
Nehamiah Walter
Jonathan Pierpoint

The instrument mentioned by the abovesaid Elders is as follows, viz.

To ye Revd Elders of ye Chhs at Boston wth other ye Elders & Bretheren of other Chhs late of a Council at Salem Village. We whose names are under-subscribed are bold once more to trouble you with our humble proposals. That whereas there have been long and uncomfortable differences among us, chiefly relating to Mr. Parris; and we have, as we apprehend, attended all probable means for a composure of our troubles; and whereas we had hopes of an happy issue, by your endeavors among us, but now are utterly frustrated of our expectations; and that instead of uniting, our rent is made worse and our breach made wider. We humbly query, whether yourselves being straitened of time might not admit such satisfactory liberty of debating the whole case of our controversy, whereby yourselves had not so long an opportunity of understanding the case, nor the offended so much reason to be satisfied in your advice. We therefore humbly propose:

1. That if your selves please to take the trouble with patience once more to hear the whole case, and give full liberty of proving and defending what may be charged on either hand, leaving it to yourselves to appoint both time and place;

2. Or that you will more plainly advise Mr. Parris, the case being so circumstanced that he cannot with comfort or profit to himself or others abide in the work of the Ministry among us, to cease his labors and seek to dispose of himself elsewhere, as God in his providence may direct; and yourselves would please to help us in advising such a choice wherein we may be more unanimous—which we hope would tend to a composure of our differences;

3. Or yt we may without Offence take the liberty of calling some other approved Minister of ye Gospel to preach ye word of God to us & ours, and yt we may not be denied our proportionable privilege in our public disbursements in ye place, So leaving ye whole case wth ye Lord & your selves, we subscribe our names.

Young men. 16.
years old
Householders Members Non-Members
Joseph Porter Jos: Holton Jos: Rea Rebecca Preston
Sam: Porter Job Swinnerton Jno: Tarbell Sarah Andrew
Jno: Preston Francis Nurse Tho: Wilkins Ruth Osborn
Nath: Porter Jos: Porter Tho: Fuller Eliz: Rea
Ben: Swinnerton Jos: Hutchinson Sam: Nurse Mary Braybrook
Jno: Buxton Dan: Andrew Joseph Herrick Bethia Martin
Jos: Buxton Jos: Swinnerton 6 Mary Smith
Will: Porter Thos: Preston Joanna Nickols
Dan: Andrew Jno: Buxton Eliz: Putnam
Jno: Ingersoll Alex: Osburn Sarah Holton Sarah Needom
Ely Porter Jos: Holton Lydia Hutchinson Abigail Flint
Sam: Nurse Jos: Rea Sarah Buckley Mary Holton
Sam: Byshop Henry Kenney Esther Swinnerton Eliz: Flint
Jonath: Byshop Thos: Wilkins Mary Swinnerton Eliz: Kettel
David Byshop Jno: Martin Hannah Wilkins Eliz: Porter
Will: Buckley Jos: Hutchinson Mary Herrick Eliz: Swinnerton
Will: Byshop Sam: Braybrook Mary Tarbell 16
17 Abr. Smith Mary Nurse
29 Joseph Pope Mary Rainment Freeholders
6 Tho. Raiment Widow Holt Ben: Porter
11 Edw. Byshop 11 Will: Small
16 Jos. Putnam james Kettel
5 Isaac Needham Israel Porter
-- Jos. Flint Jasper Swinnerton
84 Will: Buckley
29 5

page: 31

The following paper (in answer to the aforesaid instrument,& classical letter from Cambridge) was brought by Deacon Putnam and several other of our Brethren to the Elders assembled at Boston at Mr. Willard's, May 29, 1695, being the day of Election, after dinner-where was present the body of Elders belonging to this Province. Viz.:

Salem Village May. 20. 1695

To ye Reverend Mr. Increase Mather & others (of) the Reverend Elders wch lately mett at Cambridge. Whereas by a letter from yourselves dated May 6, 1695, wherein you put us upon consideration how to maintain the religion of our Lord Jesus Christ threatened to be taken from us: we are not insensible of such threatenings; and for prevention hereof, we whose names are hereunto-subscribed are sensible that the removing of Mr. Parris from his present station will not unite us in calling another Minister. For we are sensible that the removing of Mr. Parris will not [in] any way be for the upholding of the kingdom of God amongst us. For we have had three Ministers removed already, and by every removal our differences have been rather aggravated. Therefore we justly fear that the removing of the fourth may rather prove the ruining of the interests of Christ amongst us, and leave us as sheep without a shepherd. Therefore we desire that Mr. Parris may continue in his present station.

