Building the Salem Witchcraft GIS

Building the Salem GIS: Technical Documentation

Table of Contents

  1. Overview of the GIS
  2. Historical Source Materials
  3. Digitizing the Upham Map
    1. About the Upham Map
    2. Problems with Upham Source
    3. Identifying Data to Record from Upham's Map
      1. Test Digitizing
      2. Research Control Points
      3. Register Upham Map
      4. Re-Digitize
      5. Adjust locations
      6. Establish Attribute Database
    4. Test Digitizing
    5. Preliminary Results of the Digitization
    6. Overview: Determining Real World Coordinates
    7. Identify existing features
    8. Research locational information
      1. Address Matching
      2. GNIS Matching
      3. Local Area Input
    9. Overlay and Creation of Control Points
    10. Ascertaining Quality and Usefulness of Control Points
    11. Registration of the Upham Map
    12. Results of Registration: Error and Offset
    13. Results of Georeference Digitizing
    14. Plan to Adjust Locations
    15. Creating the Attribute Database
  4. Digitizing the Pereley Map
  5. Digitizing the Andover Historical Society Map
  6. A Regional Database: Combining Results of Digitizing
  7. Appendices
    1. About GIS Data
    2. Sources of Base Geographic Data for Salem
    3. Details on Map Sources
    4. Digitizing Features
    5. Registration of Images

Progress & Schedule

  1. Completed Tasks
  2. Upcoming Work on the Salem GIS