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SWP No. 073: Elizabeth Hubbard

[? June 3, 1692]

SWP No. 73.1

Figure ecca2122r

( Deposition of Clement Coldum v. Elizabeth Hubbard )

[? June 3, 1692]

The deposition of Clement Coldum aged 60 years or ther about: saith; that on the 29th: of May; 1692; being at Salem Village carrying home Elizabeth Hubbard from the Meeting behind me; she desired me to ride faster, I asked her why; she said the woods were full of Devils, & said ther & there they be, but I could se none; then I put on my horse, & after I had rid a while, she told me I might ride softer, for we had out rid them. I asked her if she was not afraid of the Devil, she answered me no, she could discourse with the Devil as well as with me, & further saith not; this I am ready to testifie on Oath if called thereto, as witness my hand; #[Clement Coldum]. *Clement Colddom AgainstEliz: Hubbard

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 no. 122. )

SWP No. 73.2

Figure ecca2123r

( Testimony of James Kettle v. Elizabeth Hubbard )

[? June 3, 1692]

the testimony of James Cetel being of age who testifie and saith i being at docter grigses one a sabath day about the last of may in 1692 having some discource with Elizabeth hubberd and I found her to speack severall untruthes in deny ing the sabath day and saying she had not ben to me ting that day but had onely bean up to James houltons this I can testifie to if called: as witnes my hand *James Ketle

(Reverse) James Cetel

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 no. 123. )

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