Householders Householders Church-Members Church-Members
Jane Wilkins Jonath: Walcot Bray Wilkins Anna Wilkins
Sarah Wilkins Thomas Flint Nath: Putnam Rebeck: Putnam
Mary Fuller Jno: Walcot Jno: Putnam, Sen. Rachel Griggs
Ruth Wilkins Benj: Hutchinson Wm: Griggs Han: Ingersoll
Eliz: Wilkins Jno: Dale Nath: Ingersoll Han: Putnam
Mary Richards Wm: Allin Hen: Wilkins Priscilla Wilkins
Sarah Morall Jno: Putnam [III] Tho: Putnam Ruth Fuller
Hannah Stacy Jno: Wheldon Benj: Wilkins Mary Putnam
Susan: Fuller Jonath: Walcot, Jun. Tho: Fuller, Jun. Mary Way
Sarah Goodale Isaac Goodale [Jr.] Edw. Putnam Lidia Putnam
Mary Walcot Tho: Haines Aaron Way Abagail Walcot
Mary Goodale Geo: Ingersoll Jonath: Putnam Mary Sibly
Eliz: Goodale Benj. Stacy Abraham Walcot Eliz: Flint
Mary Hutchinson Sam: Wilkins [Junior] Zech: Goodale, Sen. Sarah Putnam
Priscilla Walcot Rob't Morall Sam: Abby Percis Way
Eliz: Allin Jonath: Fuller Sam: Abby Eliz: Prescot
Mary Goodale Zech: Goodale, Jun. Geo: Flint Abagail Cheever
Hannah Putnam Jno. Hutchinson Sam: Sibly Han: Putnam
Abigail Lain Henry Holton Benj: Putnam Han: Putnam
Eliz: Dale Francis Eliott Wm: Way Mary Wheldon
Susan: Byshop Jos: Goodale James Putnam Deliverance Walcot
Ruth Ray [Rea] Jno: Hadlock Ezek: Cheever Sarah Fuller
Abagail Eliot Henry Brown Peter Prescot Abagail Holton
Jane Hutchinson Eliazar Putnam Jno Putnam, Jun. Mary Darlin
Jno: Rea Jos: Whipple Sarah Hadlock
24 Jno: Rea Jos: Whipple Sarah Hadlock
29 Sam: Lane Jno: Wilkins Sarah Prince
25 Jos: Prince Han: Brown
27 Edward Byshop 25 27
105 29

page: 32

Sab:, June. 2. 1695

After meeting Public worship was ended, ye Pastor desired ye Brethren to stay, & then desired them to meet at his house ye next morning at eight a clock.

June 3. 1695

The Brethren being mett as abovesd appointed, the Pastor acquainted them that here were two Messengers from Suffield wo were looking out for a Minister, & by the direction of some Elders in Boston made application to myself, who was willing to go with them if the Brethren pleased; and in my absence for a few months, they might try if they could (with others who now dissented) to unite in some other Minister. But after several hours debate, both w'th ye Brethren and some other Christian neighbors, they all declared an averseness to my motion. Whereupon thanking them for their professed love to me, I told them I was not free to go without their consent, & seeing they would not let me go, I pressed them to keep me, & make much of me.

Salem Village. June 3. 1695

Revd. Sirs: We cannot fault ye intendment of our Brethren, Serj. David Winchill & Crpl. Victory Sikes, Messengers from Suffield, sent by yourselves to obtain the Ministry of our Pastour, if we were so minded as to part with him. But upon a meeting together this day both of Church, & others, warned yesterday, bing Lords Day, to concert that affair, do hereby signify, at ye desire of abovesd Suffield Messengers, yt with unanimous agreement, not one exepted (save the four known Dissenters) we are resolved, God helping, against such a separation, during our ability to prevent it, & our Pastour, though otherwise inclined, [is] yet as unwilling to leave so many of his Flock, as testify strong affection toward him. So earnestly requesting ye constant help of your prayers, & as much otherwise as you can, we rest, Worthy & much-esteemed Sirs

Your needy Bretheren
Sam: Parris, Pastor
In ye name of ye Church &
other Christian Neighbors

The Reverend Mr. Increase Mather
Mr. Cotton Mather, in Boston

Octr. 5. 1695

Brother Cloyse came to me desiring a letter of dismission of himself and wife n our Church to ye Church of Marlborough.

Lords Day-Octr. 6. 1695

After the sacrament the abovesd Bror: Cloyse his request was propounded to ye Brethren & his dismission together with his wife as desired was voted by ye Major part.

