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SWP No. 139: Sarah Wilson, Sr.

( See also Mary Osgood -- Petition .)

SWP No. 139.1

( Rev. Increase Mather's Report of the recantations of Mary Osgood, Deliverance Frye, et. al. Sarah Wilson, Sr.

[October 19, 1692]

Goodwife Wilson said, that she was in the dark as to some things in her confession; yet she asserted that, knowingly she never had familiarity with the devill; that knowingly she never consented to the afflicting of any person, &c. However she said that truly she was in the dark as to the matter of her being a witch; and being ask'd how she was in the dark, she replyed that the afflicted persons crying out of her as afflicting them made her fearfull of herself, and that was all that made her say that she was in the dark.

(Charles W. Upham, Salem Witchcraft [Boston, 1867] II, 406.)

SWP No. 139.2

Figure MA106r

Figure MA106v.

(Recognizance for Sarah Wilson, Sr. and Sarah Wilson, Jr. by John Osgood & Joseph Willson )

[January 13, 1692]


That on the Thirteenth day of January 1692 In the fourth year of the Reigne of our Sovereigne Lord & Lady William & Mary by the Grace of God of England &c: King & Queen defenders of the faith &c: Personally appeared before W'm Stoughton Esq'r cheife Justice of their Maj'ies Province of the Massachusets bay in New England John Osgood of the Town of Andiver in the County of Essex husbandman & Joseph Wilson of the same Towne and acknowledged themselves to be Joyntly and Severally Indebted unto our s'd Sovereigne Lord & Lady and the Surviver of them their Heires & Successors in the sum of One Hundred Pounds to be levied on their or either of their Lands and Tennements, goods and chattles for the use of our said Sovereigne Lord & Lady the King & Queen or Survivor of them On Condition that Sarah Wilson the wife of Joseph Wilson and Sarah her daughter haveing stood committed for suspitian of Witchcraft shall make their Personall appearance before the Justices of our s'd Lord & Lady the King & Queen at the next Court of Assizes & Generall Goale Delivery to be holden for the County of Essex then and there to answer to all such matters & things as shall in their Maj'ies behalfe be alledged against them and to doe & receive that which by the s'd Court shall be then & there injoyned them & thence not to depart w'th out licence


*Jona Elatson Cler --

(Reverse) Recognizance of Jno Osgood & Joseph Willson ]

Sarah Willson the wife of Joseph Willson and Sarah her daughter

may the 10th Appeard

( Mass. Archives Vol. 135 No. 106, Massachusetts Sate Archive, Boston, MA. )

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