Salam Vilage 2th June 1701:

Salam Vilage 2th June 1701:

at a generall meetting of the inhabetance of Salam vilage 2th June 1701 It was then voted by a Generall Concurance that the Commity now in being shall shortne our Rats of 110 pownd which is the second payment of our Carpanders towards the bulding of our meetting house so much as the tow thurds of the mony Is that Is Contrubeted by our neighbers toward the bulding our meeting house

2th voted that the Decons Shall Deliver the tow thurds of the mony which our neighbers Contrubeted toward the buld our meetting house to this present Commety now In being 3th vottet that the Instructsion for this Commety the year Insuing Is that they make the Revent my Joseph green Rat of seventy pownd for his soleray also they must make the Rate of a 110 pownd which Is the second payment of our Carpenders for there bulding the meetting hous the Commety Deducting the 2 therds of our neighbers mony out of that same Rate which they have contrubeted

[106] also the maner of the Raising of our Rats this year is the Instructsion given in the year 170:

3 voted that mr Joseph Hereck and mr joseph putnam and John putnam Ju are Chosen and Impowered to agree with som sutable preson to be a school master among us in som Conveniant time: and make Return thereof to: the popel.

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