Salem Village, Oct. 8. 1695

To the Revd. & much-esteemed the Pastor & beloved Brethren of the rch at Marlborough in New England:

Whereas our Brother Peter Cloyse, for himself and wife (our Sister) Sarah 'es, hath desired dismission unto yourselves, unto whom by divine idence they are (as we are informed) now become near neighbors.· the same request being the last Lord's Day propounded to the Church here was readily consented unto. So begging all fullness of blessings upon yourselves through our Lord Jesus, and most earnestly requesting the help of your constant and fervent prayers for us we [?]

To the Revd Mr.--------Bringmeed
Your needy Brethren,
Pastor of ye Church of Marlbough
Sam: Parris, Pastor
In the name of the Church.

Oct. 9 [1695] I sealed and left the abovesaid letter for Bro. Cloyes at his cousin Tarbell's, as he desired. Oct. 10 [1695] Bro. Cloyes brought me back the letter abovesaid, saying it was a letter of recommendation and not of dismission that he desired.

April 9, 1696

At a Church-meeting at Brother Thomas Putnam's house, warned at the last sacrament, voted that our Brethren John Putnam Sen. and Nathaneal Putnam and Deacon Putnam and John Putnam Jun. be appointed to meet as many of the dissenters when Col: Gidney of Salem shall appoint himself being Moderator, to treat in order to an amicable issue. And I acquainted the Church that I intended to hold my station not after my year was up, etc.

Salem Village, Apr. 13, 1696 To the Revd. Mr.Brinsmeed, Pastor to the Church at Marlborough Col: Gidney: Your servant, Sam: Parris

Sir, upon a motion from yourself sent [by] Capt. Putnam and Deacon Putnam to this Church, that we would chose and send some Brethren to treat with as many of our dissenters (yourself being Moderator) in order to an amicable issue for the future, upon condition that I would surcease my Ministerial station here. The same being agitated at a Church-meeting the ninth instant, the abovesaid Captain and Deacon, together with Lft. Putnam and his son John, were accordingly made choice of to meet—when and where you shall appoint for that purpose: Myself, then and now, promising full purpose to attend the same, if I possibly can and have timely notice. I am unwilling to hinder the good of the place, and if my remove may be beneficial, let the Church be provided for, and myself be fairly dealt with in payment of all my dues, [and] I shall readily gratify those who are so earnest for my giving way.

To the Honored Bartholomew Gidney, Esq. in Salem. These per Deacon Putnam.

page: 33

April 20th. 1696

At a Church-meeting at (Deacon Ingersols, warned yesterday, being Lords day) Voted (upon a motion sent to us from ye Honored Coll: Gidney of Salem, wo was willing to Advocate between ye two Parties in this Village) that our Brethren Lt. Nathanael Putnam, Capt. John Putman, Jonathan Putman, & Bennja. Putman, together 'th our Pastor, be fully empowered to discourse, include, & agree with as many of our Dissenting Neighbors Brethren & Neighbors, who ewise shall be fully impowered by ye rest of their Party in writing under their hands to agree & conclude on their part according to ye Tenor of ye following propositions, all of whom so chosen on both parts are to choose Artibrators to determine (if need be) the second proposition, viz.

1.That ye Pastors Disbursements on the Ministry-land & Buildings: shall be duly Re-paid by ye Inhabitants, each his proportion. 2. That as to said Pastors arrears for maintenance. We do engage to pay Ye whole thereof to him. Or what shall be Awarded by Four men, each party choosing two to hear and determine what thereof shall be paid. And if those four so chosen agree not among themselves, then ye same Four to choose a Fifth. And what shall be awarded by any three of those five so elected, shall be made good and paid by all the inhabitants, each his proportion, according as he shall be found to have fallen short of paying his part thereof. 3. That all persons, both of church & other inhabitants, shall attend ye directions of our law in calling and settling some able, pious, and orthodox minister in the place, procuring him to enter & engage himself therein. 4. That upon ye fair & full performance of all the abovesaid propositions, our pastor then to attend ye Providence of God in Removing, or to acquit his Ministerial station amongst us.

An extract of ye abovesaid premises was ye same day sent to Coll: Gidney, & Benja. Putnam.

Oct. 11, 1696. Lords Day.

The Dismission of our brethren & sisters Wm. Way & Persis his wife, & Aaron Way with Mary his wife, together with their children, to the Church of Christ lately gathered at Dorchester in New England & now planted in South Carolina whereof the Reverend Mr. Joseph Lord is pastor was consented to by a full or universall vote at ye motion & desire of ye Brethren & Sisters: & acordingly Letters dismissive were written 17th. instant.

[This is the last entry in the Church Book in the handwriting of Samuel Parris.]